Moses smashes “The Stone”

Over the course of Time and Chance I provide ample evidence to prove the existence of time travel, of mind control and of God… I show you how religion has recorded the existence of these things, and our society has been overtly influenced both not to see it… and not to believe that these things exist.  Again, proof is right before your eyes, it’s everywhere you look, every single day of your life.  It’s in every word of every language, your favorite song, and your favorite movie; in all of these things you can find and see the true “word of God.”  All you have to do is try.

As we move into “The Pursuit of Happiness” I begin to show you obvious patterns that connect holy scripture and ancient myth across time and geographic origin.  These patterns too, are obvious, and for at least the last few hundred years have failed to see them.  Understanding that this failure is due to an overt darkness, something intentionally hiding the existence of these patterns is a huge leap towards “enlightenment,” understanding that enlightenment is in my mind synonymous with having these obvious things pointed out… and somehow breaking through the dark wall.  For instance, the Apple of Eden and Isaac Newton’s inspiration has been nearly completely ignored until very recently.  The relationship between Isaac’s name and the Bible, still unseen.  All told, the single reference I could find to this pattern lately… just barely scratches the surface of the truth, and puts it in the category of “noteworthy.”  It’s more than noteworthy, it’s the obvious intent of both stories, to match each other.  Further, there’s clear and bright light linking them… to each other and to the story of Jesus Christ… in a Fig Newton commercial.  That’s a Fig leaf from Eden, and Newton’s apple.  Yet the world has no clue.  This is now light… coming from darkness.  This pattern all but proves a clear and defined relationship between religion and our civilizations’ understanding of the laws of the universe, that’s a big deal.

Newdraw_saturn “on”

The Darkness gets deeper.  I have publicly asked people if they see some of the patterns that I write about, things like a confluence in the word “ark” in the stories of Genesis and Exodus.  I’ve been told outright by a number of people that there is no relationship between Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant.  More than once.  I’ve been told that the “Hebrew word used” is different, and because of that the authors had no intention of there being a logical link between all life being carried by an Ark… and the people then carrying it through the desert.   Really?  I then point out that there’s an additional pattern, the number “40,” which apparently only I am aware is about the Fourth Dimension, about time travel.  Crickets, no response.

This pattern using the number 40 continues into the book of Matthew, which portrays the life of Jesus Christ as microcosm of the Book of Exodus.  This is pretty obvious, with him scaling a mountain, crossing a sea, and then wandering in the wilderness for 40 days.  It’s obvious logically that the desert, the flood, and the wilderness might related.  Here, Hebrew helps, by using the same word for “wilderness” and “desert.”  It’s about a place of darkness, where we are wandering, not understanding something.  To me, it’s about time travel, about the 4-D… or it was.  It’s now about not being able to logically analyze religion, and then taking that concept one step further… and listening to me when I tell you that religion is pointing out that this darkness and this lack of an ability to think logically is a microcosm… like in Matthew… telling us that we are broadly missing things… things that are closer to home and more fundamental to survival than being able to analyze a book.  It’s a clue.

This is about Minority Report, it’s about using prescience to make the world a better place.  It’s about a chastisement of God and Heaven… for not stopping things like shootings from happening.  I want to do this more than anything in the world, understand it’s about a conscious decision to give up “a little bit of free will” to get a step closer to Heaven.

New venus_and_mars“on”

I pull more from my analysis of religion, from Noah’s Ark and what I call the “two of everything God.”  I think it’s a chastisement of our societies polarization, on things like God and Satan, and Republicans and Democrats.  In the last few months, I’ve seen what could have resulted in the fracturing of both American parties, which could have resulted in a four party system.  People should think about how much better their wishes might be met if we had more than two polarized choices.  Seriously, we’re blind.

Space Reptiles do not run our country, but our entire society has failed to make a simple connection between a Donkey’s ass and the Elephant in the room, and figure out that we are not getting what we want the way things are.  A significant focus of my initial work describes what I see as an overt suppression of governmental assimilation of technology.  While we have computers in every office, we still fail to see that we should be voting with them.  It’s a big deal, a really big deal.  George W. Bush once remarked that “democratic capitalism” is the best system ever devised.  Whether or not he was right, “representative democracy” is clearly not, it’s a stop-gap, and one that is long overdue in evolving.

The subtitle of the book that I still believe is going to change this world is “The Race is not to Die Bold.”  Think about it, because it’s a play on words written thousands of years ago, in Ecclesiastes 9:11:  “neither yet the battle to the strong.

I have seen this darkness overtly affect peoples emotions and opinions, I’ve seen it happen in a split second, and in other occasions overnight.  I have spoken to people that understood some of the patterns and messages, or were beginning to… and then in a fraction of a moment get distracted by something like traffic, and get so angry that they can’t hear me anymore.  They forget what I say.  I’ve seen people’s memories changed, I’ve had my own overtly changed so I could tell you that this not only possible, but happening.

