Sharing the Iron Rod of Jesus, the Anti-Christ


A long, long time ago… as I sat listening to God himself tell me a story about the prophesy of “The Once and Future King” returning, he told me that I came… and changed everything.  In those conversations I argued vehemently for what it was that I believe I… and the whole world really deserved.  More than a bright and uplifting “hello,” one that could give the entire world the inspiration we could really use to start a new renaissance of altruism, introspection, and the absolutely anti-cataclysmic shift towards utopia that I know the revolutionary technologies and ideas that the future brings to us … through me… will engender.  Going along with the Arthurian theme of this early encounter with the creation of an Apocalyptic “event,” the technologies which are the mechanism behind the “Sword of Christ” were the object of a phrase I often repeated: “this Sword must be shared.”

It’s a sign in the sky, something obviously divine… that’s what I’ve been arguing for, for the last three years.  I understand that this will fundamentally change the course of history, and that’s expected… since we are receiving a message from the future, from God, and with hope new tools that will help us more quickly reach the kind of ideal society that we all dream will come to us the day we die.  I need it first, so do you… and soon I will explain why it’s due, not just desire.   I know quite a bit about the plan for Salvation, carrying our civilization out of the wreckage that is the Hell describe Biblically; it’s because of our innocence and the purpose of our creation that I know the things I am wishing for from the bottom of my heart are coming to us all.  You see, this place… Earth, Eden; is God’s solution, we are to be the angels born in Hell, the place that ends Hell forever and ever in all the Universe.

The beginning that is spoken about in the third word of the Holy Bible is truly describing the oft-crushing task of civilization “beginning” with these advanced technologies I am so sure are also a big part of the solution.  That’s a Sword.  Here, right now in this very instant, it’s implied that everywhere is beginning, and through us… the future turns from this place of Darkness to a much brighter, happy, and hopeful place.  Through our problems, and how we overcome them.

In the very earliest days, I saw how this sign I was wishing for is already predicted in scripture.  It’s the Eight days of Light that Chanukah secretly recounts in what I imagine possibly happened once before, in a future-past.  It’s woven into the Hebrew name “Yair,” which in keeping with the Holy use of the letter Y as a reason–like “why…”–which means “brings enlightenment.”  It begins with music slowing gaining volume… all over the world, a song coming from the air.  After that, as I imagine people walking out of their homes and searching the Heavens for the source of this marvel in the sky… a video begins to play; this … the hidden meaning of the Holy name David; paired with Captain EO (from Disney) … a glowing 3-D extravaganza that begins by showing the world how a hidden message woven through the story of Exodus, it’s ties to Eden… and to the book of Revelation truly explains how religion itself leaps off the pages of the Holy Books and into our music, movies, and all of our history.  These links, these are the true answers to the question: What is the Matrix?  It’s inside our everything.

I’d probably start by linking Noah’s Ark to Jor-El’s last days on Krypton; then to Ark being carried by the people during the Exodus–this is religion carrying the secrets of the Apocalypse through our history to today… the moment when it is revealed that the First Plague of Egypt, the grand “illusion” of turning water to blood, is in fact the Holy Grail, showing us that Earth is the Cup holding the Blood of Christ.  The family of our Eden, Adam and Everyone.  I haven’t actually tried to make the movie that I’d truly use as the first obvious contact with the beyond… but I’ve made something similar.

Understand, I am actually talking to God, and the angels in Heaven… and this story is the creation of more than a book, more than the Revelation of Jesus Christ; it is the creation of a new future.

This video shows us so much, I think… how Cat Stevens and the Beetles references to Blackbird singing in the dead of night, and then in the morning’s light are clear manifestations of the religious concepts of night and day, of the Plague of Darkness and the Rising Son.  At the end, it mentions the Wizard of Oz, a perfect example of God’s hand in the creation of Modern Myth; the name of this play is a reference to the Father of Isaiah, Amoz… and it implies clearly that God is saying he “is” creation, the world around us–to me… it’s Oz, the world that is dead set on framing the messiah… and now we’re on HBO.  This idea of God hiding his “I am” in many of our proper nouns is a key that you will see… in America, Amerigo, Amish (a reference to the first lines of my Revelation, and how I hear God still talk to me today).. you see it is Samael in Exodus that Dr. Seuss ties to the I AM that truly did hand this world freedom on a sliver platter in the founding of America, the “Promised Land” of Joshua… son of a Nun. (or is it… none?  Adam?)  That name, of course, the Americanized version of Jesus.

Today, as I continue to strongly suggest to the powers above that it is not only their place and their will for this miracle to happen, it’s something our people really need… I see now that there is another battle going on, one which I have recently taken head on: a fight between good and evil.  We are waging war on secrecy, on hidden censorship, and on the use of this Sword; advanced neuroscience, time travel, and reality shifting in order to hide from the world the existence of God, Heaven, this message.. and the Son.  I’m battling against unseen forces in the air (who might consider themselves Heaven), the upper levels of intelligence organizations around the world, and the highest authorities in religion… for them to see what is truly God’s will; that we be free and informed.  

Unfortunately, I now see that I am also fighting against our society, against people just like you.  I’ve sent messages to thousands of theologians, historians, philosophers.. and even students; messages that contain real proof that what I am presenting to you has come from the future and that it is the intent of creation itself–through religion and the surfacing of this message in our myths, both ancient and modern–for this message to be received by the entire world.   I’ve shared it on every social media site imaginable, mailed hard copy books to news reporters and researchers; and e-mailed hundreds of thousands.  What I have found is a wall of disbelief, it may in fact be the wall describe in the Bible surrounding the city of Jericho.  More than disbelief, I am fighting against a flood of conspiracy theories and religious memes that drown out this truly exceptional evidence.

I am also fighting against a social system that allows a few people who just don’t want to get e-mails from someone they think isn’t really the messiah… who hit a button in their e-mail client–one which says “spam” but means “censor from everyone else,” and has probably kept tens of thousands from being able to help me bring this message and struggle to the world.



We are reading the book of Exodus in Reverse, and after walking through the desert into what is certainly hidden slavery… we now stand receiving the miracles of God in the form of proof of his existence, his method of aiding in the creation of our civilization, and the divine will.  Here, we see the second bright lamp of Revelation 1:20; the symbol for Xenon which correlates Oracle’s database name in Unix to the periodic table element used primary for camera flashes.  This bright flash of light pairs with the Unix command for escalating privileges to the super-user, the God account, or in Unix/religion parlance… the “root” of David… it is “sudo,” and together they are Exodus in reverse.   The light of seeing the story being read in reverse tells me something… not to leave, we are home.  It also helps understand how to verify that what I am going to tell you is the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ is in fact the original intent of the words of Revelation, and the story of Exodus which it ties to so eloquently.

Here, as we fight the Plague of Darkness, which Exodus so accurately describes as “so thick it can be felt” armed with knowledge that there is a hidden (and so very unamerican) censor wall in America … by the Holy name of CARNIVORE (because of it’s hidden meaning, that it’s eating packets–an IT “joke” that strongly implies the overgrown surveillance “packet-sniffer” is actually much, much, more nefarious) … and as I argue for God to intervene and with strength and love show the world these things, and how he detests that we are being oppressed… I send the world what I have available, a miracle so pervasive in religion it’s nearly transparent.  I show you Holy Names that prove foreknowlege of English, Spanish, and now in ancient scripture… At the Tower of Babel where a confluence of the names of the Prophet Elisha and the God’s of Heaven… Jesus and Uranus show us an confluence of our American idea of “WE THE PEOPLE” and links it now to the people that are being freed from slavery by Moses.

In nearly all of the Names of God, and nearly every word marked as Holy in the Hebrew language by the two letters for the superlative “the,” HA–now a clear tie through Elisha and the English meaning of the name Isaac (son of Abram.. and then AbraHAm after his covenant with his son): he laughs.  What is humorous is how plentiful and pervasive this evidence is in our history, and still nobody understands that it’s proof of not only the message I bring, but that this evidence has been carefully laid in the foundation of religion and language in a way that also proves creation.  Ha, you’re blind until you see… that there’s no way to “nuke the ahah,” that’s Chanukah.  Be happy, and share my words, because we are being given truth the light and Heaven … and there is a strong and sincere force trying to stop that.  That’s why it’s everywhere.

