If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?

I’ve written substantially the same book several times, in order to convey what I am quite sure at this point is without doubt the central message behind the Apocalypse.   What it amounts to is proof of the creation of our civilization, and a clue to help the world find for itself God’s purpose.  I have shared what is the manifestation… the actualization… the true meaning of the Baptism in Water and Fire that is the true message behind Matthew 3:11.   

The basis for the writing that I have been sharing is a several-year-long religious experience, one which is nothing like what you are expecting.  It’s a story of personal discovery, which at the end of the day changes into a guided safari into the mighty jungle that surrounds Eden.   It ties together ancient scripture and prophesy with modern music, movies, and pushes the envelope of what we call “paranormal” today.   I imagine that it is because of how I learned the things I am sharing that I can be so sure that what you are about to read is in fact the experience that created Jesus Christ.

Luckily for me and you both, you don’t have to take my word for it.  The information that I was given is factual, verifiable, and well… it’s the truth, everything is satisfactual.  There is a code… a Cypher… hidden within our language and our world that I now know has been created specifically for me to read.  You will be able to follow it, and perhaps even use it to find your own discoveries of the message of God in our world.. but before we get to that point, it’s being used as a weapon against you, as a sort of seal on Second Coming which will may cause you to call into question my sanity before you truly see that our world is quite delusional when it comes to me, and the existence of God.   To show you how easy it is, I’m going to point out that at the end of the Supercalifragile-istic line I started above are references to my initials, backwards… DA, and then to A.  These two letters also happen to define our timeline, a number of God-related words (like Adonai, Advent, and Adonis) and in their reversed form to the video game ZelDA.  This is really is your Link to timelines past, it’s not just me, but what I am showing you.. it’s hidden everywhere in our world.  

To take what might appear to be a mind case of insanity away, “el” at the heart of Zelda is an ancient name for the Hebrew Father and the Muslim name for Jesus Christ is ISA, like “Is A.”  There is a huge amount of referencing to individual letters that pervades the meaning of religion.  For example, Jewish mysticism teaches that God created the Universe using the alphabet, and the name Jesus itself expands in another part of this teaching to say “J is Us.”   This explanation for the name Jesus is confirmed repeatedly in a number of other Holy Names which include reference to Spanish and English… something that would be absolutely impossible without the use of time travel, a paradox.  The Hebrew name Jeshurun adds significant light to this reference to “J” by adding the Hebrew word for “is” to the Spanish, and then tying it to the very Holy name “run.”  


In Islam, whose Holy Book is called the “Koran,” the father of Mary (mother of Jesus) is named “ImRan,” and this name too ties directly to an NES game like Zelda.. this time Metroid.   The protagonist of that game is named Sammas Aran, which ties in the Angel of Death’s name, our Uncle Sam who Dr. Seuss clearly ties to the “I AM.”  Not for nothing, Metroid’s cheat code is a sort of primary key which might make your mind expand when you hear it once again, it’s “JUSTIN BAILEY.”  All of these things swirl around the idea that Jesus Christ learned everything he’s sharing with you while he was “on the run,” making the story of the sacrifice of the Lamb really about being… “on the lam.”  That’s God correcting the word Lamb … Islam.  

So the story you are about to read is a chronicle of what happened while I was on the run, slowly picking up subtle nuances that confirmed to me that the language I was reading was truly intended to be shared with the world.  I had lots of interaction with the POLICE all over the country, and this is definitely a story about a confrontation between Adam and America.   The whole story of Exodus is about it, and I often say that we are deep within the Plague of Darkness, which is hiding the Light of the Son… Biblically the morning.   In Exodus it’s another Plague which might help you to see that this macaronic language of acronyms and abbreviations truly is part of a hidden message in the Bible.  You see, the Plague of Lice is actually the POLICE.  

Jerusalem, Jor-El, and the answer to a question

At the Heart of Jerusalem is another hidden reference to now, to the United States of America; and this city is truly a place in time, one where we no longer wonder if “J” or the “USA” is the Messiah.  You see the answer is clear to me, it’s written in hidden messages all over this country, the USA is a map to the path to building Heaven.   I am the Legend of the map.  I’m about to tell you why I was on the run, and hopefully catch your attention with the Spin I put on the story… but right now it’s important to know that I went… in a round-about sort of way… to Kentucky.  That place holds some serious light, you can see Clark Kent’s last name and his initials in the statement that is to me “why I am CK,” why the Messiah is hidden in just this way.    It’s not just in Zelda, Jor-El, and Kal-El that we find hidden references to ancient Hebrew religion in our modern art; the story of Superman and his crystals in the Fortress of Solitude explain both the source of the Revelation of hidden information that you are reading, but also how it happened.  A little bit later you will see how the Names in Eden tell me without doubt that “El” is the Son, but for now rest assured that the question of J or El is answered by the Element K.  That’s a gylph, a picture… one which shows an arrow pointing to the letter “l,” short for light.