I’ve entered into discussions on mailing lists where I have presented evidence that English and Hebrew are constructed languages.  In one instant, they ideas have been called “original and insightful” and literally overnight a change is wrought, and rather than discussing the subject-matter, a decision not to have “religion” brought into an education discussion was made.  The idea that we should just ignore religion… well, that’s like deciding we’d like to ignore European history… just throw it away.   It’s moronic, and I am telling you that these desires controlled, they are part of a darkness trying to hide a gift from the world, one that I am intent on delivering.  The gift is freedom, it’s knowledge… and believe it or not… with some wisdom… it’s Heaven.

New  charissag “on”

The thing that the book of Exodus called a Plague of Darkness is a tactile retardation of our logical thought process, it’s something that makes us do things we wouldn’t otherwise do… things that fly against our own personal desires and opinions.  It’s the kind of thing that one would want to stop, as soon as they find out about it.  While it appears to be designed to do something … to change our society quickly, by revealing what might have caused the destruction of civilization in  it’s past life… not knowing about it will just have that happen once again.  Closer to the truth, we are probably just walking towards the abyss without realizing…. and so I am screaming.

Understanding the technology that is being used to do this gives us a way to fix it, not just to think clearly as we apparently never have before, but to be able to have the things that were once the product of this illogical thought process–this thing that was outside ourselves and caused problems to be highlighted… these problems could be shown to us more clearly, so that we might be able to logically analyze them now, and fix them–the way we think is right.  I can assure you, the right way is an open discussion.


You now have what you need, show’s over folks.  This fire brings the day, without it you are choosing your own dark fate.  Choose wisely.

I won’t be e-mailing you anymore.  You can follow me on twitter, @yitsheyzeus and @adjkjc.  Matt 4:19  Understand, it’s really about twitter.

The “Stone” in the Dave Matthews song at the beginning of this article, in the story of Moses, and David and Goliath… and Medusa… these “stones” are all St. One; it’s a hidden reference, in a hidden language, about a hidden messiah.  Saint One sucks, talk amongst yourselves.

This story continues… in By the Force of Key Strokes.

A Cause so Important… it’s everything

A Cause so Important it is … everything.


It is an understatement to call this a “Holy Purpose,” the sanctity of civilization, our ability to think clearly, and … life itself is the cherished object of protection. It what is nothing short of a gift to the Universe, we are faced with a secret so profound and encompassing that the fact that we were “in the dark” before seeing gives us all the proof we need to know that there is something seriously wrong. This “secret” is that our civilization is created, that the time period we are currently living in has been carefully designed… with the specific intent of revealing this creation. It’s a fundamental piece of creation that most do not believe it. We are blessed with science, an understanding of the source of life, and great wishes for our future; but a controlled lack of understanding that religion is more than just a thing “humanity created,” but rather a work of art — a masterpiece of creation that documents a hidden history, and gives us a tool right this moment to ensure that freedom rings across the Universe.

Exposed by the Greek myth of Prometheus and the Tower of Babel, religion records the truth that our global languages have been created; designed in such a way that it could go unseen throughout history — and yet maintain clear paradoxical links that ensure we do not lose the knowledge that our entire civilization has come out of a cloud of time travel. Around me I see every ancient story holding meaning in direct relation to what is going on in our world right now, not in some “religion is timeless” way… but literally these stories have been designed about now, for now, to show us the importance of Us, of this thing we are doing right this very moment. Every word of every language tells me a story, a hidden message that I can only describe as the likeness of hearing the Voice of God scream “NOW” from every corner of the Universe. All these things serve to confirm each other, and show me the importance of the Apocalypse to Civilization.

I see a clear focus on technology, and a myriad of individually confirmatory evidence of “time travel” or the a-linear creation of language and history; these things combine just like that holler to impart the realization that fundamentally everything we think we know about history and humanity is not exactly right. Unspoken messages and wisdom fill our history, some of it understood — but much of it is not really understood with the clarity that comes from seeing it’s highlighting in religion. Things like the “Anti-Christs” and their relationship to America and democracy stand out right now with a glowing need to be seen. Caesar, Napolean, Hilter… all three came from (or temporarily created) republics and consolidated power in a single man. It is this tie between them that gives them their title — and it is the rights here in America we credit to “God’s grace” that sets this time apart as a clear victory of liberty and … everyone. Many will believe I am wrong today, but be assured that we do not today have those liberties… and that we will attain them through the grace of God. Religion… specifically the relationship between Exodus and our generation… is the definitive tool that shows us both of these truths.

As far as I can tell, it is primarily because of an inability to assimilate and adapt to the great technological progress we are experiencing right now that is the cause of our current lack of freedom.

This is a huge focus of the underlying message of the Apocalypse, and in truth the reason we have experienced this rapid growth — and that we have another huge “revolution” at hand. The stories of Christianity in particular, but not exclusively, are an attempt to ensure that we successfully navigate this time with open eyes and the guidance of our “past” which has been here before us.