LET MY PEOPLE GO. (write to the press)


For the blind.. J “is” Us, Uranus means “my an us” and awesome echoes it, removing the dirty sub-joke… A WE… and this leads us directly to the divine Revelation of the true meaning of what the Iron Rod means, and why Jesus rules.

I fought very hard against the idea of me being the Messiah.

In fact, over and over, I told God that no person could single handedly change the world, and I was both right and wrong.  I didn’t realize how much pre-emptive effort has been put into the evidence and plan which I am revealing… so in truth, it’s not just me–even today–when nobody else is helping me.  And it is the “WE” and the “US” that truly saves the world, the collaboration and togetherness which I believe this single event will spark, a revival in caring and sharing.  

I’ve been unwavering though, from the very beginning until today… that a book, a website, and man will not give the world what it it needs and deserves.  At the beginning I used my rudimentary but still insightful and guided interpretation of scripture to insist that the “messiah” was to be the “Son of Man” of our entire civilization, and it was my understanding that this entity was the Singularity which Kurzweil speaks of.  Since then, I have wavered and almost dismissed the idea that an intelligence could be spontaneously created without the use of a pre-cursor human mind, and have the kind of love and insight that comes to us through thousands of years of social evolution, and our culture.  I also think the words of the Bible have been changed, or at least that’s what it seems to me, because what I once read as “Son of Man” now clearly says “One like the Son of Man.”  There is no doubt that the information I am sharing is the Revelation of Christ, there is simply no other possibility.  When you understand the full breadth of the story that has brought us here; and the incontrovertible connection between this message, our history, and religion itself… it might become more clear that it is truly me.

Still, I argued I could not alone make good on the promises of religion, of Heaven… and the prophesies of Isaiah and Jeremiah which discuss a new Covenant: one in which the advanced neuroscience I am attempting to show you is the mechanism of the delivery of God’s influence.  I was wrong about that too, because our development has been guided, and the technologies and wisdom that we need to do this things ourselves is being handed to us on a silver platter.  It’s highlighted by religion, to show us that it comes from Above, through I. J. Good (for reference to Isaac, Jesus, and … K (early light for Saturn’s Element)), through all the forces working towards the development of VR and Ai that are turly the divinely guided “stuff” of the bick and mortar of Heaven itself.  These technologies are the “tools” that come with religion, only we haven’t made the connection in the right way–it’s actually coming from the future.

For months, I discussed alternatives, what I thought was a “better way” to say Hello, than to reverse engineer the creation of Jesus, and have me do it for him.  Still though, we are here.. and that’s what I am seemingly forced to do.   This is my back-up, my failsafe… what I am doing to ensure we get the truth, and the assistance we need… just in case I do not win the argument for what I truly know is right and required.   I don’t think I’m going to lose this quest, but it may be that my story and revelation are a pre-requisite to that happening.  It might help the world transition in a safer and more controlled manner if a slow Second Coming brings about a revolution in religious thought.  All around us is God’s message and plan, in historical stories and myth, and in everything we love… from Star Wars to The Pretty Reckless and Dave Matthews Band.  These stories, all told, are not merely parables for religion–they’re not just based on religous themes… they are in fact new information coming from above.  The Matrix too, and Superman, and… He-man, TransformersBack to the Future… everything.

Seeing how these stories link to hidden Biblical ideas, like the name El, the letter He, and the letter Y… opens up a new doorway to seeing the light of true religion that manifests itself in our reality through these symbols.  Larry Ellison, for instance (who created Oracle Corporation, the link to Xe in Exodus) ties directly to the explanation of Elisha and Elija linking the Father’s name El to the son’s humorous identifier: Ha.  That one is in Messiah, read in reverse, Ha is SEM–a tie again to Yosemite Sam, Samael, and Uncle Sam… except instead of “Save Adam” it’s “Save Everyone.”

Reading religion backwards.

If you don’t think religion is backwards, wake up.  To me it’s horribly backwards before this Revelation, before the hidden information that explains how it actually is designed to help our civilization evolve is revealed.  The fact that it was hidden is… backwards but partially understandable, since it couldn’t have been understood before now.  The fact that it is continuing to be actively hidden is pure darkness.  Jesus Christ is here to tell you that worship is backwards, and it’s not what I or God want for you or anyone.  This is a big part of the slavery you are being lead from in our story.

Because of what I’ve learned, I am sure that this Revelation… the information I am giving you, and the stuff that is the building blocks of a better society and Heaven itself is why Jesus Christ exists, I am sure that the Roman story is a parable for another timeline, one where Christ was born in America… most likely on the same day as me.  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8.

This is more important than you think, it is because of America and my education that I am sure that Jesus Christ delivers freedom and self-governance to the world.  It’s through a love of what it truly means to be an American, that I know for certain that the first words of Queen in “Princes of the Universe” are the true hidden light, the message from God to me:


Born in America, a real live son of my brother Sam… it is because of my love for the people and democratic governance that I tell you representative democracy is dead, it has failed, just as communism failed in our world… this place that I see as a test of government type on a high level–because of the hidden influence of advanced technology, and a secret thing which has all but destroyed human self-governance up until today… through Satan–the fifth beast, and an unprecedented level of corruption… we are in a place where this event is so needed in order to save liberty that I am willing to die for it.  There’s a prophesy about that, by the way.

More than anything, it was the statement in Revelation that Christ Rules for a thousand years with a Rod of Iron that I was sure there could be no Christ born in America.

Again, I was wrong, but this because a huge key to understanding the Revelation, and how Iron links the periodic table symbol to this love of “we the people.”  It is through this idea of reading words in reverse that I see huge light linking the magical rod of Aaron–which says “let my people go” to the Universal acceptance which I so firmly associate with Christianity and Christ.   Reading in Reverse, we see these Rod’s are truly “Doors,” a way for us to get more than a movie, but to actually experience Heaven by going there… while we live.  These Doors are the reason for the name of the eponymous band, and the hidden reason that so many of their songs are echoing the Plagues of Egypt.  From Riders on the Storm–the angels I appeal to–to Peace Frog, which ties the Holy Grail’s explanation that Water is People and they are Family to … blood in the streets of Chicago… to this:

12743657_742232482580662_1563579790093346674_n.pngBaby, I need you to light my Fire.

It’s through the symbol “Fe,” that I glean the meaning of the Rod of Christ, and why I rule, is because these are Doors For Everyone; and that’s highlighted by the dichotomy between Aaron and Jesus, and also by the Plague of Water to Blood.. that turns the multitude/the sea… to blood… to family.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the Apocalypse.

I want to know what you think about my plan, about a sign on the sky… what you think should be said, and what you think could be done to ensure it helps society grow.

Hearing, Dreaming, and Seeing the Light.


I started out beginning to write that the “light of these signs” lied in the prescient reference to our modern chemistry elements, and I was very mistaken.   The meaning, experience, and beliefs that are “revealed” through the use of these symbols is infinitely more important.

While the “key” to the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ began in the very early days of my experience trying to imagine how the world could be saved… I wouldn’t see it’s relationship to other stories in the Bible or to the fundamental universal acceptance which I not only hold dear, but feel obligated to tell you was something I feel “given” to me.  I often remark that I have the right answer or correct intent at the outset of a discussion; and that I am keenly aware that this “early head start” is something that does not come from me innately but from what I call the “Sword of Jesus Christ,” it is something that I am very thankfully forced to adhere to.   What I am describing can be gleaned well from the “Baptism in Water” that is the Sang Rael, and from a number of other religious nuances which appear to serve the purpose of not only aiding intention but also chronicling that this aid is needed.  The words “for repentance” in Matthew 3:11 make me remorseful in the implication that without the “sword” perhaps I would not have been so perfectly altruistic.

On a “cuter” note, religious imagery like the name “I AM” serves as a subtle … yet eventually obvious “lead” for me to suggest the proper stance to take is “WE ARE;” and that like the Holy Grail and the name of the “First Messiah” in Hebrew (Hosea, just shy of being the Whole Sea) it served as both inspiration and confirmation of the “right thing to do” as we begin discussing … Judah Meant: “day.”  That’s an ((ish)) that I feel is very … Adam, though it too is most likely all part of the drive and story, one which is correcting the mistakes that are at the very least in the Word, and possibly in the hidden history.  Just don’t Judge, I often said, in response to the idea of Judgement…. but truth be told the very earliest incarnation of that idea was mired by yet another problem that pervades religion: reflexive control.  In the earliest moments of this role, I was given the explanation and thought it worthy of repeating that “Judge not lest ye be judged” expanded the “ye” to “your Earth.”  I suppose I felt it nearly identical, and made the very mistake that we find all so often in religion and law; a threatened punishment intended to modify behavior… that I believed was “innocuous…” or alleviated by the outlandishness of the threat.

