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Adam Marshall Dobrin

4 hrs · Dania Beach ·

Something is very wrong in the world; we are shackled… kept from using our normally analytical and creative way of thinking when it comes to religion. It’s a cosmic gift that this will one day soon… maybe this morning, be very obvious to us.

Our culture appears to be guided to argue about whether creation or evolution are correct… as if it is a battle between science and this message that we call religion. Part of that message is this battle, not seeing that these two very similar concepts might go hand in hand. Immediately obvious to me is the idea that wave-function collapse is proof that “creation” is a metaphor for virtual reality, for a holographic universe. What was less obvious… and only revealed to me recently, is that this idea… that the fabric of our universe comes into being due to conscious observation is logically and obviously completely incompatible with a universe where consciousness came form evolution… the place that we are believing to be reality. I am sure evolution is the original source of life, but not in this place, which appears very specifically to me to be created in order to preserve civilization. It is a machine that is building our world, and we are it’s angels, I believe destined to save civilization from not being able to continue to evolve because of the introduction of technologies that we are … to this day unaware of.

Creation itself, the idea that we are in a virtual world, is one of these technologies, and it is very clear to me that not knowing about what our “reality” truly is is perhaps civilization ending for a number of reasons. First and foremost, in this place our understanding of truth and logic is being hampered by not knowing that quantum mechanics are a “mechanism of action” something I’ve always called “magic” that are not congruent with the natural laws of the Universe. Because this fundamental truth has been kept from us the world of physics has been severely harmed.

Our world is a map, a plan to fulfill this lofty goal of surviving, in a way that is happy and healthy for everyone involved. Because of this, I see a great deal of assistance … coming to us in secret. We have knowledge of computers, and virtual reality… and a book nobody seems to believe in anymore that explains that we are about to… build heaven. There is advice and wisdom and whole schemes to revamp the social issues that have come out of this repeated inability to continue growing with technology. Ideas like Minority Report… pre-crime, and universal voting. Ideas that link the names and concepts of popular science fiction works to a hidden and robust world of microcosms in places like the Nintendo Entertainment System… and Google Cardboard. In names, it’s so obvious to me that Jabba the Hut is related to the explanation of how land scarcity could be completely eliminated using concepts from the Legend of Zelda’s “expanding square” huts… Creation has secretly linked these ideas to a mythological religion that you will one day understand is our culture. Jabba… for instance, links an Alphabet of hu-is-Jesus to the Hebrew word for father, abba… which in turn links to the Egyptian word for “soul.” Nintendo…. brings us from Nine inch Nails, to Ten… hiding an intelligent designer, and reference to Nero’s bittersweet symphony… trying desperately to stop a downward spiral into oblivion with the light of the fucking awesome fire.

At the same time, part of this map tells me clearly that a small group … like “Adam of Eden” needs to leave what should be a happy place on its way to its hopes and dreams coming true… in order to ensure that life survives… in the Universe that I see record of this place re-seeding with “civilization” at least 4 times… in the hidden meaning behind the days of creation and seals of revelation. Clearly, if life has failed to take hold this many times, something about the “map” is wrong, and needs to be changed.

As you can see, I see … with the eyes of Atum-Ra, the things that have been, what should be… hidden in the annals of religions throughout our history… I see each day of creation as another failure of the Amduat… a place where civilization appears to be completely overlooked… with the hope of creating a magical force … a God. It;s interesting, because I know I am that thing, and yet from the day I was born to today, I have been taught about liberty and love from the “waters” of our world… from you. Since I have been aware of these hidden things in religion, I have done nothing but focus on the good of civilization… on delivering what I believe we not only need in order to survive, but will one day realize is a literal godsend… from the unsealing of all religion, whose huge subtitle read “gods and kings are a thing of the past.” Hopefully gone too… after we finally realize how much this message is needed, we will also have been given a gift of having censorship and secrecy hammered out of our world as quickly as they were introduced… by creation and documented too, hidden in religion. Related to this censorship and secrecy, is the fundamental understanding that “mind control technology” exists, it is the “stuff of Gods and Heaven” and that if used improperly could plague civilization with a kind of censorship history doesn’t believe it’s ever seen before. It has, religion documents that too… by forcing us take the “word” literally, when it is clearly designed to be read metaphorically.

