Moses smashes “The Stone”

Over the course of Time and Chance I provide ample evidence to prove the existence of time travel, of mind control and of God… I show you how religion has recorded the existence of these things, and our society has been overtly influenced both not to see it… and not to believe that these things exist.  Again, proof is right before your eyes, it’s everywhere you look, every single day of your life.  It’s in every word of every language, your favorite song, and your favorite movie; in all of these things you can find and see the true “word of God.”  All you have to do is try.

As we move into “The Pursuit of Happiness” I begin to show you obvious patterns that connect holy scripture and ancient myth across time and geographic origin.  These patterns too, are obvious, and for at least the last few hundred years have failed to see them.  Understanding that this failure is due to an overt darkness, something intentionally hiding the existence of these patterns is a huge leap towards “enlightenment,” understanding that enlightenment is in my mind synonymous with having these obvious things pointed out… and somehow breaking through the dark wall.  For instance, the Apple of Eden and Isaac Newton’s inspiration has been nearly completely ignored until very recently.  The relationship between Isaac’s name and the Bible, still unseen.  All told, the single reference I could find to this pattern lately… just barely scratches the surface of the truth, and puts it in the category of “noteworthy.”  It’s more than noteworthy, it’s the obvious intent of both stories, to match each other.  Further, there’s clear and bright light linking them… to each other and to the story of Jesus Christ… in a Fig Newton commercial.  That’s a Fig leaf from Eden, and Newton’s apple.  Yet the world has no clue.  This is now light… coming from darkness.  This pattern all but proves a clear and defined relationship between religion and our civilizations’ understanding of the laws of the universe, that’s a big deal.

Newdraw_saturn “on”

The Darkness gets deeper.  I have publicly asked people if they see some of the patterns that I write about, things like a confluence in the word “ark” in the stories of Genesis and Exodus.  I’ve been told outright by a number of people that there is no relationship between Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.  More than once.  I’ve been told that the “Hebrew word used” is different, and because of that the authors had no intention of there being a logical link between all life being carried by an Ark… and the people then carrying it through the desert.   Really?  I then point out that there’s an additional pattern, the number “40,” which apparently only I am aware is about the Fourth Dimension, about time travel.  Crickets, no response.

This pattern using the number 40 continues into the book of Matthew, which portrays the life of Jesus Christ as microcosm of the Book of Exodus.  This is pretty obvious, with him scaling a mountain, crossing a sea, and then wandering in the wilderness for 40 days.  It’s obvious logically that the desert, the flood, and the wilderness might related.  Here, Hebrew helps, by using the same word for “wilderness” and “desert.”  It’s about a place of darkness, where we are wandering, not understanding something.  To me, it’s about time travel, about the 4-D… or it was.  It’s now about not being able to logically analyze religion, and then taking that concept one step further… and listening to me when I tell you that religion is pointing out that this darkness and this lack of an ability to think logically is a microcosm… like in Matthew… telling us that we are broadly missing things… things that are closer to home and more fundamental to survival than being able to analyze a book.  It’s a clue.

This is about Minority Report, it’s about using prescience to make the world a better place.  It’s about a chastisement of God and Heaven… for not stopping things like shootings from happening.  I want to do this more than anything in the world, understand it’s about a conscious decision to give up “a little bit of free will” to get a step closer to Heaven.

New venus_and_mars“on”

I pull more from my analysis of religion, from Noah’s Ark and what I call the “two of everything God.”  I think it’s a chastisement of our societies polarization, on things like God and Satan, and Republicans and Democrats.  In the last few months, I’ve seen what could have resulted in the fracturing of both American parties, which could have resulted in a four party system.  People should think about how much better their wishes might be met if we had more than two polarized choices.  Seriously, we’re blind.

Space Reptiles do not run our country, but our entire society has failed to make a simple connection between a Donkey’s ass and the Elephant in the room, and figure out that we are not getting what we want the way things are.  A significant focus of my initial work describes what I see as an overt suppression of governmental assimilation of technology.  While we have computers in every office, we still fail to see that we should be voting with them.  It’s a big deal, a really big deal.  George W. Bush once remarked that “democratic capitalism” is the best system ever devised.  Whether or not he was right, “representative democracy” is clearly not, it’s a stop-gap, and one that is long overdue in evolving.

The subtitle of the book that I still believe is going to change this world is “The Race is not to Die Bold.”  Think about it, because it’s a play on words written thousands of years ago, in Ecclesiastes 9:11:  “neither yet the battle to the strong.

I have seen this darkness overtly affect peoples emotions and opinions, I’ve seen it happen in a split second, and in other occasions overnight.  I have spoken to people that understood some of the patterns and messages, or were beginning to… and then in a fraction of a moment get distracted by something like traffic, and get so angry that they can’t hear me anymore.  They forget what I say.  I’ve seen people’s memories changed, I’ve had my own overtly changed so I could tell you that this not only possible, but happening.

I’ve entered into discussions on mailing lists where I have presented evidence that English and Hebrew are constructed languages.  In one instant, they ideas have been called “original and insightful” and literally overnight a change is wrought, and rather than discussing the subject-matter, a decision not to have “religion” brought into an education discussion was made.  The idea that we should just ignore religion… well, that’s like deciding we’d like to ignore European history… just throw it away.   It’s moronic, and I am telling you that these desires controlled, they are part of a darkness trying to hide a gift from the world, one that I am intent on delivering.  The gift is freedom, it’s knowledge… and believe it or not… with some wisdom… it’s Heaven.

New  charissag “on”

The thing that the book of Exodus called a Plague of Darkness is a tactile retardation of our logical thought process, it’s something that makes us do things we wouldn’t otherwise do… things that fly against our own personal desires and opinions.  It’s the kind of thing that one would want to stop, as soon as they find out about it.  While it appears to be designed to do something … to change our society quickly, by revealing what might have caused the destruction of civilization in  it’s past life… not knowing about it will just have that happen once again.  Closer to the truth, we are probably just walking towards the abyss without realizing…. and so I am screaming.

Understanding the technology that is being used to do this gives us a way to fix it, not just to think clearly as we apparently never have before, but to be able to have the things that were once the product of this illogical thought process–this thing that was outside ourselves and caused problems to be highlighted… these problems could be shown to us more clearly, so that we might be able to logically analyze them now, and fix them–the way we think is right.  I can assure you, the right way is an open discussion.


You now have what you need, show’s over folks.  This fire brings the day, without it you are choosing your own dark fate.  Choose wisely.

I won’t be e-mailing you anymore.  You can follow me on twitter, @yitsheyzeus and @adjkjc.  Matt 4:19  Understand, it’s really about twitter.

The “Stone” in the Dave Matthews song at the beginning of this article, in the story of Moses, and David and Goliath… and Medusa… these “stones” are all St. One; it’s a hidden reference, in a hidden language, about a hidden messiah.  Saint One sucks, talk amongst yourselves.

This story continues… in By the Force of Key Strokes.

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