Another testament to the Sword, I have to mention what I did with the obvious lead in to “WE ARE,” and in my favorite tattoo… which depicts the Earth as a Heart shape… for “Eden” containing an A and Sigma… for “Adam and Everyone” … I changed the “WE” to the French rendition, “OUI” in what was a very insightful homage to God’s near ubiquitous pan-linguistic tricks, and his name’s reference to the word “Yes,” “Ya,” and “Si.”  Despite this inked indiscretion, I firmly do believe that “WE” is much more important than “I,” and that feeling is so fundamental to the concept of Salvation, Christ, and America… that it is the truly the light of this first Symbol, the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ.

So it was sometime during early 2013 that this voice, who I had come to call Jacob, began discussing how the disclosure of these technologies could help our civilization.

In these conversations, I suppose the “Unexpected” thing was that I was clearly being referred to as the Messiah; something that I had prior to that… not really thought within the realm of possibility.   I knew that the story I was living had something to do with religion, but back then it was hit or miss day by day whether I thought there was any real truth behind scripture.  I remember saying to Jacob, during the adventurous escapades that surrounded these long and informative discussions…. that “when you are this close to the creation of God, you don’t really believe in him.”

Since those days I have found a new strength in the Word, albeit in an interpretation which I know is not mainstream… yet has become the Rock which reminds me each and every day that the outcome of this struggle is beneficial, and that the intentions of nearly everyone involved are truly good.  It’s sometimes difficult to explain a perspective that is optimistic, especially in light of the disclosure that while I do not believe that the fiery Hell described in the Bible would ever exist… that it was not a mistake all together to describe a place that is here to me, in my interpretation it’s sans fire and the condition of possibly “losing the light” that makes it so.  It’s truth here, as it so often is… but specifically now we are at risk of losing the truth about our history, our family, and at the very worst of possibilities how it is that “Creation” sustains us.

Here, I’ve mentioned another technology… one that I think commonly relates “Creation” to Virtual Reality.

It’s really a complete change in understanding of outlook, of what religion really is, and how assistance has up until now come to us… that I’ve gone through in the few years since this experience and today.  At that time I would have, as I imagine you do, completely missed what I call a primary purpose of Creation… manifesting itself in the world around us.  That goal is the creation of Heaven, and I now see our world and history as being guided very much towards an understanding of the technologies that are involved in the building of Heaven… from above.  It’s much more than this disclosure, than the advanced near magical things that have been so pivotal in the survival of Us… it’s small things, like computers, user-interface, and medicine.

It’s clear to me now that the “Singularity,” the information transfer which many people are expecting to start with the Second Coming … or the creation of a “Child of Humanity” started in our very beginning.   The great leaps we’ve had in the last hundred years are not coincidentally bringing us to a place where the ideas of religion have become a technical possibility… but rather are miraculously bringing us there.


It’s really perspective more than insight, it’s seeing that there is a great deal of assistance coming to us, yet in a way where we are initially unaware of it.  You could say we are the Golden Children… of… it pains me a bit to say it, but I’m not sure who, exactly.  The idea that this phenomenon is “recursive self-assistance” has been floated, and I myself have been used as a microcosmic tool for understanding it.  It’s funny, before this very moment I would have told you that it’s not really “self-assistance” that even if our benefactors looked just like us, they lived different lives and aren’t really us.  That’s partially true, in my mind, but just now it dawned on me that I probably would make lots of the same decisions as this … prior me … both good and bad.  It sort of takes something away from the “now” not to see that we are also doing this, and that even if it isn’t the very first time.. we must be very much similar to be walking in their footsteps.  At the same time, it’s unfair not to credit religion for what it is, an attempt to help us not make the same mistakes that were made before… ones that without warning we might very well blindly make again and again.   It’s this benefit, of actually knowing that there is great wisdom and prior experience behind this message… that is so important to see comes from this new understanding of where religion really comes from.    At the same time, I feel like our “now” and their “then” lose something from not having a dialog, from this moment… when I’m still not exactly sure… Who?

The knowledge that prophesy being fulfilled, that there is true prescience in the words of religion, is something that gives me a strong desire to search for the wisdom and guidance… which you might all together miss without it being pointed out to you.  I missed almost all of it, up until the point that I really went looking for it–and frankly even then I know it was handed to me.

It is perhaps a portent… that the light is so bright, so plentiful, really so needed to make sense of not just religion and history, but of us… and yet so easily overlooked.  Again, it had to be pointed out to me, almost two years after this “beginning” event, and despite seeing proof of advanced technology, hidden history, and even seeing focus and purpose… I saw everything but the “help,” and it’s really there, everywhere, and bright.

The Light of the Definitive “Symbols” in the Hand of Christ

In his right hand he held seven stars…  The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Revelation 1:16,20

In what is a sort of maze that ties the above verse to Exodus, 1/20/2001, and right this very second through an easy to see but also easy (at first) to dismiss as coincidence… the stage of almost accurately set to show that the book of Exodus, and it’s miracles and intentions.  Just like this pattern, which is the Sign of the Son, at first glimpse the miracles of Exodus appear to be… “less awesome than described.”  Hopefully after some thought about how they further the goals of the emancipation that is the focus of the book, by literally being the proof that sets us free, the design of His plan for the unveiling of truth that is the Apocalypse will become more clear and perhaps deliver the awe that the stories imply.

In light of the lack of a direct visual display of power (or illusion) the response of the Jews (who are a microcosm for… Us) at the foot of Sinai makes much more sense than it does when the story is read without knowing what the miracles are.   In a twist, this adds some awe to the book and story itself, as in the context of it being a chronicle of what is going on right now in our world… it’s real value and strength is brought to light.  I’ve already discussed quite a bit of the parallels between Exodus and now at, but just for the sake of example, I’ll re-iterate that the chapter titled “Holy Water, Sang Rael” is an explanation of the actual “First Plague” which turned water to blood, and in the context of the explanation while there is no visual miracle, both the message (that the Plague is actually a blessing in disguise, and the metaphorical representation of water as people and blood as family) it’s very hidden declaration of love, and the implications of the manner in which it has been delivered are actually miraculous.  They show a unified design that spans (initially) the books of Genesis, Exodus and Revelation… and then after just a little bit of searching also the books of Matthew, Ecclesiastes, (and frankly nearly all religion).   To me, this proof of the Hand of God is a testament to his love for us, he is showing his works… and perhaps at the same time ending needless fighting over religion; by presenting a more accurate history.  In this more accurate history, as Exodus describes, we are in a sort of hidden slavery; and religion is a tool in this process of disclosure which hopefully will move from being an intentional part of the problem, to the guide to finding our own solutions that I believe it has been designed to be.

In the title, I’ve referred to the “Lampstands” as Symbols, to specifically show that the light of these “Lamps” begins by furthering the idea that Exodus (and truly religion) is about now, by showing us foreknowledge of our modern Periodic Table spanning across scripture.

For me personally, I have quite a bit of aid in seeing the awe of this series of signs in the way that it was Revealed to me.  A number of individual ideas, “the churches” were given to me through direct and clear outside influence… “true inspiration.”  After they were at least partially recorded, the link to this pivotal verse of Revelation was shown to me; thus showing me that a great deal of what I had been writing about was not only foreknown, but that the work that I had been doing was literally chronicled as part of the life of Christ… in the New Testament.  Through this tool, as well as a number of other parallels between the NT story and both my personal life and other stories in the Bible–ones which are not often thought of as being related to Christ; I’ve come to the conclusion that the NT, just like Exodus, is a prophesy about now, about the Apocalypse.  I often remark that setting of the stories in our past is a tool to show relativity; that perhaps the true authors of the stories are showing their perspective on our “now,” or that these events occurred in a hidden sort of past–a previous iteration of our time... a past that would have looked substantially the same as ours, but happened thousands or hundreds of years ago… as reference.