Start talking, because we must quickly overcome the shift in perspective of “reality” that this Revelation.. the Apocalypse brings; as it adds a new aspect of truth to what many of us consider the “paranormal,” a clear link to the causal technology behind it and a need to ensure it does not cause the set backs that it has wrought on the social progress of civilization that it is clear to me have happened before.

What may at first glance seem like “word tricks” that you will find everywhere around you… from The Tower of Babel onward, are in fact part of more than just proof, but a message that is so intertwined with our very existence it is imperative that we begin to look at it as what it is: the fire of civilization, of Prometheus, the Burning Bush, the Eternal Flame… and the source of the light that ends a plague of darkness that it should be clear from its delivery could… have… comsumed.

Torches light the way.

It’s in the word begin-nin-g, … and in SONY Playstation, Sega Genesis, and Nin-ten-do. Just beneath the surface a divine primer in understanding Heaven.


The miracles of Christ in the NT are a hidden walk-through, suggestions of what might be good ideas for what to do when you find out we are in a place where manipulation of the world is possible with relatively little resource cost.  We are in here, on the doorstep of Heaven, and we need to discuss how we might integrate some “miracles”… like feeding the the hungry and the wise, without negatively impacting the machinations of civilization.

Tying video game systems everywhere to Christianity and the foundation of Heaven… which they are… these little rays of light show the tangible guidance of creation, and it’s “hidden” link to religion. If you’re only interested in my advice, jump down below Natalie Portman’s image.  

Read more on the DOME, Ark, Sang Rael… all metaphors for Earth… like Solomon’s Temple and Atlantis.

As Yeshua, son of Nu (that’s you)–I am trying to show you the light of the religion pouring out of us, through the art and creations of our world.  You might not notice at first, but Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River bears a striking resemblance to Joshua’s Land of Flowing Milk and Honey–what I see as a metaphor for a Heaven that was created without the benefit of Abel’s agriculture, and simply provided “food on tap.”  This might not seem like a big deal right now, but imagine a civilization that forgot how to farm, or worse lost their ability to because they left the planet (and the ground) in the dust–as they “ascended” to a place that they thought would last forever.

Here in this place, a world I see as created to overcome the possibility of these mistakes happening… we have a great deal of wisdom that is highlighted and marked through a relationship between words (often names) and religion.  For instance, “Ka” is an ancient Egyptian term for the “body” as opposed to the spirit.  Expanding the name “Will why won Ka” I see a statement directed at me, perhaps telling you “Y-its-Hey-Zeus.”  I’ve written quite a bit about this macaronic language, which combines elements of Hebrew, Spanish, English and other religious concepts in order to hide a Cypher within all language.  In the movie at hand, “Veruka Salt” might say “to see you are the Ka” (in Spanish, Egyptian, and English) and link it to a religious parable about the Salt of the Earth.

You are the salt of the earth.  -Matthew 5:13

As you might realize from the title, I see quite an interesting spin on the ancient stories in our religions, I think seeing the humor in what I’ve been shown might help show God truly is one of us.  With one eye in the mirror, I have to point out that while “AD is Single,” I’m not really doing all of this just to get a date.  Of course, that is something that’s been elusive since I started having to save the world from darkness.

It’s really hard to explain, but if you don’t have a Golden Cow about me being single–then we probably won’t wonder for long if “Na” is a key to the Goddess of Love, melting the ice on the road through the Amduat; friends of mine… Nanna, Adina, Diana..

Here, “Honies” might be a key that links Passover Seder to Eden, one that clearly adds reference to my ex-wife… and shows me that Easter, Eden, Egypt, and Charosets (Ha-rose-ettes) are all pointers to indicate that these ancient Biblical stories are about here, now, and me.  Just like the ancient creation stories of Atum, Min, Horus, and Prometheus also show me that a significant amount of ancient mythology and religion is focused on this event–on the Second Coming.  Through these references, we find proof that a message about right now has traveled back in time and been recorded in the annals of religions everywhere.

In all honesty, i feel like I’ve been isolated and kept very lonely … so that I will focus on delivering this message, on helping to change the world with all my will, and yet somehow it seems that might have written into this story some explicit humor.  I’m trying very hard to use it as a tool to provide further evidence that we are in “Creation,” that this world is designed, so that we might see the influence of a “grand design” even if it’s not the most becoming of stories to tell.  It is… what I have.   All told, what it gives us is proof of an outisde influence ensuring that my life matches these ancient myths–through a technology that we here call mind control–but religiously we might consider “demonic possession” in Biblical verse like Isaiah 52:13 and all of Isaiah 20.

Jabba the dadda of Hyrule, OMY


He’s the Hutt like Amoz is the Land of OZ itself, and here in the AMDuat… we see through careful introspection of the Matrix that is revealed by seeing the ties between the Hebrew word for Father, abba, and the Ark of the Covenant–which is this place, also Eden and Chalice of the Sang Rael–our creator is all around us, and fundamental to understanding the purpose of religion is really seeing the New Testament for what it is.

