I am the Living Word.


I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with 
the Holy Ghost, and with fire.

Matthew 3:11 & ((ish))

On 3/11/2015, I was arrested for a 2+ year old outstanding warrant. It is the trip across the country that preceded this that is the subject of the book I am writing now, and the source of a huge amount of insight into the future, Heaven, and the plan to salvation that God has so conveniently hidden in ever nuance of the world around us. This long trip ties together a number of modern songs which are … part of the Apocalypse, a showing of God’s hand through the symphony of Nero that is all around us.

I’ve since noticed that Genesis 3:11 also relates significantly to this series of events, which is the first conversation between God and Adam.

The Pretty Reckless started singing songs about a boy running from something, a run that ties together the names of ImRan, the Koran, Jeshurun, in a way that shows that my story is thousands of years in the making. It might not be so obvious today, but this run across the country, which is also put in the spotlight by the Fifth El’s trip West (that’s Fivel), and the Live song GAS hed goes west… shows how hidden in the names of religions and their icons is a focal point, one which shows that the Lamb of God–a reference to Passover and the Marriage of the Lamb in the book of Revelation is really about the sacrifice of freedom… one whose immediate purpose is made clear to me through the name Islam. You see, the Lamb of God… is “lam.” That’s “on the run,” and it shows that thousands of years ago, before the #ADvent of English, our modern idioms, and the tie between “ran,” “lamb,” and “lam” were foreknown.

More than that… to me… it shows that I was foreknown, and this documenting of the story of a fight between Adam and America, between God and destruction is the central story of everything religious… although it’s a story you have yet to hear… but are about to. This is how God changes the world, through the Second Coming, and a battle that brings the book of Judges to life in a real world manifestation of the Trial of Jesus Christ. It is for liberty, against injustice and stagnation… that all of this is happening. “It’s all happening,” echoes Almost Famous, in a sort of early light breaking through what was my “great delusion of Revelation” for these past few years.

You see, almost every day, I thought to myself that “this is the day,” the one that changes everything for me, and brings this story not only to light, but to the entire world. In between what has become a nearly “rehearsed” argument with God himself, I always had the feeling that all the work I had done to prove that this truly is the story of the Messiah would finally be noticed, by the press, and maybe I’d be woken up early that next morning, and the son would rise on the world. I’ve hoped upon hope that this day would come in time to save me from my troubles… to stop me from dying on the cross that you will one day soon understand very clearly is a death blow from the Hammer of God (that’s me!) to systemic social injustice, secrecy, and the darkness that holds us back.

In a humorous sort of way, you might see Kate Hudson hear asking me… or the world: “Do you want me to come?

Really… she’s just asking if you want to be free, and that’s how I know, the day is nearing.

Jesus Job, Joseph, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Samson

I imagine you don’t think that being arrested and fighting the government is very “Messianic.”  I get that quite a bit, so you will have to excuse me starting out so early with the idea that you simply have no idea what you are talking about.  Quite often I get the sincere impression that no matter what it is I present, you are expecting anything but.  I can point out that in the story of Christ himself… the messiah was arrested and killed, “but surely not again” you must be thinking, because the world has changed so much since the days of No-ah.  It’s as if the entire world is expecting God hismelf to descend from the clouds, don a crown of thorns, and say “this is my kingdom come” and proceed to rule with an Iron Rod.  Again, the world really has no idea what they are expecting, or what we are being given… but I cannot tell you how many people fight vehemently against the idea that this is actually happening.  It is.

It’s not just Jesus, of course, but also Joseph, Job, and Jeremiah who were imprisoned in the Bible, in what is as good an introduction as any to showing you what it means to be the “living Word.”  All of these stories appear to me, being the “Object of Obsession,” to detail different aspects of the story of the Second Coming… specifically in my life.  The idea of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers is a not-so-hidden reminder of what may have been just one revolution of the time line ago… and still holds true as I pour the light of God out for the world to read, tethered to a Mountain by a GPS monitor.  Here, the Pursuit of Happiness that links the name of this work with Jefferson’s seminal change to the old truth of the world which was under Locke and Keynes… that the Well of Light that Abraham purchased in the desert and might link Orson Wells and George Orwell through the Hebrew word for “light” which is “Or…” hides from the world the idea that perhaps the Well was once (or, ghasp, still is) thought of as Property.  