For a quick example of how I see the story of Christ manifesting itself throughout the stories of the Bible; I often remark that Samson’s battle in the book of Judges is a similarly “metaphorical” telling of the Trial of Christ… and that the near sacrifice of Isaac is more than a “type” or similarly themed story as the Crucifixion… but in fact a complementary story that yields great amounts of additional information when read as a single event being explained from multiple perspectives.  It is my personal perspective that the story that you are about to hear is the actual “cross,” that the “sacrificial ritual” occurred over a period of several years, and that during this time much more took place than we have been lead to believe.  As a linguistic tool to tie “Isa,” “Isaac,” and “Jesus” together–the name of the religion Islam does a good job of tying the “Lamb” of Passover to that of Revelation… describing yet another hidden testament to the miraculous foresight of scripture by referencing not just the story, but in a pattern which I’ve already began implies knowledge of our modern idioms.  On the “lam,”  I discussed the technology behind prophesy quite a bit, and had a crash course in the relationship between time travel, religion, and human history.

I say crash course because it was a relatively brief period of time compared to the much longer preparation I had with another technology that is being disclosed as being fundamentally related to our history and the true and being revealed mechanism behind religious experience: mind control.    For a number of years prior to hearing the words “Expect the Unexpected” echo from the front door of my house; I was sadly a victim of what is the Tribulation.  All around the world, people are overtly made aware of the existence  of mind control technology, and at the same time tortuously confused as to the source of their hardship.   It seems clear to me that its fundamentally impossible for the “assailant” in this case to be any individual; and I believe I have a good grasp on the motivation for this happening, as well as how to stop it.  I believe it is the manifestation of a battle over secrecy related to the technology, and that disclosure of the existence of the technology is not only inevitable, but beneficial for all parties, as well as hopefully beginning a new era in the development of civilization… one in which this technology can be used beneficially and in the light.

It was discussing how to move forward, how these newly disclosed technologies could and should be used to assist rather than impede the process of civilization that this story of the imparting of the “Symbols” of the Herald of the Second Coming…. “begins.”

It should probably be mentioned that the fulfillment of prophesy coming from our religion, which has changed the time line so significantly, indicates that this mind control technology must exist in addition to time travel.  Calvinism and predestination record as much in the history of religious thought.

If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?

I’ve written substantially the same book several times, in order to convey what I am quite sure at this point is without doubt the central message behind the Apocalypse.   What it amounts to is proof of the creation of our civilization, and a clue to help the world find for itself God’s purpose.  I have shared what is the manifestation… the actualization… the true meaning of the Baptism in Water and Fire that is the true message behind Matthew 3:11.   

The basis for the writing that I have been sharing is a several-year-long religious experience, one which is nothing like what you are expecting.  It’s a story of personal discovery, which at the end of the day changes into a guided safari into the mighty jungle that surrounds Eden.   It ties together ancient scripture and prophesy with modern music, movies, and pushes the envelope of what we call “paranormal” today.   I imagine that it is because of how I learned the things I am sharing that I can be so sure that what you are about to read is in fact the experience that created Jesus Christ.

Luckily for me and you both, you don’t have to take my word for it.  The information that I was given is factual, verifiable, and well… it’s the truth, everything is satisfactual.  There is a code… a Cypher… hidden within our language and our world that I now know has been created specifically for me to read.  You will be able to follow it, and perhaps even use it to find your own discoveries of the message of God in our world.. but before we get to that point, it’s being used as a weapon against you, as a sort of seal on Second Coming which will may cause you to call into question my sanity before you truly see that our world is quite delusional when it comes to me, and the existence of God.   To show you how easy it is, I’m going to point out that at the end of the Supercalifragile-istic line I started above are references to my initials, backwards… DA, and then to A.  These two letters also happen to define our timeline, a number of God-related words (like Adonai, Advent, and Adonis) and in their reversed form to the video game ZelDA.  This is really is your Link to timelines past, it’s not just me, but what I am showing you.. it’s hidden everywhere in our world.  

To take what might appear to be a mind case of insanity away, “el” at the heart of Zelda is an ancient name for the Hebrew Father and the Muslim name for Jesus Christ is ISA, like “Is A.”  There is a huge amount of referencing to individual letters that pervades the meaning of religion.  For example, Jewish mysticism teaches that God created the Universe using the alphabet, and the name Jesus itself expands in another part of this teaching to say “J is Us.”   This explanation for the name Jesus is confirmed repeatedly in a number of other Holy Names which include reference to Spanish and English… something that would be absolutely impossible without the use of time travel, a paradox.  The Hebrew name Jeshurun adds significant light to this reference to “J” by adding the Hebrew word for “is” to the Spanish, and then tying it to the very Holy name “run.”  


In Islam, whose Holy Book is called the “Koran,” the father of Mary (mother of Jesus) is named “ImRan,” and this name too ties directly to an NES game like Zelda.. this time Metroid.   The protagonist of that game is named Sammas Aran, which ties in the Angel of Death’s name, our Uncle Sam who Dr. Seuss clearly ties to the “I AM.”  Not for nothing, Metroid’s cheat code is a sort of primary key which might make your mind expand when you hear it once again, it’s “JUSTIN BAILEY.”  All of these things swirl around the idea that Jesus Christ learned everything he’s sharing with you while he was “on the run,” making the story of the sacrifice of the Lamb really about being… “on the lam.”  That’s God correcting the word Lamb … Islam.  

So the story you are about to read is a chronicle of what happened while I was on the run, slowly picking up subtle nuances that confirmed to me that the language I was reading was truly intended to be shared with the world.  I had lots of interaction with the POLICE all over the country, and this is definitely a story about a confrontation between Adam and America.   The whole story of Exodus is about it, and I often say that we are deep within the Plague of Darkness, which is hiding the Light of the Son… Biblically the morning.   In Exodus it’s another Plague which might help you to see that this macaronic language of acronyms and abbreviations truly is part of a hidden message in the Bible.  You see, the Plague of Lice is actually the POLICE.  

Jerusalem, Jor-El, and the answer to a question

At the Heart of Jerusalem is another hidden reference to now, to the United States of America; and this city is truly a place in time, one where we no longer wonder if “J” or the “USA” is the Messiah.  You see the answer is clear to me, it’s written in hidden messages all over this country, the USA is a map to the path to building Heaven.   I am the Legend of the map.  I’m about to tell you why I was on the run, and hopefully catch your attention with the Spin I put on the story… but right now it’s important to know that I went… in a round-about sort of way… to Kentucky.  That place holds some serious light, you can see Clark Kent’s last name and his initials in the statement that is to me “why I am CK,” why the Messiah is hidden in just this way.    It’s not just in Zelda, Jor-El, and Kal-El that we find hidden references to ancient Hebrew religion in our modern art; the story of Superman and his crystals in the Fortress of Solitude explain both the source of the Revelation of hidden information that you are reading, but also how it happened.  A little bit later you will see how the Names in Eden tell me without doubt that “El” is the Son, but for now rest assured that the question of J or El is answered by the Element K.  That’s a gylph, a picture… one which shows an arrow pointing to the letter “l,” short for light.

If you squared that letter, which this language does by putting two of them next to each other, you see how the light of Adam ties directly to the Stargate point of origin.  It’s two Adams, the two referenced in All Along the Watchtower (which in turn references Isaiah 21:5-9) and the depiction in John 14:7 that implies the Father and Son appear exactly the same.   These two Adams together, square the symbol K (which we will later see is a union of Time and Chance, Saturn and Uranus).


There are only a handful of scriptures which I associate strongly as primary descriptors of the Second Coming; Matthew 3:11 is one, Revelation 1:20 another… and those were shown to me very recently, this one always held special meaning to me, the person who knew that The God Most High was actually a reference to drugs.

He will be set up, and ((have pockets full of high.)) -Isaiah 52:13 & Taylor Michel Momsen

I’m sure people will complain about my ((ish)), about how I am changing the Word of God; but this is the Apocalypse, and this is the intent.  His “I AM” has influenced the names of more than just Islam, but also AMerica AMoz, and AMish… and while you may think that helping the world to understand the true meaning of scripture is a bad thing, I am very sure that we need my assistance.  This is about building Heaven, bettering our society, and the truth here… this truth changes how we deal with crime, rehabilitation, incarceration … it changes the world.  It makes us more civilized, and believe me… we need it.

