Sharing the Iron Rod of Jesus, the Anti-Christ


A long, long time ago… as I sat listening to God himself tell me a story about the prophesy of “The Once and Future King” returning, he told me that I came… and changed everything.  In those conversations I argued vehemently for what it was that I believe I… and the whole world really deserved.  More than a bright and uplifting “hello,” one that could give the entire world the inspiration we could really use to start a new renaissance of altruism, introspection, and the absolutely anti-cataclysmic shift towards utopia that I know the revolutionary technologies and ideas that the future brings to us … through me… will engender.  Going along with the Arthurian theme of this early encounter with the creation of an Apocalyptic “event,” the technologies which are the mechanism behind the “Sword of Christ” were the object of a phrase I often repeated: “this Sword must be shared.”

It’s a sign in the sky, something obviously divine… that’s what I’ve been arguing for, for the last three years.  I understand that this will fundamentally change the course of history, and that’s expected… since we are receiving a message from the future, from God, and with hope new tools that will help us more quickly reach the kind of ideal society that we all dream will come to us the day we die.  I need it first, so do you… and soon I will explain why it’s due, not just desire.   I know quite a bit about the plan for Salvation, carrying our civilization out of the wreckage that is the Hell describe Biblically; it’s because of our innocence and the purpose of our creation that I know the things I am wishing for from the bottom of my heart are coming to us all.  You see, this place… Earth, Eden; is God’s solution, we are to be the angels born in Hell, the place that ends Hell forever and ever in all the Universe.

The beginning that is spoken about in the third word of the Holy Bible is truly describing the oft-crushing task of civilization “beginning” with these advanced technologies I am so sure are also a big part of the solution.  That’s a Sword.  Here, right now in this very instant, it’s implied that everywhere is beginning, and through us… the future turns from this place of Darkness to a much brighter, happy, and hopeful place.  Through our problems, and how we overcome them.

In the very earliest days, I saw how this sign I was wishing for is already predicted in scripture.  It’s the Eight days of Light that Chanukah secretly recounts in what I imagine possibly happened once before, in a future-past.  It’s woven into the Hebrew name “Yair,” which in keeping with the Holy use of the letter Y as a reason–like “why…”–which means “brings enlightenment.”  It begins with music slowing gaining volume… all over the world, a song coming from the air.  After that, as I imagine people walking out of their homes and searching the Heavens for the source of this marvel in the sky… a video begins to play; this … the hidden meaning of the Holy name David; paired with Captain EO (from Disney) … a glowing 3-D extravaganza that begins by showing the world how a hidden message woven through the story of Exodus, it’s ties to Eden… and to the book of Revelation truly explains how religion itself leaps off the pages of the Holy Books and into our music, movies, and all of our history.  These links, these are the true answers to the question: What is the Matrix?  It’s inside our everything.

I’d probably start by linking Noah’s Ark to Jor-El’s last days on Krypton; then to Ark being carried by the people during the Exodus–this is religion carrying the secrets of the Apocalypse through our history to today… the moment when it is revealed that the First Plague of Egypt, the grand “illusion” of turning water to blood, is in fact the Holy Grail, showing us that Earth is the Cup holding the Blood of Christ.  The family of our Eden, Adam and Everyone.  I haven’t actually tried to make the movie that I’d truly use as the first obvious contact with the beyond… but I’ve made something similar.

Understand, I am actually talking to God, and the angels in Heaven… and this story is the creation of more than a book, more than the Revelation of Jesus Christ; it is the creation of a new future.

This video shows us so much, I think… how Cat Stevens and the Beetles references to Blackbird singing in the dead of night, and then in the morning’s light are clear manifestations of the religious concepts of night and day, of the Plague of Darkness and the Rising Son.  At the end, it mentions the Wizard of Oz, a perfect example of God’s hand in the creation of Modern Myth; the name of this play is a reference to the Father of Isaiah, Amoz… and it implies clearly that God is saying he “is” creation, the world around us–to me… it’s Oz, the world that is dead set on framing the messiah… and now we’re on HBO.  This idea of God hiding his “I am” in many of our proper nouns is a key that you will see… in America, Amerigo, Amish (a reference to the first lines of my Revelation, and how I hear God still talk to me today).. you see it is Samael in Exodus that Dr. Seuss ties to the I AM that truly did hand this world freedom on a sliver platter in the founding of America, the “Promised Land” of Joshua… son of a Nun. (or is it… none?  Adam?)  That name, of course, the Americanized version of Jesus.

Today, as I continue to strongly suggest to the powers above that it is not only their place and their will for this miracle to happen, it’s something our people really need… I see now that there is another battle going on, one which I have recently taken head on: a fight between good and evil.  We are waging war on secrecy, on hidden censorship, and on the use of this Sword; advanced neuroscience, time travel, and reality shifting in order to hide from the world the existence of God, Heaven, this message.. and the Son.  I’m battling against unseen forces in the air (who might consider themselves Heaven), the upper levels of intelligence organizations around the world, and the highest authorities in religion… for them to see what is truly God’s will; that we be free and informed.  

