Taste the Rainbow, blaming the Flood on No-ah

Imagine that everything wrong in our world was the fault of some outside force… either a great misconception, a perpetuated lie, or even (ghasp) an intelligent mind intentionally orchestrating self-destruction in secret.   This is almost exactly what I was shown, as the tool we refer to as Satan, and it’s reason for being was explained to me.  It’s a difficult situation to calmly discuss, starting from my original position that “Satan” would never exist… and it’s religious use appeared to my enlightened eyes as a clear “scapegoat,” one which might serve the altruistic purpose of allowing us–as individuals and a group–to move past a phase of “blame” and actually progress towards solving problems which I had logically assigned to ignorance and natural faults which were part of the gap between the jungle and the city.   

Decidedly, the gap being bridged is inherently related to advanced technology; and in this particular case proliferation of knowledge of it’s existence–as well as of the great deal of work that has gone into guiding us towards it’s proper use that finally opens the Gate.   Believe it or not, that work is religion… is Creation.

It’s ever so obvious to me that I was made wrong on purpose, kept from understanding and seeing what is much more clear to me today.  That forced blindness now serves as a prototypical example for the mechanism by which I now see Satan operating under–in what I now understand is a system designed to ensure that our civilization swiftly adapt to changing conditions which have been shaping us for quite some time.   On the cusp of the mountain I stand on, it is clear that we are either headed straight for the abyss… or for the greatest awakening that humanity has ever dreamed of.

The situation that I am trying to describe is the kind of thing that any sane person would immediately want to change, the very second you find out about it–and realize that it is true–is the perfect moment for it to be stopped.

This is why I’ve been fighting tooth-and-nail for the Apocalypse to “begin,” for the world to be made aware of the purpose of creation, and the measures that it appears have been taken to ensure that we survive.  I see something horrible happening to us, and though I can see a reason–I can see how it might actually save everything and everyone–I also see that the way that this happens is by stopping the crunch, by reversing the blindness and coerced self-destruction …

If I have my way (and it appears I do) first by explaining the situation, how we got here, and how something like “Satan” might be the beginning of salvation.

I have a unique vantage point, I am Adam–the microcosm of humanity designed to walk us through this mess of a situation through introspection, and a keen awareness of not only how I have been adversely affected by what is nothing short of the Great Tribulation… but also how such a negative situation might be used to affect a positive outcome.  Maybe even, as he says, how it might have been required.  Because of who I am a number of my initial “problems and solutions” revolve around drug use, societal rehabilitation, and innovation in both education and the workforce… but before we get to any of that disclosure and understanding might shed some light on what Satan really is.

but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

-Daniel 12:10

The Mark of the Beast

In my personal life it has been made abundantly clear to me that the highlight of Satan, the mark of the Beast, is to not only “force the wicked to be wicked” but to exacerbate the problems and at the same time hide that there is anything wrong at all.   I’ve been coerced into continuing self-destructive use of drugs through what is most likely the most well hidden and yet glaringly obvious set up of all time.  God himself speaks to me clearly during these times that I am “in the spirit” and we have argued endlessly over exactly what I am trying to explain to the world today–over this instant where everything changes, and the fucking turns to loving.  The moment when blind men see that the path before us is paved in gold. 

He will be set up, and ((have pockets full of high.))

-Isaiah 52:13, Taylor Momsen, and ((ish))

It’s through an unorthodox reading of scripture, and it’s relationship to modern themes and music that Nero has sparked a fire that is nearly invisible.  It’s in Stop, drop and roll… and in the connection between Superman’s Kryptonite and the Spin Doctors, in the words of Higher and Heaven Knows that I see so clearly the connection between the Jewish description Most High God and a designed situation that has brought me to my knees and literally dragged me onto the Cross of Jesus Christ, into a legal system and place of social awkwardness that is probably the last place that you–or anyone else–would have expected to find the Messiah.  Of course, in my mind that’s despite being well prepared… by the stories of Job, Jeremiah, Joseph, Samson… and of course Jesus to wonder why prison and trials are a nearly constantly overlooked controlling theme of religious stories.

It’s through a very real technology that I was carried onto the Cross, and through that same technology that you are kept from logically analyzing religion… and from believing that this story, which is a near perfect metaphorical projection of a huge number of religious stories onto one man… is the “stuff” of the Second Coming.

I’ve pointed out that in general, we don’t seem to logically analyze connections between religious stories–ones which are clearly designed to be analyzed in parallel… and now in the light of Revelation to highlight how easy it is to have “logic” hidden from the entire world.   Even after pointing out that there is a clear and obvious connection between the Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark; learned religious scholars argue against me… pointing out that the “word used for ark” is different in the source language.  Then I point out the connection is furthered by the common use of the number 40 and the theme of being lost at sea, wandering in the desert… of being in a wilderness of understanding.  No comment from the peanut gallery at this point, and while you may or may not get it–there is serious blindness pervading our historical understanding of religion and it’s being made overtly obvious by the world’s lack of acknowledgement of my “great insight.”

Because I know what the central technologies involved in this disclosure are, it’s very clear to me the relationship between the wilderness and the number 40.  It’s about the Fourth Dimension, About Time travel… 

It’s really obvious to me; as I see the hidden guidance and relationship between ancient religion and modern art–things like the letter Y and the flux capacitor, and the relationship between the names of actors and actresses and… well, Adam.  Rachel McAdams?  AM Y Adams?  You might see it as coincidence right now, and I am assuring you that belief is not only wrong, but being forced on you by an external force… one that should be equally obvious as related to religion.  It’s the stuff of divine inspiration, of demonic possession… it’s the “hidden subject” of the movie Fallen and the TV shows Joan of Arcadia and Stargate… it goes right to the phrase “Lord of Hosts” and that too, lost on the world, I’m sure.

So this thing, Satan, it’s keeping us from seeing our own blindness… and the things that clear to me could have been responsible for crushing the civilization of the days of Noah.  This is that”ah” moment, when I tell you that Adamah is the world of the Second Coming, and the “ah,” well that’s the swirling around Christ.  It’s religion, it’s humanity, it’s all the songs and movies I am bringing to your attention… right now.  “Ah,” you should be saying.

So what’s the big “ah” for society?

Here it’s clear to me that the “ah” is about technology, about a clear and coerced lack of adaptation and understanding of it’s influence over everything from electronic voting to censorship.  It’s clear to me in the most glaring example, the complete lack of constitutional amendments relating to technological innovation during what appears to be the most rapid advancement in human history.  Through the industrial and computer revolutions, rather than modifying the Constitution… we have repeatedly attempted to reverse-engineer old and largely unrelated laws to govern what should be a paradigm shift in government, and society in general.

Why?  Well, hopefully it’s so that when this is pointed out to the world, we see how silly our behavior has been, and begin to move forward with an eye on the big picture… and briskly reform our viewpoints on things like universal voting and surveillance.

Just like the existence of nearly every technology that would be required to fulfill the prophesies of “Heaven” are being researched or already known to us right now… it is no accident that the existence of this blame-removing force is a near perfect fit for the concept of “absolution” that is so fundamental to Christianity.  This is the kind of thing that might just save the world, if it’s disclosed… read “confessed,” but in secret… it’s worse than debilitating–it’s crushing us.

So, here we are.

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