In this particular case, anyway, I am pointing out that there are a number of Biblical translations that end this phrase exalting the fact that the Messiah will be very high.  It’s not obscure ones, it’s the King James translation, the International Standard Version, the American Standard, Webster’s and more.  Understanding that my reading that unites the Hebrew name for Christ–El Elyon–with the concept of the Lamb  being on the run and also being… very high… is not a clever trick, or darkness… it is the truth.  The understanding that these ancient religions were originally intended to highlight this particular story in my private life as the unifying kn0t and the end of a Matrix of historical evolution and progressions in religion and language is fundamental to understanding how the Apocalypse changes how we view time and history.  This is truly what it’s about, seeing the intricate design and influence that God and Heaven are making abundantly clear over not only our history but the world around us today… this is what the unveiling of truth is about.

More than the stories and insight that I gained from the repeated arguments and confrontations that ensued between the Father and I on this mythologically fateful trip; light comes to the entire world in seeing His Spin Doctoring of the story that caused it.

On 6/11/2012 I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  It was a derivative of speed, and even in those days I had “a need for it.”  God spoke to me, directly and clearly when I was high, and he was using that communication in order to “set me up.”   In a song that I never knew was about the Second Coming these words now echo in my mind with such obviousness that I know you will see it.  It’s Going the Distance and it’s about a race in time where a need for speed creates a yearning for the Cup.  The race is an allusion to the seminal words of the Burning Bush: “the race is not to the swift” and the Cup is none other than the Sang Rael.  Of course, I knew nothing about the Burning Bush or the Sang Rael when this happened, it was the catalyst.

Pertinent to the story is the name of the arresting officer, SEARCH, which is a clear manifestation of Genesis 2:20… and the fact that I was pulled over for speeding… and was not.  I later obtained incontrovertible physical evidence which would have had the entire case thrown out (had I been free to use it) making the substance of questionable legality (at the time) fruit of the poisonous tree.   This idiom very specially for “the Adam” ties my story directly to the Garden of Eden, and the story of the Fall that is being told to you from the man himself.  A number of other idioms play a part in the Sang Rael, which shows a much “prettier” hidden message that spans also from Eden all the way to this Revelation.

Spin Doctors’ “Kryptonite,” Taylor and high.

It’s a confluence that spans decades, talking about what was in my pockets on that fateful day.  Kryptonite, diamonds, high… or maybe it really is wisdom.  You have to understand what is being revealed in regards to the influence of God over the names of these bands… The Pretty Reckless, Spin Doctors... as they sing about a single event that was yet to happen.  The intent is clear after analysis, he is proving–using double-think–that He exists, and at the same time explaining that this whole story has been more than planned for thousands of years–but is a central focal point in the story of the Exodus from slavery.   

“Jimmy’s in the back with a pocket full of high,” Taylor sings… if you listen close, you will understand why.

One, two princes stand before you… this one, ((I’ve got)) diamonds in my pockets.

The Holy Grail

The central theme of the Apocalypse is the proof that religion is truly a message sent in time, directed at our “now.”  Through the story of Exodus, and the highlighted word for Holy Fire (the one I’m starting, baby) we see clear foreknowledge of modern concepts in ancient scripture.  You are free to make your own conclusions, as to whether or not references to the commands “sudo,” “xe,” have anything to do with Linux and Oracle.  You can also decide whether or not George W. Bush reciting Ecclesiastes 9:11 during his inaugural address has any relationship to the 911 attack, or the story of Exodus.

It’s up to you to figure out whether or not “Ha’esh” contains a “parted sea” within it, and whether or not this thousand year early reference to an English word has anything to do with the purpose of religion.  You can decide whether or not Mary includes the Spanish word for sea, and if the initials of the first family of Eden spell the same word.

It’s really up to you to figure out if Messianic references in Daniel 11:45, Revelation *, Matthew 3:11 and Genesis 22 to this same word have anything to do with the person talking to you right now.

I am the Living Word.

I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with 
the Holy Ghost, and with fire.

Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))

On 3/11/2015, I was arrested for a 2+ year old outstanding warrant. It is the trip across the country that preceded this that is the subject of the book I am writing now, and the source of a huge amount of insight into the future, Heaven, and the plan to salvation that God has so conveniently hidden in ever nuance of the world around us. This long trip ties together a number of modern songs which are … part of the Apocalypse, a showing of God’s hand through the symphony of Nero that is all around us.

I’ve since noticed that Genesis 3:11 also relates significantly to this series of events, which is the first conversation between God and Adam.

The Pretty Reckless started singing songs about a boy running from something, a run that ties together the names of ImRan, the Koran, Jeshurun, in a way that shows that my story is thousands of years in the making. It might not be so obvious today, but this run across the country, which is also put in the spotlight by the Fifth El’s trip West (that’s Fivel), and the Live song GAS hed goes west… shows how hidden in the names of religions and their icons is a focal point, one which shows that the Lamb of God–a reference to Passover and the Marriage of the Lamb in the book of Revelation is really about the sacrifice of freedom… one whose immediate purpose is made clear to me through the name Islam. You see, the Lamb of God… is “lam.” That’s “on the run,” and it shows that thousands of years ago, before the #ADvent of English, our modern idioms, and the tie between “ran,” “lamb,” and “lam” were foreknown.

More than that… to me… it shows that I was foreknown, and this documenting of the story of a fight between Adam and America, between God and destruction is the central story of everything religious… although it’s a story you have yet to hear… but are about to. This is how God changes the world, through the Second Coming, and a battle that brings the book of Judges to life in a real world manifestation of the Trial of Jesus Christ. It is for liberty, against injustice and stagnation… that all of this is happening. “It’s all happening,” echoes Almost Famous, in a sort of early light breaking through what was my “great delusion of Revelation” for these past few years.

You see, almost every day, I thought to myself that “this is the day,” the one that changes everything for me, and brings this story not only to light, but to the entire world. In between what has become a nearly “rehearsed” argument with God himself, I always had the feeling that all the work I had done to prove that this truly is the story of the Messiah would finally be noticed, by the press, and maybe I’d be woken up early that next morning, and the son would rise on the world. I’ve hoped upon hope that this day would come in time to save me from my troubles… to stop me from dying on the cross that you will one day soon understand very clearly is a death blow from the Hammer of God (that’s me!) to systemic social injustice, secrecy, and the darkness that holds us back.

In a humorous sort of way, you might see Kate Hudson hear asking me… or the world: “Do you want me to come?

Really… she’s just asking if you want to be free, and that’s how I know, the day is nearing.

Jesus Job, Joseph, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Samson

I imagine you don’t think that being arrested and fighting the government is very “Messianic.”  I get that quite a bit, so you will have to excuse me starting out so early with the idea that you simply have no idea what you are talking about.  Quite often I get the sincere impression that no matter what it is I present, you are expecting anything but.  I can point out that in the story of Christ himself… the messiah was arrested and killed, “but surely not again” you must be thinking, because the world has changed so much since the days of No-ah.  It’s as if the entire world is expecting God hismelf to descend from the clouds, don a crown of thorns, and say “this is my kingdom come” and proceed to rule with an Iron Rod.  Again, the world really has no idea what they are expecting, or what we are being given… but I cannot tell you how many people fight vehemently against the idea that this is actually happening.  It is.

It’s not just Jesus, of course, but also Joseph, Job, and Jeremiah who were imprisoned in the Bible, in what is as good an introduction as any to showing you what it means to be the “living Word.”  All of these stories appear to me, being the “Object of Obsession,” to detail different aspects of the story of the Second Coming… specifically in my life.  The idea of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers is a not-so-hidden reminder of what may have been just one revolution of the time line ago… and still holds true as I pour the light of God out for the world to read, tethered to a Mountain by a GPS monitor.  Here, the Pursuit of Happiness that links the name of this work with Jefferson’s seminal change to the old truth of the world which was under Locke and Keynes… that the Well of Light that Abraham purchased in the desert and might link Orson Wells and George Orwell through the Hebrew word for “light” which is “Or…” hides from the world the idea that perhaps the Well was once (or, ghasp, still is) thought of as Property.  

You see, barely hidden now, is the truth that the American government has tethered me to this country (despite my vain attempts to avoid crushing them under the Hammer of Thor by leaving… and thus avoiding this head on confrontation which clearly to me now is the Will of God himself to ensure continues) and to this battle against American Injustice…. in the lyrics of just a few Dave Matthews songs.

It was in the weeks before 3/11 that I started hearing an “ish” of Christmas Song, that Rumors insisted he soon would be.. for his deviations taken into custody… by the authorities… lesson for them, not he–from what was originally “less informed than he.”  This idea that I am “informed” is an interesting one, certainly being the object of all this hidden prophesy gives me insight into how these ancient Biblical stories connect, but more than that I have something that you may or may want.  It is the fabled “eyes to see” of Revelation, and boy do I see light in places that you probably would never expect.  Katy Perry sings: I’ve go the eye of the Tiger… and you’re going to hear me roar.