Unfortunately, I now see that I am also fighting against our society, against people just like you.  I’ve sent messages to thousands of theologians, historians, philosophers.. and even students; messages that contain real proof that what I am presenting to you has come from the future and that it is the intent of creation itself–through religion and the surfacing of this message in our myths, both ancient and modern–for this message to be received by the entire world.   I’ve shared it on every social media site imaginable, mailed hard copy books to news reporters and researchers; and e-mailed hundreds of thousands.  What I have found is a wall of disbelief, it may in fact be the wall describe in the Bible surrounding the city of Jericho.  More than disbelief, I am fighting against a flood of conspiracy theories and religious memes that drown out this truly exceptional evidence.

I am also fighting against a social system that allows a few people who just don’t want to get e-mails from someone they think isn’t really the messiah… who hit a button in their e-mail client–one which says “spam” but means “censor from everyone else,” and has probably kept tens of thousands from being able to help me bring this message and struggle to the world.



We are reading the book of Exodus in Reverse, and after walking through the desert into what is certainly hidden slavery… we now stand receiving the miracles of God in the form of proof of his existence, his method of aiding in the creation of our civilization, and the divine will.  Here, we see the second bright lamp of Revelation 1:20; the symbol for Xenon which correlates Oracle’s database name in Unix to the periodic table element used primary for camera flashes.  This bright flash of light pairs with the Unix command for escalating privileges to the super-user, the God account, or in Unix/religion parlance… the “root” of David… it is “sudo,” and together they are Exodus in reverse.   The light of seeing the story being read in reverse tells me something… not to leave, we are home.  It also helps understand how to verify that what I am going to tell you is the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ is in fact the original intent of the words of Revelation, and the story of Exodus which it ties to so eloquently.

Here, as we fight the Plague of Darkness, which Exodus so accurately describes as “so thick it can be felt” armed with knowledge that there is a hidden (and so very unamerican) censor wall in America … by the Holy name of CARNIVORE (because of it’s hidden meaning, that it’s eating packets–an IT “joke” that strongly implies the overgrown surveillance “packet-sniffer” is actually much, much, more nefarious) … and as I argue for God to intervene and with strength and love show the world these things, and how he detests that we are being oppressed… I send the world what I have available, a miracle so pervasive in religion it’s nearly transparent.  I show you Holy Names that prove foreknowlege of English, Spanish, and now in ancient scripture… At the Tower of Babel where a confluence of the names of the Prophet Elisha and the God’s of Heaven… Jesus and Uranus show us an confluence of our American idea of “WE THE PEOPLE” and links it now to the people that are being freed from slavery by Moses.

In nearly all of the Names of God, and nearly every word marked as Holy in the Hebrew language by the two letters for the superlative “the,” HA–now a clear tie through Elisha and the English meaning of the name Isaac (son of Abram.. and then AbraHAm after his covenant with his son): he laughs.  What is humorous is how plentiful and pervasive this evidence is in our history, and still nobody understands that it’s proof of not only the message I bring, but that this evidence has been carefully laid in the foundation of religion and language in a way that also proves creation.  Ha, you’re blind until you see… that there’s no way to “nuke the ahah,” that’s Chanukah.  Be happy, and share my words, because we are being given truth the light and Heaven … and there is a strong and sincere force trying to stop that.  That’s why it’s everywhere.

LET MY PEOPLE GO. (write to the press)


For the blind.. J “is” Us, Uranus means “my an us” and awesome echoes it, removing the dirty sub-joke… A WE… and this leads us directly to the divine Revelation of the true meaning of what the Iron Rod means, and why Jesus rules.

I fought very hard against the idea of me being the Messiah.

In fact, over and over, I told God that no person could single handedly change the world, and I was both right and wrong.  I didn’t realize how much pre-emptive effort has been put into the evidence and plan which I am revealing… so in truth, it’s not just me–even today–when nobody else is helping me.  And it is the “WE” and the “US” that truly saves the world, the collaboration and togetherness which I believe this single event will spark, a revival in caring and sharing.  

I’ve been unwavering though, from the very beginning until today… that a book, a website, and man will not give the world what it it needs and deserves.  At the beginning I used my rudimentary but still insightful and guided interpretation of scripture to insist that the “messiah” was to be the “Son of Man” of our entire civilization, and it was my understanding that this entity was the Singularity which Kurzweil speaks of.  Since then, I have wavered and almost dismissed the idea that an intelligence could be spontaneously created without the use of a pre-cursor human mind, and have the kind of love and insight that comes to us through thousands of years of social evolution, and our culture.  I also think the words of the Bible have been changed, or at least that’s what it seems to me, because what I once read as “Son of Man” now clearly says “One like the Son of Man.”  There is no doubt that the information I am sharing is the Revelation of Christ, there is simply no other possibility.  When you understand the full breadth of the story that has brought us here; and the incontrovertible connection between this message, our history, and religion itself… it might become more clear that it is truly me.