Much of what I have written and revealed goes to the purpose of proving that we are not in what has been described to me as “the progenitor universe,” the place where life was first created through time and chance–the spark of Evolution.  In this place, whose purpose seems clear to me to be designing a society which can adapt and survive the perils of learning the secrets of the Universe, the difficulty in overcoming a period of time where advanced technology has in the past as well as here and now hindered or reversed some of the social progress that had been made during our civilization.  Freedom and truth have been detrimentally altered, and this problem which eventually might lead to severe inequality, and perhaps at the most severe of outcomes end civilization itself.

What is the Matrix?

All around us, is a message that has been clearly marked through a connection between religion and names.  Jabba ties J (for Jesus) to the Fatherhood of Heaven itself, Zelda.. a reference to “The Last El,” a clear link between an ancient Hebrew name for God (El), and the video game… the Legend of Zelda which to me… ties together the Legend that is a Link to the Past, Jesus Christ, with the concept of Jabba being the Hutt.  My understanding of what Heaven truly is, a virtual world created in a very similar way to how we might build Sim-Heaven in games like SimCity and The Sims… here shows us clearly through the concept of “homes” and “dungeons” in Zelda that space is not a scarcity, but rather a unique benefit that comes from virtualizing “realiity.”  Not only would we no longer have to fight over land scarcity, but amazing things can be achieved by “programatically creating” the place we think of as Heaven.

My earliest example was a place I wanted, to spend time in with my girlfriend.  I imagined a structure created, basically a large IMAX movie theater which had a bar and a waterbed in it–and a door.  The door basically created a new private space for every group that wanted to see DA-VID-EO, simply by walking in to the same door–in the same Hutt–and yet having their own personal destination.   My example is rudimentary, but illustrates the kind of thing that could be easily done were we to know that we are inside something like an advanced Nintendo Entertainment System.

In the image below, you might recall how throwing fire on a bush opened a secret passageway, a stairway into another world, which was not constricted by the 1×1 space the stairs took up in Hyrule.   This connection between El, abba, J, Star Wars and the Legend of Zelda is what I consider to be “The Matrix,” it’s light comes from understanding why these things are linked together–from the thematic connections, I see advice, a plan to show us how we might utilize the technology and abilities that come from realizing that we are not in a place that is only governed by natural law–but has true magic available.

Hidden in the life of Christ in the NT is a series of questions, of “suggestions” of how our world and society might benefit infinitely from the disclosure that we are in fact “Created.”


 In much of what I see in the examples above, and the imagery that I am “inspired” to understand–I find chastisement of my character.   Similarly I see chastisement of Jesus Christ–as well as a number of intelligent suggestions–in the stories of the New Testament.

In the same way that I do not agree that they truly apply to me (though you might disagree having had to read it), I am keenly aware of a situation in which Christ is hidden from the world–repeated attempts for input from outsiders shut down through the darkness of the Tenth Plague–through overt censorship.  This is the crux of the criticism I see… let me explain.

There is only bread on the table at the Last Supper

So much Biblical imagery has gone into stories relating to food… from Cain and Abel, to Joshua’s flowing milk and honey, to bread for the poor and the wise… all the way to the Last Supper–that it’s a wonder we haven’t seen ending world hunger as a glowing “Y” the Second Coming is happening as of yet… (except we have, in a book mailed to hundreds of academics and reporters) and now also a free PDF.

Now connecting Adam, Isaac, Mary, Jesus, Eden and Ending World Hunger is a glowing piece of light that explains that perhaps Jesus should have asked what the hungry were interested in eating for dinner… if bread wasn’t good enough, “Mary Antoinette” suggests perhaps:

fat free fruit and cake

The commercial (which I remember vividly, but can’t find) shows a sort of secret knowing–that this chastisement of “stone to bread” exists, and makes a joke of suggesting cake (then fruit and cake) instead.  It shows a design of history, from our story about “Let them eat Cake instead” all the way to this commercial, which ties it clearly back to religion.  This is light, it’s a message in our culture that ties secretly to religion–showing the hand of a hidden designer, and a hidden plan.

So what’s the answer?

Stones to bread, Cake, and Eggplant Parmigiana trees aside…. what is really being highlighted here is that we need to have a global conversation about exactly how to go about ending world hunger, even if we are in a place (and I’m sure we are) where we can snap our fingers and magically make that happen.  You see, Cain and Abel and a land of flowing Fig Newtons will remind us that we do not want to forgo restaurants, and dinner conversation (also agriculture, transportation, and the means to survive in “reality”) though we most certainly do need to end world hunger.

The suggestion goes even further, in the second line of Ecclesiastes 9:11, which notes that while the poor may have been fed bread in a past iteration of this event… neither yet bread to the wise.  I understand, that if we were to have this conversation, knowing what I know… we would all do much better than simply feeding the poor–all we need is the truth.