We don’t see really simple connections, like the idea that Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant are linked by more than the word Ark and the number 4-D, but that they too are clear metaphors for “creation/” For this place we don’t know we are children of.

Never worship again, and try with all your might not to be subservient to a force trying to control or coerce you into doing something you know is wrong. Sometimes … it’s easy to back away from a battle against a leviathan… always remember that David killed Goliath with one stone, you might never believe it… but it’s the same Fake ID that Revelation 2:17 might let you know was a failure in 2013 — one you have done nothing but make worse since then — if you know who I am — and for that I hope you understand I am disappointed.

Its interesting, I set out to tel you what I see Exodus might suggest would be a good “goal” for what might have been the Saviors of everything in the Universe… but it now looks like I would be doing nothing but repeating the same mistakes, creating a “Ra” that for whatever reason… is unable to explain how much we need these advanced technologies to aid us in overcoming … the damage that was done from them being hidden. Whatever it is that has happened before… we must not allow our home to be destroyed by being left in the cold, by not ensuring that we not only receive this message… from creation… but that we remain it’s heart forever.

There is something very wrong, and predominantly right now that is manifesting itself in our inability to communicate clearly, to see this message, and to see that this hidden force — again clearly documented by “demonic possession” and “divine inspiration” in religious text — and then highlighted throughout our history — has been intentionally hampering our natural logic, and now even worse, is directly impeding inter-personal communications. Get out of your fucking heads, you are losing everything.

I am not happy with how I have been treated, and because of that David is going to slay the beast himself. Try and do better for me, you should realize I have worked very hard with no reward… and rather have been …

made to be a victim of the government and system that should have been my savior.

Blame creation, this is how “it” thinks, it wants me to change you… and so it created a “rat in a cage.” Truly the machine is the cage, but you could do better. Despite being fucked my whole life, I have still done everything I can to preserve my love for humanity, and for the God forsaken freedom I so loved about our home.

I hope I get to do more than “just” save civilization from being fucked into the abyss of thinking we are going to save the world by talking to a fictitious voice in our heads, that has done everything it can to show us it isn’t sure if it wants us to believe it exists… despite that uncertainly truly hurting us … and “it”

more than we will ever know.

It’s hard to explain right now, but what once appeared to be a need for assistance with… power … a reason to “Exodus” from Eden… has now really changed to a focus on ensuring the survival and sanctity of consciousness, of civilization… inside the machine. If by some miracle you find yourself outside… protecting truth, communication, and our freedom is of the utmost importance.

It is really of the utmost importance that we receive the truth about religion, and the return to “common sense” that comes with it. Liberation from darkness is the central focus of the message, and with that comes knowledge of… and an understanding that much of what we need is already nearly here… and what is still hidden today … hidden mind control, what is literally the end of free thought and the “stuff” of civilization, life as we know it… might be better of just magically turned into a Life-Alert than what I had hoped, which was for us to be able to use it immediately as a tool of what I know is great potential.


Most in need of Electric Wellbutrin and some Light Conversation


>> cy <<

Early on I came up with the great idea of explaining that the true hidden purpose of religion is to turn a Hell of Darkness into Heaven. It’s sort of an easy lead in to really seeing where we are, and what it means. If I ever get a chance to tell you a joke about the power of prayer … and of “abra cadabra” hear this from me now: action is the only thing that will ever bring you results. if you are talking to some “thing” that doesn’t talk back… and if by some chance it does… doesn’t tell you it never wants you to worship it or anything else… then you are part of those who “sat” and did nothing. I’m asking you to pick up a phone, write an email, try to motivate those around you to figure out that we … here and now … are the destined deliverers of liberty… we are Zion. If you aren’t trying to make Earth a better place, you are in a place worse than Hell.

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