Still, I argued I could not alone make good on the promises of religion, of Heaven… and the prophesies of Isaiah and Jeremiah which discuss a new Covenant: one in which the advanced neuroscience I am attempting to show you is the mechanism of the delivery of God’s influence.  I was wrong about that too, because our development has been guided, and the technologies and wisdom that we need to do this things ourselves is being handed to us on a silver platter.  It’s highlighted by religion, to show us that it comes from Above, through I. J. Good (for reference to Isaac, Jesus, and … K (early light for Saturn’s Element)), through all the forces working towards the development of VR and Ai that are turly the divinely guided “stuff” of the bick and mortar of Heaven itself.  These technologies are the “tools” that come with religion, only we haven’t made the connection in the right way–it’s actually coming from the future.

For months, I discussed alternatives, what I thought was a “better way” to say Hello, than to reverse engineer the creation of Jesus, and have me do it for him.  Still though, we are here.. and that’s what I am seemingly forced to do.   This is my back-up, my failsafe… what I am doing to ensure we get the truth, and the assistance we need… just in case I do not win the argument for what I truly know is right and required.   I don’t think I’m going to lose this quest, but it may be that my story and revelation are a pre-requisite to that happening.  It might help the world transition in a safer and more controlled manner if a slow Second Coming brings about a revolution in religious thought.  All around us is God’s message and plan, in historical stories and myth, and in everything we love… from Star Wars to The Pretty Reckless and Dave Matthews Band.  These stories, all told, are not merely parables for religion–they’re not just based on religous themes… they are in fact new information coming from above.  The Matrix too, and Superman, and… He-man, TransformersBack to the Future… everything.

Seeing how these stories link to hidden Biblical ideas, like the name El, the letter He, and the letter Y… opens up a new doorway to seeing the light of true religion that manifests itself in our reality through these symbols.  Larry Ellison, for instance (who created Oracle Corporation, the link to Xe in Exodus) ties directly to the explanation of Elisha and Elija linking the Father’s name El to the son’s humorous identifier: Ha.  That one is in Messiah, read in reverse, Ha is SEM–a tie again to Yosemite Sam, Samael, and Uncle Sam… except instead of “Save Adam” it’s “Save Everyone.”

Reading religion backwards.

If you don’t think religion is backwards, wake up.  To me it’s horribly backwards before this Revelation, before the hidden information that explains how it actually is designed to help our civilization evolve is revealed.  The fact that it was hidden is… backwards but partially understandable, since it couldn’t have been understood before now.  The fact that it is continuing to be actively hidden is pure darkness.  Jesus Christ is here to tell you that worship is backwards, and it’s not what I or God want for you or anyone.  This is a big part of the slavery you are being lead from in our story.

Because of what I’ve learned, I am sure that this Revelation… the information I am giving you, and the stuff that is the building blocks of a better society and Heaven itself is why Jesus Christ exists, I am sure that the Roman story is a parable for another timeline, one where Christ was born in America… most likely on the same day as me.  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8.

This is more important than you think, it is because of America and my education that I am sure that Jesus Christ delivers freedom and self-governance to the world.  It’s through a love of what it truly means to be an American, that I know for certain that the first words of Queen in “Princes of the Universe” are the true hidden light, the message from God to me:


Born in America, a real live son of my brother Sam… it is because of my love for the people and democratic governance that I tell you representative democracy is dead, it has failed, just as communism failed in our world… this place that I see as a test of government type on a high level–because of the hidden influence of advanced technology, and a secret thing which has all but destroyed human self-governance up until today… through Satan–the fifth beast, and an unprecedented level of corruption… we are in a place where this event is so needed in order to save liberty that I am willing to die for it.  There’s a prophesy about that, by the way.

More than anything, it was the statement in Revelation that Christ Rules for a thousand years with a Rod of Iron that I was sure there could be no Christ born in America.

Again, I was wrong, but this because a huge key to understanding the Revelation, and how Iron links the periodic table symbol to this love of “we the people.”  It is through this idea of reading words in reverse that I see huge light linking the magical rod of Aaron–which says “let my people go” to the Universal acceptance which I so firmly associate with Christianity and Christ.   Reading in Reverse, we see these Rod’s are truly “Doors,” a way for us to get more than a movie, but to actually experience Heaven by going there… while we live.  These Doors are the reason for the name of the eponymous band, and the hidden reason that so many of their songs are echoing the Plagues of Egypt.  From Riders on the Storm–the angels I appeal to–to Peace Frog, which ties the Holy Grail’s explanation that Water is People and they are Family to … blood in the streets of Chicago… to this:

12743657_742232482580662_1563579790093346674_n.pngBaby, I need you to light my Fire.

It’s through the symbol “Fe,” that I glean the meaning of the Rod of Christ, and why I rule, is because these are Doors For Everyone; and that’s highlighted by the dichotomy between Aaron and Jesus, and also by the Plague of Water to Blood.. that turns the multitude/the sea… to blood… to family.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the Apocalypse.

I want to know what you think about my plan, about a sign on the sky… what you think should be said, and what you think could be done to ensure it helps society grow.

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