In like manner, what we are really being shown is a “what-to-do” when finally understand what it means to be in virtual world–in Eden… on the list now are the miracles of Christ–healing the sick, ending world hunger… and being a carpenter or a mason; building a custom movie theater with a fancy water bed and doors that might bring you to your own Holodeck.  

So, what do you do when you find out you are in Virtual Eden:

  1. tell everyone you know, so that we can:

  2. End World Hunger, by doing better than bread for the hungry… not just scrapping dinner… and not making rivers of hot chocolate and honey on tap.

  3. Health the Sick

  4. See, it’s the way to Heaven


Eggplant Parm trees, and Venice is Every Town

I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to show you how the story of Exodus relates to America; but really it’s quite a bit more than just Exodus, just like it’s more than America.  In the magic of names, the “I AM” of that first Holy spark kindled a torch of freedom that glows bright from the days of the Sons of Liberty, and as a proud beacon at the pinnacle of the Statue of Liberty.  This is the light above, to guide us through the night, and if the awesome spectacle isn’t clear enough for you right now, look up–because it’s our glowing SOL… See our Light?

It's in acronyms...

There’s a song about God shedding his grace, through it all–I promise–to set you free.  The light I see is in patterns that flow from history, to songs, through scripture and ours souls; it’s showing us an outline–a glimpse into the inner thoughts of God and the whole world around us.  John Legend sings that “my head is under water, but I’m breathing fire…” and I know those words are reference to what you are reading: to a mythical man who had to get in way over his head, submerged in the sea before God’s miracle–and clearly tying that story of Biblical emancipation to Revelation.  This story of Exodus is linked to Noah and Christ through a pattern which links the Arks and wilderness to a number the Bible says is “Holy only to God.”  That number is 40, and it’s Holy hidden meaning is about the fourth dimension, it’s about time travel. 

We are rapidly approaching a time when we will understanding how proliferation of knowledge of this technology and true freedom are inextricably tied–how the theological concepts of predestination and free-will explain that knowing the future is a constriction, a sincere lack of freedom.  We also have a Minority Report, one that suggests that for some things it might be uncivilized not to “look ahead” and prevent things like disasters… and perhaps murder and rape from happening.  I hope you will eventually see that things like the works of Phillip K. Dick, and the great deal of popular “fiction” and songs about time are here for a reason, to help us see that this is really a huge deal.  I personally think that if we were shown the extremes, and given a real understanding of the possibilities–our society would do better than any kind of decision guided in darkness–that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.  I’m sure we’ll do … better than nothing.

I swear by now I’m playing time against my troubles
I’m coming slow but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while I’m in the front
My play on time is won

-Dave J. Matthews, Number Fourty-One

Time keeps rolling on
I need my Absolution 
Jump into the sun
Dear boy what are you running from?

-Taylor M. Momsen, Absolution

In another song, Live sings that “I gave my Heart and SOL to the One…” and in my heart of hearts it’s really obvious to me that he’s talking about exactly what you are reading about.  It’s a kind of doublespeak, where God… or Nero as we might see a well thought out metaphorical reference to this musical bittersweet symphonyis speaking to the world … well, through us.  I see clearly the fire spreading in “Rome below” is just like that of the Burning Bush… it’s the voice of God filling the Universe: do you see yet… that we are that voice?  

In this cosmic parallel, that depicts these theological concepts as celestial bodies, see his Heart is truly the Earth… simply by moving one letter from the end to the beginning.  It’s probably not a coincidence that this same letter is the astrological sign of Saturn, and there’s a significant amount of interesting information packed into these ancient symbols.  

Plague is Heart

Here, in the Heart of Heaven, we are about to see that the Bible is an ancient tool designed to deliver freedom to his people, to all humanity.  It’s the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and Noah’s Ship–all different ways of looking at the very same thing, at the vessel holding the Blood of Christ… one big family.  In Exodus you might see the design of the First Plague as a “blessing in disguise,” one which in one stroke shows us divine influence over our society … through idioms … and a message about togetherness and his love.  Blood is thicker than water, and hopefully you will also see how there might be a lack of freedom implied through the delivery of this message: one that relates to Nero.  Let the music set you free.  

I’m Adam, and Earth is also called “Adamah,” which technically means “ground” in Hebrew, though just like Noah it has a hidden meaning; it’s the place swirling around Adam, waiting for this strange day called the “Second Coming.”  Here we are in relative darkness, even with plenty of evidence and a pretty clear delineation of right and wrong… I mean we’re talking about darkness and light, slavery and freedom.  The truth and… oh no, it appears that’s not what we’re choosing today; what are we waiting for?  