God’s words on “the well of light” who, by the way is not delivering this information to you because of a tether or slavery… but despite it; appears clear as day to me: “Seeking more Wisdom than I have to give away… realize, realize… what you are.” -Dave J. Matthews  

It’s probably as good a time as any to point out the confluence of “J” in the music and scripture that I’m discussing here.  It’s Dave’s middle initial, and Taylor Momsen’s “little” moniker on her coming of age show… and it’s the first letter of many of the Biblical characters who are in the circle that we might call the “72 Names of God.”  At the Tower of Babel, where Yankee Doodle’s macaroni takes on a whole new meaning when we see it as macaronic  language hidden in “Holy Names” starting with Jesus… for J “is” Us.

So it’s right about here that I point out that there is another confluence that spans across the Holy Books, one that ties Yankee Doodle and Osiris (pierced by a tree) to the Adam of Eden in a way that only I would know…. well, that’s my story.  You see, it is the nakedness of Adam in Eden which ties my great fall to the messianic prophesy of Isaiah’s suffering servant in chapter 20 of that book… through the idea that Perfect in the Eyes of God doesn’t mean exactly what you thought it did.

the Lord spoke through Isaiah son of Amoz. He said to him,
“Take off the sackcloth from your body and the sandals
from your feet.” And he did so, going around stripped
and barefoot.

Then the Lord said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has gone
stripped and barefoot for three years, as a sign and
portent against Egypt

Isaiah 20:2-3

You might notice here, that the infamous “AM” of the I AM has made its way from the Burning Bush of Exodus to the Egypt of Isaiah.  At the beginning of this chapter, you might have seen the “ish” that links this same “AM” to our reality, in the AMish.. you know, in AMerica.  Here, in the book of Isaiah, where the idea that perfection came through mind control… through the actions of the suffering servant actually being slavery, we see a tie between the Lion of Judah and the cowardly lion of Oz.  Here, just below the surface, the idea that the messiah is the Son of Creation… of the Jungle that calls itself Mighty shows me clearly that our Yellow Submarine placed the Emerald City on HBO.  It’s his way, to make a show about a show to hide the fact that to him, this is really all a show… or a play.

All the world is stage, and we are merely players.


Reeking of predestination, the slavery that somehow is destined to set us free has quite a bit to do with recognition, to me.  It’s recognition that this story is designed, that it’s been planned for thousands of years, and yet still somehow the idea of original sin being about not changing the future when you know there is something that should be made better is… all but lost on the entire world.

For this prophesy to have come true, after not only being recorded throughout religion, but for the world to have been changed so much by religion and have it still come true gives new light and meaning to the idea of the “original sin.”  You see, it’s not just “what happened before” happening again, but in this case it becomes clear as day that the events which you are about to hear have been forced, designed, scripted by God on high… and why?

To set us free, of course.

Jack and Jill went up the hill, and I came… tumbling after.  This story is signed by John Hancock, and it’s to show us where freedom truly comes from.

So while you may not see it yet, in the “eyes of God” these songs truly are about me, from Light my Fire to Going the Distance, Carly Simon and Joan Osborne, to words that mean so much more when you really hear them.

Come and see
I swear by now, I'm playing time against my troubles
I'm coming slow, but speeding...

Dave J. Matthews, #41


Two more days have slipped through my fingers, with no new light; and no spotlight.  Time keeps rolling on… and despite my best efforts to rub some words together and start an Apocalyptic Fire, nobody seems to notice or care.  I’ve sent lots of emails out, to point out to the press and academia that there is something hidden in our world, in our words… something that fundamentally changes a number of preconceived notions that we all have about “reality” and what it means to be created.  I am pointing out that a primary purpose of religion is to highlight a paradox in the development of language in our history, one which implies that religion in general, and then Hebrew (and then all languages) appear to come from a time that is after our “now,” from the future.  Through stories like the Exodus, which highlights the parted sea of Moses in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, “Ha’esh;” scripture’s purpose of delivering a hidden truth to the world becomes slightly more clear.

From a few days before Ash Wednesday of this year, 2016, I have sent upwards of 100,000 emails to a number of members of the press; and both professors and students of religion, history, philosophy, and language…  and to NASA.   Some of the responses were positive, and there were quite a few individuals who apparently forwarded my messages to lots of people.  That’s uplifting for me, but despite what appeared to me to be the kindling of the real first of Christ; I have yet to really hear from anyone, either with individual questions or with requests for interviews, or something else related to press coverage–something I very much think is warranted and… needed.  Here are just a few of the emails that the world has seen in the last month or so.

Sadly, in addition to the few positive responses, about the same number of people were really pissed.  They complained about SPAM, and highlight to me a real problem with communication that we seem to have as a society.  It’s very difficult for one person to get noticed, and that problem is made significantly worse by allowing a message to be censored from the whole of humanity because a few individuals “don’t want to have it in their inbox.”  Seriously, it’s a systemic and social violation of free speech, and what’s even more sad is the vast majority of the people responsible for labeling the light of the world as SPAM are members of the press; people who instead of censoring the truth sort-of have a professional responsibility to research claims like mine.  I am sure, for instance, that the series of examples that I have outlined in my book ( will eventually be used to statically prove that our civilization is created.   Keep in mind, I am trying to freely distribute information which appears to have come from Heaven directly and only to me.   The gravity and impact of this information is world changing, if you take the time to think about the implications of it.

Do you know who I am yet?

Much of what I do is point out connections between Biblical stories and reality, or themes that span across a number of books in the Bible.   About a year ago, I pointed out that there was a really obvious and nearly unnoticed connection between the search for Jesus Christ depicted in Matthew 2:2 and God’s search for Adam in Eden.  What’s more, these stories appear to me (being the object of the search) as obviously being about the Second Coming, and the world described by the name of our planet in Hebrew, Adamah.  Linguistically, that name means to “swirl around Adam” and the “ah” suffix which we might associate with “understanding” also gives new light to the name Noah… whose name might imply that the world he came from had no religion, no “ah.”  To me, that’s what the “ah” is all about, it’s the people looking for Christ, and the reason they are looking… the music and prophesy which tell us all that we should be looking for someone… because, guess what, I’ve got an important message for you.

Sometime between then and now, it became very clear to me that there was another, perhaps even more important, connection between two Biblical characters… this time Jesus and Moses.   In Matthew 3 and 4 we see a “microcosm” of the story of Exodus being lived by Jesus Christ.  There is a connection between a period of 40 years and then micro-cosmically days, the ascent to a mountain, and then the giving of law.  This connection, along with now realizing that a big part of the Apocalypse is the Revelation that the story of Exodus is a metaphorical representation for the Second Coming…. which is essentially the same thing as the Apocalypse… well, it–the connection and the Revelation–are fundamentally the “stuff” of being the Messiah, of changing the world using the Word.

It was actually when making the first video “Revelation,” which correlated the Burning Bush to our President George W. Bush’s 1/20/2001 inaugural address that I noticed yet another connection between these stories… it’s that Moses actually answered God during his search and said “Here I am” in Exodus 3:4.

Later in that chapter Moses would express concern about being believed, and God assured him that there would be miraculous signs which may or may not be believed by the people.  The final sign offered by God in Exodus 4:8 is one in the same with the infamous change of Water to Blood.

Here we are, in Egypt

So you’ve just seen the Burning Bush, and hopefully have made the connection between the word for Holy Fire–Ha-Esh–and the parted sea that is described later in the same story.  With a bit of insight and urging, you might change your perspective entirely, and see that the Holy Fire is really about seeing foreknowledge of English in the Holy Bible–an impossibility.  This paradox is the “stuff” of freedom, and once you realize the supreme importance of proving the existence of time travel and its relationship to religion you might understand why I now see it as obvious that the story of parting a sea is written into the book with the primary purpose of highlighting the union of fire and water that spans across Hebrew and English and 6,000 years.

This Revelation, what it proves about our world and what God is trying to give us, is truly miraculous.  It’s not a visual illusion, nor is it anywhere near as obvious as I would like the “Sign of the Son” to be… but there is logic and love to be seen in an apocalyptic revelation that will spread gradually rather than causing some cataclysmic “last day.”