If you squared that letter, which this language does by putting two of them next to each other, you see how the light of Adam ties directly to the Stargate point of origin.  It’s two Adams, the two referenced in All Along the Watchtower (which in turn references Isaiah 21:5-9) and the depiction in John 14:7 that implies the Father and Son appear exactly the same.   These two Adams together, square the symbol K (which we will later see is a union of Time and Chance, Saturn and Uranus).


There are only a handful of scriptures which I associate strongly as primary descriptors of the Second Coming; Matthew 3:11 is one, Revelation 1:20 another… and those were shown to me very recently, this one always held special meaning to me, the person who knew that The God Most High was actually a reference to drugs.

He will be set up, and ((have pockets full of high.)) -Isaiah 52:13 & Taylor Michel Momsen

I’m sure people will complain about my ((ish)), about how I am changing the Word of God; but this is the Apocalypse, and this is the intent.  His “I AM” has influenced the names of more than just Islam, but also AMerica AMoz, and AMish… and while you may think that helping the world to understand the true meaning of scripture is a bad thing, I am very sure that we need my assistance.  This is about building Heaven, bettering our society, and the truth here… this truth changes how we deal with crime, rehabilitation, incarceration … it changes the world.  It makes us more civilized, and believe me… we need it.

In this particular case, anyway, I am pointing out that there are a number of Biblical translations that end this phrase exalting the fact that the Messiah will be very high.  It’s not obscure ones, it’s the King James translation, the International Standard Version, the American Standard, Webster’s and more.  Understanding that my reading that unites the Hebrew name for Christ–El Elyon–with the concept of the Lamb  being on the run and also being… very high… is not a clever trick, or darkness… it is the truth.  The understanding that these ancient religions were originally intended to highlight this particular story in my private life as the unifying kn0t and the end of a Matrix of historical evolution and progressions in religion and language is fundamental to understanding how the Apocalypse changes how we view time and history.  This is truly what it’s about, seeing the intricate design and influence that God and Heaven are making abundantly clear over not only our history but the world around us today… this is what the unveiling of truth is about.

More than the stories and insight that I gained from the repeated arguments and confrontations that ensued between the Father and I on this mythologically fateful trip; light comes to the entire world in seeing His Spin Doctoring of the story that caused it.

On 6/11/2012 I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  It was a derivative of speed, and even in those days I had “a need for it.”  God spoke to me, directly and clearly when I was high, and he was using that communication in order to “set me up.”   In a song that I never knew was about the Second Coming these words now echo in my mind with such obviousness that I know you will see it.  It’s Going the Distance and it’s about a race in time where a need for speed creates a yearning for the Cup.  The race is an allusion to the seminal words of the Burning Bush: “the race is not to the swift” and the Cup is none other than the Sang Rael.  Of course, I knew nothing about the Burning Bush or the Sang Rael when this happened, it was the catalyst.

Pertinent to the story is the name of the arresting officer, SEARCH, which is a clear manifestation of Genesis 2:20… and the fact that I was pulled over for speeding… and was not.  I later obtained incontrovertible physical evidence which would have had the entire case thrown out (had I been free to use it) making the substance of questionable legality (at the time) fruit of the poisonous tree.   This idiom very specially for “the Adam” ties my story directly to the Garden of Eden, and the story of the Fall that is being told to you from the man himself.  A number of other idioms play a part in the Sang Rael, which shows a much “prettier” hidden message that spans also from Eden all the way to this Revelation.

Spin Doctors’ “Kryptonite,” Taylor and high.

It’s a confluence that spans decades, talking about what was in my pockets on that fateful day.  Kryptonite, diamonds, high… or maybe it really is wisdom.  You have to understand what is being revealed in regards to the influence of God over the names of these bands… The Pretty Reckless, Spin Doctors... as they sing about a single event that was yet to happen.  The intent is clear after analysis, he is proving–using double-think–that He exists, and at the same time explaining that this whole story has been more than planned for thousands of years–but is a central focal point in the story of the Exodus from slavery.   

“Jimmy’s in the back with a pocket full of high,” Taylor sings… if you listen close, you will understand why.

One, two princes stand before you… this one, ((I’ve got)) diamonds in my pockets.

The Holy Grail

The central theme of the Apocalypse is the proof that religion is truly a message sent in time, directed at our “now.”  Through the story of Exodus, and the highlighted word for Holy Fire (the one I’m starting, baby) we see clear foreknowledge of modern concepts in ancient scripture.  You are free to make your own conclusions, as to whether or not references to the commands “sudo,” “xe,” have anything to do with Linux and Oracle.  You can also decide whether or not George W. Bush reciting Ecclesiastes 9:11 during his inaugural address has any relationship to the 911 attack, or the story of Exodus.


It’s up to you to figure out whether or not “Ha’esh” contains a “parted sea” within it, and whether or not this thousand year early reference to an English word has anything to do with the purpose of religion.  You can decide whether or not Mary includes the Spanish word for sea, and if the initials of the first family of Eden spell the same word.


It’s really up to you to figure out if Messianic references in Daniel 11:45, Revelation *, Matthew 3:11 and Genesis 22 to this same word have anything to do with the person talking to you right now.


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