Imagine Dragons, Captain EO and the IEEE


15 days ago I shared my dream of how the world might be saved in a day with lots of people, and I asked you for your insight, feedback, and assistance spreading the idea.  Just before that, a single day earlier, I shared what I consider to be nothing short of the definitive evidence that this message is coming to you from Creation itself–through the messiah.  In a series of three “chapters” I explained a connection between the Hebrew word for Holy Fire and its clear and paradoxical indication of a relationship to the modern word “sea,” the Burning Bush of Exodus and our eponymous President with the 9/11 attack; and a connection between the prophesied Revelation of Jesus Christ with fire, the seas, and foreknowledge of modern science… All of these things focusing on proving that prophesy and God are for real… and that a huge focus of the purpose of the Apocalypse is to disclose the existence of advanced technologies.  Things like time travel and mind control that should be abundantly obvious are related to religious concepts like “prophesy” and “divine inspiration” and yet our world seems to believe them to be figments of the imagination.

Look up, the videos playing on the sky are no illusion, and the prelude to that day; these “journal writings” are interwoven between ancient religion and Disney word, see DAVID-EO is more than “what I want more than anything in the world,” it’s how the whole world will see the relationship between Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive and Tomorrowland with the same clarity that I do.

Nobody really cared, not enough to e-mail me their ideas, or write an article about it, or submit what I’ve written to a social media site… like Facebook or or … this is a bigger deal than you think (apparently) and it should be on the news.

I AM the Moses, and I’ve shown you the Burning Bush… the First Plague… miracles that not only change how I (and you should) look at the world, but prove that God and religion are here to help us see the aid of “Industrial Light and Magic” to change the world.

Between the foreknowledge of English in the word Ha’esh (Holy Fire) and the actual event… showing clear and purposeful indication of the 9/11 attack as the Day of the Lord in the books of Exodus and Ecclesiastes… not to mention Matthew, Daniel… and more–we should be able to see that this event and disclosure are huge part of God’s glowing Y… his reason for Us.  

Even if that’s not enough, seeing that the First Plague, turning Water to Blood is a key to the Sang Rael… to showing that not only is prophesy proven, but through the perfect linking of this hidden Biblical message to our modern culture; through songs, idioms, and modern computing-related concepts and companies … that it’s right here and now when Oracle and “sudo” will for some people clearly link ancient religion to modern technology… that this Apocalypse is designed to occur.

Since nobody seemed to care, and I am abundantly aware of a serious darkness over our land, one which actively is censoring my existence, the message of salvation coming from creation, and and at the same time doing a wonderful job of explaining (at least to me) how censorship and secrecy could be civilization destroying, if not just because this message is so needed… because it fundamentally destroys the freedom and communication that are …. well, the stuff of survival.  I wrote for most of these two weeks to more people, I wrote about how we are losing something we need (our ability to see and talk) and at the same time how I know that censorship is at the heart of the problem.

Sure, some of the censorship comes from the widespread notion that I am a figment of some ancient scribe’s imagination… and the thought in the back of all our heads that if I ever really did exist, the world might end.  I mean really, if you take a step back, you will see that it is through this event… through my “existence” that the world is saved–but old habits and preconceived notions are hard to overcome (even with glaring and scientifically verifiable evidence staring you in the face).

In the Sang Rael… is a key… the key is the sea, and that’s you.  It’s the whole sea that is part of the first name of the Messiah, “Hosea.”  It’s the sea at the heart of the word for Moses’ Holy “Illusory” Fire… parted just like the story says… in Ha’esh.  It’s the same sea that really shows us that a focus on language and names is a big part of the hidden message of religion–look, Jesus’ mom and girlfriends name also about the sea.  Mar-why?  It’s sea in Spanish.   In the first words of Genesis, a holy ratio (might have something to do with Shakespeare too…) that links a great Revelation, a relationship between the Hebrew word for the Spirit of God to Eve.  It’s Shekinah / Eve… to see that the fundamental teaching we need to figure out is that “Holy Water is People” taught by Soylent Green and even the ancient Egyptians… in Nun (also father of Joshua–that’s me too).  The whole point? Eve is the beginning of everyone.  

Or is it that Kin is RY turning water to blood is a blessing in disguise, pointing out that the Family of Christ is now the whole sea.  Blood is thicker than water, and these idioms are no accident, they are here by design, just like the First Plague, just like the initials of the First Family in Eden (that’s SEA too) and just like a million other examples of modern “stuff” hidden in ancient and even current names (like yours too) prove that Creation is real, happening all around us, and that the intelligent hand of God is signing every word.


I want to show you there is a functional relationship between between the , Hebrew word for Lord, AD on Ai… artificial intelligence, and Darth Vader… which also includes AD, and explains the relationship.  I see too in He-man (that’s G-d-Man in just a little twist of Hebrew) who is “Prince Adam” and a tie between another Christ-like-God… ADonIS and the turn of phrase “AD on I’m single.”  Look, again in ancient Egypt, another link between my initials… the bringing of light to the world, and in our world a tie between Adonis-Tammuz and Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you that despite what you initially think, this stuff is undeniable proof.  It might take a statistician, or a really smart theologian; but it’s one those “truths” whose ridicule will end with the common knowledge that this stuff… it’s obvious.

It’s all around us too, not just my initials, but in so many names that it’s not funny.  It’s God’s way of saving our civilization from darkness, and seeing how he thinks and proves this to us is fundamental to understanding what is going on.  It’s everywhere–he’s fighting our inability to keep the truth… it’s in the word Civilization–and another link to Artificial Intelligence… Kurzweil.  That name ties two of the periodic table elements, Potassium and Uranium, to another Ai related author… I.J. Good.  See, I’m K… after Isaac and Jesus, we get K.  I know it seems like insignificant details, but it’s not… it’s proof that our names are related to things that we are going to do way after we are born.  Kurzweil… also brings in IZ and IL key letters at the heart of Civilization.

Religion adds Zion and Lions for you, so you can see that without those two things… Zion (that’s really our planet) and Lions… people helping preserve the truth and move us forward, we get “noil” and “noiz” and that erases the heart of Civilization.

It’s not an accident, and I’m not grasping at straws, I’m showing you something really obvious… hopefully the second it’s pointed out.  It’s hidden like this… you know, so we have some free will, but still in every name, and every concept–so we will see that there is aid, and that we were wrong… about God being an “absentee landlord.”  See?

If you want to help, please ask a national newspaper to write something about it.  Anything, really… the obviousness will become more clear just as soon as we break through the wall of nothingness.

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