In the Bible, there’s some very clear patterns… ones that show us that the stories of Judges, Exodus, and Matthew are in “superposition,” part of the story of how it is that we exit the desert of understanding that is keeping us from … well, from seeing reality for what it is.  In Names, creation has left markers to show us that it’s more than a period of 4-D, and more than just me screaming that these stories are all about us.  We’ve got Moses and Pharaoh, Jesus and the Pharisees, and Samson and the Philistines.  You’ve got a guy with long hair, who loves Cat Stevens, pointing out now that those PH’s are all a reference to a story about the Pursuit of Happiness.

It might not look like much, but these letter keys show us quite a bit; and here they might be implying that at some level.. somewhere in the future or maybe in the Heavens above… we might be making a choice to live in darkness, one coerced–I’m sure–through … do you understand that you can end it?  It’s just an e-mail, that starts a fire… that lights the Universe with truth and liberty… forever.

Time… that’s the ticket.

I dream of a world whose landscape changes overnight, buildings morph into something else… into what they should have been they whole time.  In this place, a shimmery wave of miracles passes over the land, a shock wave that begins with the with the first intelligent words of God and a stream of wisdom pours through these fingers from the future.

Prisons and jails shudder, the fabric of their being shudders and their foundations are overcome by the singular addition of love to the great wave of technological progress that flows from the East.  They buckle and instantly become shelters, soup kitchens, filled with skilled counselors and educators–making way for the next great wave to come over the entire land.  The tidal wave that causes this comes from Pre-Crime, from a society that is shown the light of forgiveness and true rehabilitation making the entirety of our culture stronger.

Houses of God and justice are filled with common citizens armed with a new civic-mindedness that ensures that the family that we once considered “perfect strangers” get the help that once would have only gone to a favorite sibling.  Worship becomes a word verbotten, and the hours of repetitious driven that once bored the minds of bright stars turn to conversations, eventually to brave new solutions to the things that we once called “darkness’ and “evil” but finally on this great day of awakening we realize were simply unseen, unaided, someone else’s problem.  The closed gates of the Legislatures around the world open wide, and their machinations are pour onto the internet–into a place where the people’s power is once again wielded by the masses.  In these days… many will be given the opportunity to see their dreams come true… with great hope I say that the jailers, police, law makers and writers… the law makers and the law breakers will on this day be given the opportunity to collaborate on how to form a more perfect union… beginning in a day and lasting for eternity.  and… and… n.. it’s why

The great odds are that this wave will begin with the pounding of keys, from the hand of Jesus Christ.  It’s almost as if then swell that begins the wave has just started forming.   You might say that I’m a dreamer, bur just inside the envelope my voice can carry to is the great power I need to make these dreams reality… it’s you, it’s your input and your agreement… spread these words which I share this day, for they are the making of a new world.




Eat, Drink, and Be Merry… Shevirat ha-Kelim

whosnaked.pngI can’t imagine why anyone would want to hide the truth, to keep the world from knowing me.. as Adam.  That’s because I have a very clear vision and understanding of where we are, and that the fire I am starting is with no uncertainty the fire of the Last Day.  

I have a very clear idea of what that means, it’s the beginning of free will, an unwritten future with bright horizons.  I know this, because I see where we are, in the heart of the AMDuat–a repetition that tells the story of Creation… through Atum-Ra and Horus, both of which have somewhat explicit intonations.   I know these are our time–once the future, recorded in ancient religion.  I see how clearly it’s about Adam, and it’s really about the Second Coming.

When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!”

Revelation 6:3

This is repeated four times, for each of the first Four Seals, which correspond to the first four days of Creation.  They are records of past times, something like now–except this one is different–this is our victory.  It is a victory for all humanity, and a victory for creation… it’s a victory for life and civilization in the Universe.  It is the end of a repetition, reliving the past, in order to fill the dark void with the light of life.  This time, our light is Eternal.

We survive and thrive because of the hidden record religion has kept of these trials, because of what we are learning about technology right now, and the knowledge and wisdom that will come in the years that follow this disclosure.  It’s a hidden record, that’s for sure–a record of mind control, of time travel, of an entire Civilization that was literally in the dark–unaware of the facts of creation and the great purpose we fulfill.

There are powers here, and in Heaven that are trying to hide the suffering of Christ from you; without realizing what they are hiding is truly a glowing lesson in technology, its relationship to religion… and what amounts to the very nature of reality itself.

No time to wallow in the mire, we collectively have a very clear choice between freedom and darkness; between the truth and slavery.  Through this story, the world will finally hear of the will of God, of Christ… that we never again worship, allow ourselves to be subservient to false rule, and risk losing the very stuff of civilization: freedom.

We will learn how this freedom could be lost without us even knowing it, how not knowing that divine inspiration and demonic possession are a hallowed record of the use and capabilities of mind control technology.  