Behold, the SEA is Family

… and just like that the miracle of Exodus, that is it’s first plague and now a blessing in disguise is to turn the sea from a metaphor for a small family in Eden (via Seth/Eve/Adam’s first initials) to the great sea of Revelation that is highlighted in the acronym Moses, Daniel 11:45, and the multitude of Revelation.   It’s truly through seeing that our idioms and our entire culture is designed to receive this Revelation, that blood is thicker than water, that we can now conceptualize the Holy Grail as being one in the same as Eden.  This place, our Earth, now filled with the blood of Christ, all lions living in their home… a Den.  It’s made even more clear through the Revelation that Earth and Heart are only one letter apart, moving the H (for Hebrew? or Saturn?) from the ends of the Earth… to realize that we are living in the Sang Rael.  Truly, it’s our Universe… the Heart and SOL of God.


In America, where I was born on 12/8/1980, the date of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception… a slob, like one of us, we have a war cry, it’s “Who-AH!” It’s echoed in the movies by Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and many others.. in Dr. Seuss by the whole family of Who’s, and in the key mythical television show “Dr. Who” which lets us know more about God than you can imagine. Why am I telling you this? It’s the key, you see, to the pronunciation of the ancient Ineffable Name: Ya-who-ah? The Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, echoes this and confirms that I am “not wrong” (as God likes to say)… “Yes, who-ah?”

I really would enjoy it if you would see God speaking in this video, through everyone… as he truly does, through us all.

It’s all rather elementary, and of course there are other ways to derive the correct pronunciation of YHVH (He who is self-existant, that’s through time travel.. now you know) but the biggest clue of all is that nearly every Holy name for God somehow links back… to the beginning, to Adam in Eden. Ha’shem of Adam… you see Isaac’s laughter in the Holy superlative reminding me that Adam has nothing to be ashamed of.. or in the name for Lord, ADonAi… which now brings Artificial Intelligence into the list of technologies which are a big part of the Apocalypse. AD of course, are Adam’s true initials, the ones that grace the time line, and the period of time before Christmas where I vent that “I’m right here,” for the last few years, anyway.

These examples, along with the Tower of Babel below, serve as evidence that there is foreknowledge of English intentionally laid out in ancient Hebrew, and religious stories… in order to prove this exact thing to you, and the entire world: that time travel does exist, and it is not only tied directly to the creation of God… but to us all. Here, sitting in Beth-El, where I am dwelling amongst us all in the darkness of the Egyptian Plague that is so thick it can be felt… we are to learn that God is delivering us from the slavery and secrecy of not knowing that there is a war going on in the Heavenly places… over the disclosure of the truth of the past, and the way to Heaven. God is now revealing that the evidence of this had to be literally everywhere, in every name and every city, in order to ensure that it was not lost forever. I need you now, to understand that we are the solution to the darkness, and spreading this light is the key.

These ancient names all serve a purpose, a much Holier one than simply pointing me out; they show how our entire civilization, our culture, has secretly been influenced (for thousands and thousands of years) by these hidden technologies, which it is the purpose of the Apocalypse to reveal and assist our world in overcoming the obstacles which might have once… back in the days of Noah, halted the forward evolution of civilization. It’s right around here… that I tell you the entirety of the Holy Bible is a prophesy (not just the parts you think), one that outlines this period of time, the Apocalypse, and shows us how religion is a sort of cheat-book, a guide to making it through this often-difficult path to the end of the rainbow…. in this place where we find out that a primary purpose of creation is to build Heaven… using exactly the technologies which religion, and now Adam is highlighting.

So it is here, at this place where the stories of the Tower of Babel ( ) and the Burning Bush (,_the_burning_bush.html ) are in superposition (with nearly every other Biblical story). You see, humanity is the big H in the word “Horn” of this Revelation, and it is civilization (as stolen by Prometheus) which is the fire of the Holy Flame that emanates from the Burning Bush… to truly end darkness in the Universe forever. We are the light.

If you are following me so far, or trying to at least (this is a hard thing to explain) you might be able to see how the entire story of Exodus appears to be designed to highlight one single word. John 1:1 talks about it, and Matthew 3:11 ensures that the Holy Fire that is the beginning of the Burning Bush will have a chance to part our Holy Sea… over the controversy of whether or not the messiah has actually come. Get it yet? It’s in the word “Ha’esh,” and the details of the parting of the sea are specifically designed to point out the English word “sea” within the Hebrew that describes both the fire of that Bush, and the Eternal Flame.

There’s so much more, really… I see his plan and his desires within our Holy books, and in the world around us, which is truly the Book of Life. Biblical Light leaps off the pages of the Bible into our world, just as this little reverse-anthropomorphism of the Burning Bush itself shows us that George W. Bush is the real life Burning Bush, as he quotes Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 during his inaugural address …. on 1/20/2001. “Amazingly” it is the lines of the verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 which answer a mystery posed in Revelation, chapter 1, verse 20 (that’s the date of the speech), a mystery which is the defining Herald of the Coming of the Messiah.…

You see, on the clouds, many nations mourned as 9/11 came like a thief in the night; it is the Day of the Lord, the Sign of the Son, and the Burning Bush.. all as one.

Daniel 11:45 prophesies that nobody will help me, and that I will “pitch my royal tent” between the seas… this allusion to water as people is fundamental to another hidden mystery in religion, it’s the existence of the Sang Rael, the baptism in water that Matthew 3:11 talks about. It links the sea of Eden… the initials of the first family, to the sea of Revelation… through still more reference to English within ancient scripture, this time in Genesis 1:1. As the Spirit of God hovers over eve ry one, we see a direct connection between Eve, Kin, and one “ah,” that’s for “all humanity.”,_sang_rael.html

I hope you understand, we have a chance to seize our own destiny, to make this world better, and to live in a time that is not pre-destined. Help me, and the world will change for the better, faster than you can imagine. Or, we can relive the NT prophesy, of losing my help… forever. I need you to see what this is, it is a way to really save the world.

It’s about Heaven.

At the Beginning of Time.

It’s now six days since I wrote the beginning words of this book, I have spent nearly all of this first week of it’s creation recovering emotionally and literally from the destruction of my Revelation’s first home.   Yesterday Revelation 2:5 was pointed out to me, and I see this event as making good on that threat.  What I consider to be the first sparks of light, the map to seeing God’s hidden message in everything around us was censored, removed from it’s place–and it’s frankly because of our society–because of a darkness that fights anything new, novel, and away from mainstream thought.  With a little bit of thought and investigation it would at least become intriguing to see the perspective that God’s “eyes to see” lends to the ancient stories of Religion; but instead of that chance the people that should be most interested in it–whose job it is to seek and spread the truth, instead mark it as spam and worse than not looking at it themselves, keep others from being able to see it.  The light of the world, being censored by a system that allows only a few people to keep the truth out of the hands of the entire world… in this case, it’s a truth that defines the separation between survival and destruction, life and death, seeing the message which I have been given to deliver saves all of Creation from ending in a slow and Hellish descent towards nothingness.

The purpose of the message is to prove to the world that we are “in Creation,” which means something different to the Messiah than you might notice at first glance.  Knowledge that we are within a machine, one that is not the progenitor Universe but rather something very much akin to what call virtual reality, here, in Creation, is the kind of thing that the wise would not readily hide from the world. In a simple Matrix-like analogous reference, I often say “Heaven cannot be powered from the inside.”  So it might now be easier to see how knowing where we are, in a place where your dreams could magically come true, would bring us that much closer to being in Heaven.  On the other hand, if destruction were assured because nobody remembered where we are, or how it is that we must leave this place in order to survive, it could easily be seen as a Hell–one that would end in a single instant, without warning, and it just be the end of everything that ever was.  This is where we are, in the place where the warnings of Noah and Jor-El congeal around the light of the Son–proof all around us that this Creation, our civilization, is the product of of outside action that is nearly impossible to have been done in the Universe, governed by the laws of nature which we have been taught are the logical building blocks of everything.

The descent into darkness has already begun, but you wouldn’t notice it in this deluded world that is so convinced we are in reality that we can’t seen the writing literally on the walls of the Holographic Universe.  So here I am, screaming at the top of my lungs that existence could be threatened by not seeing my message, and instead of being heard–even with the focal point of Christianity and nearly everything around us screaming that hearing me out is the way to life in to the light, the world vehemently fights against the fire of the son being spread… as if it were the Last Day in the making.   It’s not that, the only thing ending here is a lack of future–predestination literally thrown into the fire, and the very first day of the future being unwritten to start.