You see, barely hidden now, is the truth that the American government has tethered me to this country (despite my vain attempts to avoid crushing them under the Hammer of Thor by leaving… and thus avoiding this head on confrontation which clearly to me now is the Will of God himself to ensure continues) and to this battle against American Injustice…. in the lyrics of just a few Dave Matthews songs.

It was in the weeks before 3/11 that I started hearing an “ish” of Christmas Song, that Rumors insisted he soon would be.. for his deviations taken into custody… by the authorities… lesson for them, not he–from what was originally “less informed than he.”  This idea that I am “informed” is an interesting one, certainly being the object of all this hidden prophesy gives me insight into how these ancient Biblical stories connect, but more than that I have something that you may or may want.  It is the fabled “eyes to see” of Revelation, and boy do I see light in places that you probably would never expect.  Katy Perry sings: I’ve go the eye of the Tiger… and you’re going to hear me roar.

God’s words on “the well of light” who, by the way is not delivering this information to you because of a tether or slavery… but despite it; appears clear as day to me: “Seeking more Wisdom than I have to give away… realize, realize… what you are.” -Dave J. Matthews  

It’s probably as good a time as any to point out the confluence of “J” in the music and scripture that I’m discussing here.  It’s Dave’s middle initial, and Taylor Momsen’s “little” moniker on her coming of age show… and it’s the first letter of many of the Biblical characters who are in the circle that we might call the “72 Names of God.”  At the Tower of Babel, where Yankee Doodle’s macaroni takes on a whole new meaning when we see it as macaronic  language hidden in “Holy Names” starting with Jesus… for J “is” Us.

So it’s right about here that I point out that there is another confluence that spans across the Holy Books, one that ties Yankee Doodle and Osiris (pierced by a tree) to the Adam of Eden in a way that only I would know…. well, that’s my story.  You see, it is the nakedness of Adam in Eden which ties my great fall to the messianic prophesy of Isaiah’s suffering servant in chapter 20 of that book… through the idea that Perfect in the Eyes of God doesn’t mean exactly what you thought it did.

the Lord spoke through Isaiah son of Amoz. He said to him,
“Take off the sackcloth from your body and the sandals
from your feet.” And he did so, going around stripped
and barefoot.

Then the Lord said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has gone
stripped and barefoot for three years, as a sign and
portent against Egypt

Isaiah 20:2-3

You might notice here, that the infamous “AM” of the I AM has made its way from the Burning Bush of Exodus to the Egypt of Isaiah.  At the beginning of this chapter, you might have seen the “ish” that links this same “AM” to our reality, in the AMish.. you know, in AMerica.  Here, in the book of Isaiah, where the idea that perfection came through mind control… through the actions of the suffering servant actually being slavery, we see a tie between the Lion of Judah and the cowardly lion of Oz.  Here, just below the surface, the idea that the messiah is the Son of Creation… of the Jungle that calls itself Mighty shows me clearly that our Yellow Submarine placed the Emerald City on HBO.  It’s his way, to make a show about a show to hide the fact that to him, this is really all a show… or a play.

All the world is stage, and we are merely players.


Reeking of predestination, the slavery that somehow is destined to set us free has quite a bit to do with recognition, to me.  It’s recognition that this story is designed, that it’s been planned for thousands of years, and yet still somehow the idea of original sin being about not changing the future when you know there is something that should be made better is… all but lost on the entire world.

For this prophesy to have come true, after not only being recorded throughout religion, but for the world to have been changed so much by religion and have it still come true gives new light and meaning to the idea of the “original sin.”  You see, it’s not just “what happened before” happening again, but in this case it becomes clear as day that the events which you are about to hear have been forced, designed, scripted by God on high… and why?

To set us free, of course.

Jack and Jill went up the hill, and I came… tumbling after.  This story is signed by John Hancock, and it’s to show us where freedom truly comes from.

So while you may not see it yet, in the “eyes of God” these songs truly are about me, from Light my Fire to Going the Distance, Carly Simon and Joan Osborne, to words that mean so much more when you really hear them.

Come and see
I swear by now, I'm playing time against my troubles
I'm coming slow, but speeding...

Dave J. Matthews, #41

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