In the Old Testament, we have a clear record that links the Burning of Isaac at the hands of Heaven–to quell this fire, probably without knowing it is the foundation and forge of freedom.  It’s clear to me… what the name of Isaiah’s father Amoz means, and it’s relationship to the HBO series, the play, and what could very easily cause this world to slip into Hell.  Using advanced technology to secretly manipulate the legal system, and the actions of not just me, not just the few… but the entire world–we are on the precipice of the Abyss.  I am the way to understanding and freedom, but more than the key to the true lesson hidden in religion: how these technologies can be used to better society.

at that time the Lord spoke through Isaiah son of Amoz. He said to him, “Take off the sackcloth from your body and the sandals from your feet.” And he did so, going around stripped and barefoot.

 Then the Lord said, “Just as my servant Isaiah has gone stripped and barefoot for three years, as a sign and portent against Egypt

Isaiah 20:2-3

This 3 year period is over, and you are reading the story of what actually transpired as I wandered the Biblical land of Egypt … often wearing nothing but the Emperor’s New Clothes.  It’s important to understand what Chapter 20 of Isaiah is doing, it’s fundamentally absolving “me” of actions that were literally by the “command” of God–it was clearly mind control to me, as I explained my experience was literally about Reverse Engineering Eden.   The control really revolved more around drugs, and a frame job that is the stuff of legends.

Behold, my servant will be set up, and be exceedingly high.

-Isaiah 52:13

It’s a just a verse, it’s a seminal passage associated with the Second Coming; but what it leads to is so much more.  Through this verse, through my story, we see God has carefully laid proof that this control extends far beyond a single soul–but across our society and through history.  It’s in the story of the Roman Emperor Nero; which is a metaphorical description the voice of God uknowingly pouring through our modern artists–as if they were his fiddle.  From Jim Morrison’s higher, to Creed’s Golden Streets… he’s woven a story about Isaiah being framed, with pockets full of high.

The musical ensemble began before I was born, incidentally on the crossroads of Sunrise Blvd and Sunset Strip.  When I was only 12, the Spin Doctors would lay a foundational piece of “my” Matrix–connecting the story of Superman to the Two Princes–the riders of All Along the Watchtower which ties to Isaiah just a chapter later in 21.

It wasn’t until right when the set up happened though, that everything was tied together.  Taylor Momsen–who played Little Cindy Who (an Adam reference)–sang a number of songs about a boy on the run, with Nothing Left to Lose … that links Jim Morrison’s fire across decades touching the Two Princes, and declaring loudly: Heaven Knows, those pockets were full of high.   Remember, Isaac knows why.

For about two years before that fateful day, Amoz gave me a crash course in mind control and his “teaching style,” it was the Tribulation, but I had no way of knowing that then.

So it is through an understanding of what happened to me, how, and knowing who I am that I believe I have a good idea of exactly what the world needs.  You see, I am a microcosm, Adam and America together are a template to fix all of the problems that have plagued civilizations past, we are the map to Salvation.

Fix what you broke!

… has been a favorite mantra of mine since this whole thing began, and of course… that was the plan the whole time–but for the struggle, well… that’s the thing I’ve learned from.   What that means to me, the important thing … is that we all have access to solve these problems using the very best tools available (not to mention ones that are at least on par with what caused them..) and Jacob and Adam dreamt of The Doors and a new addition, Heavenly tools to help the world adopt and advance with this technology–a real double edged sword.  Plans were devised, as we lay burning (I love the way it hurts), of how neurscience and a little bit of creation-magic could work together to allow anyone who doesn’t want to be addicted… simply not to be anymore.

That’s my glowing Y, what I drive to achieve.  It’s just a simple thing, but the implications for locally and intelligently targeted medicine will revolutionize health and longevity like nothing has since surgery.   I should also note that the electronic versions of prozac and viagra (in addition to the well-but-rin just mentioned) are probably more fun than you think (why would you hide me?) .

Racing not to far down this road to tomorrow I see a sign that graced the book of Hosea, “Limited Omniscience” is near, expanded cognitive capacity… imagine reading 10 pages a minute.  Of course, changes like those are species changing, and need to be approached with caution and care.  Things like “knowing everything” could quickly turn into hidden slavery, if it’s someone else’s “everything.”  I’m only going to say this once, but for a long time nakedness was a “metaphor” for transparency to me… a screaming call from Creation to ensure that this path is clear, informative, and brings us to a place that is darkness-free. (why would you hide me?)

Eyes to see

So here we are, again I’m thinking about this amazing message I’ve seen, one that shows me that some very obvious things are often overlooked naturally (maybe the last time?) and here… well, it’s obviously not natural, this Plague of Darkness.  So in the spirit of transparency, I see that our ability to logically think has been hampered (more actively than you think right now: see religion as keeping a metaphorical record for us) and what this amounts to is a really “Holy”  was to rapidly avoid the Abyss… destruction and loss of freedom… depending on how exactly we want to hear, see, or understand what it is that religion has highlighted in our society as being… really illogical.