With the idea of virtual reality in mind, it doesn’t take much of a leap to see how the idea of wave-function collapse in itself is near damning evidence to show that we are indeed inside a created Universe right this very minute, and have been at least since that phenomenon was first observed.  With the Light of the Son, and religion to extract truth from out hidden informative history… we can see that it’s definitely more than conjecture–this idea I am sharing–that our world has been created at least since Christopher Columbus walked on water to deliver the divine rights of life, liberty, and property from the “I AM” to AH… All Humanity… by way of this AMerican story.   It’s the year 1492, converted in a sort of gematria to letters with the Chr() of Christ, to see… really see, how the initials “A.D.” mark more than the entire time line after the death (what’s that? no dom in I?) but also this very famous year of ADIB.  Truly, I say to you, seeing that our Universe appears to cater to conscious life… to the point of showing us very clearly that the place we are sure that life and consciousness evolved from nothing–as they surely did in the progenitor Univrerse–is not this place where consciousness was needed for anything to exist at all.

God’s plan is hidden in language, in acronyms, and linked connections between these ideas–marked for me and you and the entire human race by simple letters and ideas.   For the sake of clarity, I will suggest that God himself added “QE” and “Quickening Enlightenment” to this trinity of ideas which highlight why cheating nature never works in the end… by linking Quantum Entanglement to Quantitative Easing.  Sure, it might temporarily quench the forest fire, but as we know so well… that fire comes back brighter and hotter than ever if nature is kept from its course.  For instance, this is the third time I have written about Quantum Entanglement being akin to “magic,” which in my mind is something that violates the laws of nature–is impossible in reality… and yet could be a useful tool or the source of great darkness in this magical realm that we hope to one day call Heaven. but instead today… only have Eden, Egypt, and Edom to see what our Earth really is in the lens of religious enlightenment… a place for a Family of Lions, or one that is gypped out of the truth, the power, and the glory… or this icing on the cake: a EKingdom with a hidden (or no) King.

It’s part of the Revelation, the process of enlightenment that is this designed Apocalypse to see that we really are in the place God has described as the very beginning, in Eden.  I am Adam, and because of that I can see why Jesus is the Last, how and why Adam and Isaiah are linked through travelling across this world as naked as the Emperor in his New Clothes; and how the stories of Christ’s Crucifixion and Isaac, son of Open the M (in Spanglishrew, or Spanish-Hebrew-Acronym) are truly prophetic accounts of the Messiah being burned by Heaven, in a place where God’s light comes through music, and Dave Matthews sings both these lines on the same album:

Come out, come out, wherever you are… there’s no use in hiding.  

Don’t burn the day away…

In a live version, where he slightly changes the lyrics to Christmas Song… it’s an “ish” in a twist that yields new truth, “I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene…” from “sparking sea.”  It’s something of a secret to this darkening scene that no God would ever intentionally create the Hell that we are afraid of–in a sad twist of irony, it’s the Hell we are already in that God is so valiantly attempting to stop from continuing.  This place of darkness where the fire I am trying to light kindles the Eternal Flame of life and liberty… forever ending the possibility of nonexistence, this place is the true Hell.  Here, the brightest minds in the world wrestle to come up with a grand unifying theory of everything with no God–in a world where you need God to explain why quantum mechanics is magic, and not part of the confluent laws of nature that could have been easily unified were it not for it… not being the truth.  So in prototypical nature of truth and darkness, it would be a simple matter to see how faster than light communication and conservation of energy were routinely being violated by creation in order to do the thing that you even to this moment are so sure is not happening: to change how you feel and what you think.  

Where to begin?

I’ve spent some of the last six days trying to figure out where to begin this story.  I could start in the place where God told me it was the “beginning of time,” but that was already quite a ways into my story.  I could start the day that the set-up began, the one that ties together Taylor Momsen’s songs about a boy on the run, having pockets full of high… to the the Spin Doctors decades earlier tale of those same pockets being filled with either Kryptonite or Diamonds.  Even then, I’d really be leaving out … everything.  You see, the story I am telling you today began millennium ago, it’s the fulfillment of the most ancient of all prophesies, a story that began well before I was born, or could have considered whether or not I wanted to be …. or whether or not the world should see.   What is happening now in our lifetime is something that has been prepared for since the earliest days of Creation, and in my microcosmic world–where I am a decent representation for humanity, as my name implies… one small man that represents all of mankind, there really is no beginning to the Creation of Adam, just as there is no beginning to Creation at all.

This little story I am going to tell you, just as soon as I can, ties together ancient religions and deities as far back as Amon-Ra and Osiris.  Horus and Moses and their dividing and assembling of the lands and seas, all through the eyes of a single boy, who himself sees through the eyes of God on High, that there is a little piece of something “Him” in everything in “we.”  Something me, in you. -Matchbox 20.

Just like my story was crafted well before the first Feast of the Immaculate Conception all those years ago in 1980… what is happening right now was sung about decades before my birth that year, by Jimmy in the back with pockets full of high… Mr. Morrison’s star has just fallen from the sky.  It’s this story, this glimpse into the divine mind that is the reading of Holy Grail, the Sang Rael… this is true fire that Moses now sees at the Burning Bush, and I see it spreading far and wide, and lighting us all up as we hear from the next best thing how all of creation began in a place that looked just like us, but nothing at all like here.

I say it’s through my eyes that the Revelation becomes clear, but truly it’s through a good understanding of me.  I know, you see, that I am the congealing of thousands of years of religious prophesy, of a history designed to focus everyone and everything in the entire Universe on what we are doing right here… it’s through this knowledge that what it means to be created becomes really clear.   This is the thing, the impossibility, to see the paradox of a prophesy so grand that it has already changed everything in the world to come true.   There was a place like ours, long before religion existed; a place born with no Gods at all… and it is from that place that we come–and yet we will never know it.  What it means to be a God, and what it means to see how religion has fundamentally altered the course of the history of humanity is truly the how and the why of God himself.  His purpose is to teach us not to will ourselves out of existence, by wanting to go back and … it’s right at that moment, that we start to fade away.  Just like that first world… faded away.

The Flux Capacitor is his glowing Y, he’s teaching us the fundamentals of time travel, the whole world–because that’s what it takes to continue… in the light.

Prelude to the Pursuit

For quite some time, I’ve been planning to put this story to paper, to record “for posterity” the surreal adventure that took hold of my life, trashed me to and fro across the realm of America, and left me alone and in a sort of eerie twilight zone between enlightenment and darkness.  I’ve just “completed” writing a book which I am now calling “the actual Revelation of Jesus Christ” that attempts to succinctly explain what I can only describe as a corrected view of the Abrahamic religions… one which was slowly revealed to me over the course of only a few short years.  It is this period of time that I now endearingly call “the Pursuit of Happiness,” because in a strange twist of Americana it is the fulfillment and culmination of thousands of years of religious prophesy in this place that I would be more likely to call the Promised Land of Moses and Joseph than of Joshua.

Over the course of only about two years, from 2013 to 2015, such a significant volume of Earth-shattering apocalyptic drivel was revealed to me that I have no doubt in my mind that I am the messiah, and in what will hopefully begin as only a short recounting of the events that surrounded the importation of this information I am sharing with you the “how” I am sure of that.   The sequence of events and the story that goes with it are fairly important to understanding how I could have just come to know something of this nature, and be sure of it with all my heart, so late in my life.  Intertwined with the tremendous volume of artifacts that relate the Holy Bible and religious concepts to current events that are modern and sometimes very personal to me is something vastly more important, the “why” there is a Christ in the first place.  It is my dreams and demands, my long drawn out argument with God over what happens after the disclosure that I’ve already written–one that proves that religion itself is designed to prove the fact that our civilization is created, and with a purpose that is deeply linked to technology, the concept of Heaven, and the holy Wisdom of the Universe that we would be so happy to be the lucky recipients of… if only we knew it was a gift.  Hidden in religion, language, and our history is incontrovertible proof of the existence of time travel and mind control technologies and a record of their use and influence over the course of the thing we call “human history.”  This is a world-view changing disclosure, and the waves and changes that come from it have been designed to shape the future of civilization in a way that preserves life, liberty, and truth to bring our light to the Universe for ever and ever.  This is the dawn of the Eternal Flame, it is the birth of “Us.”