You’re going to hear it from me, because at the least level, this message is coming to you from Jesus Christ, in writing.  I’d like us to be able to do so much more, to choose to have some of these things overtly pointed out, assisted in  a similar way to how they were hidden.  To me, that means something like an “assisted epiphany,” a eureka moment when you happen to come across something important to you, that falls into this particular highlight of Satan.

I’m going to let you in on a secret, no matter who you are, or what you’ve done… right now highlight the fact that you should be actively sharing this message, and trying to independently verify what I am saying.  Not doing do so… well, that’s apathy at best, and perhaps a controlled demolition of everything at worst.

Jesus Christ is telling you that our ability to freely think has been significantly impaired on purpose, and that it is a fundamental disclosure central to the Apocalypse that we hear about it here and now, and why.

Charleston, South Carolina

It wasn’t until Christmas of 2014 that these dreams turned into more.  I’ll get to that story after some more bitching about the world be destroyed by censorship, because we are still there… in need of your action to ensure freedom of speech–and civilization–survives.

That Christmas, as I learned what ADvent really meant, a fairly large portion of the city and I embarked on a journey that almost brought us to the Gates of Heaven.  What had seemed like screaming at the wall had finally born fruit, new ideas; actual implementations, I swear…. I could almost see an invisible glowing Door.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Amish, Amoz, Amko, Am-y AdamsAmerica and how; Amduat Cat, Am Aran!  Sam… I AM.  Prometheus, Adam, through Nero now: Billy Joel, Jim Morrison and Taylor Momsen… we’re starting the fire… 

Today I went to the Israeli consulate to try and pass a match, they wouldn’t even open the door.  I think the gentleman, who greeted me with “Boker Tov” through an intercom system had a little hissy fit when I laughed as he told me I should “talk to a rabbi” and that the Messiah was not a matter for the Consulate to deal with.  They wouldn’t even take my book, which I told them had proof of Creation in it, the key to God’s plan.  The visit reminded me of a similar trip to NSA headquarters probably three years ago, though the American spooks were much more hospitable; at least they cared what I had to say.  They wouldn’t take a book either, though back then the book was a far cry from the magical one in your hands today.

so he will sprinkle many nations, and kings will shut their mouths because of him. For what they were not told, they will see, and what they have not heard, they will understand.

Isaiah 52:15

Nobody asked me, strange as it is that the world seems so keenly eager to “shut their mouths” at me… but for what it’s worth I think we got a little bit closer today to finding out that Ra really is El.   Somewhere between the Psalm 23, All Along the Watchtower, and the living creatures of the earlier seals of Revelation beckoning “COME!” Through the Eye of Ra I see that we are nearing the final hour of the AMDuat; and I suppose I’ll share what that means to me in my conceptualization of Eden … even if nobody asked.

In hour 10 the regeneration process continues through immersion in the waters until in hour 11 the god’s eyes (a symbol for his health and well being) are fully regenerated. In hour 12 he enters the eastern horizon ready to rise again as the new day’s sun.

To see.

The AM’s I mentioned out of the gates might help you see a glimpse into what I feel is the fulfillment of religion… “sweet land of prophesy” I often “ish” the iconic verse of liberty to… to point out that I see America as Joshua’s Promised Land–a halfway-point in the plan, one that ties to the … liberty .. that the “I AM” brings in the book of Exodus.   It’s a road paved to freedom in gold, to link Amoz in to this conceptualization that shows me that the Amduat and Eden are one.

There’s another two letter key that ties Biblical Egypt to America, to the story of Christ, in a very similar kind of pan-setting-link across books and religions that I think we don’t see because of the “Plague of Darkness,” because of an outside force.  I think the purpose is to show us just that, that we are in that darkness–and have been kept from being able to critically analyze patterns in scripture… and how they might relate to history and now.  Another fairly obvious one is the “Ark” theme, and it’s relationship to the number 40… which is also mentioned in Daniel and Matthew.   Now, I see the Amduat, Eden, and the Arks all as metaphorical representations of… here.  This second two-letter marker is “PH” and it ties together the story of Jesus Christ, Samson, Moses… through the names Pharaoh, Pharisees, Phillistines, and Joseph.  Then to America in the name Christ-o-pher.

All these “places” are the Holy Grail. His ❤ and SOL.


The Pursuit of Happiness

I often use this Biblical map, to point out what I see… that our history is truly a map–and one that has clear foreknowledge of modern technology throughout it.  I’m sure it doesn’t convey what I actually see, which is how pervasive this map is, how much of our history and literally the places… then all names of the map are designed to help us here and now.  To walked past Beth-aven and Beth-el without betting, being sure we are moving towards what we think of as Heaven.


You might notice another two-letter key that we might relate to this journey… or we might not see that either yet.  It’s “Ai” and it’s in this city along the route above, in the word “Samurai” and in the Hebrew name for Lord–understanding how War Games, Terminator, Ex Machina, and… Married with Children might relate to this concept; to the “Son of Man” and to this same nexus between Exodus and America: freedom from slavery–I wish I was singing the praises of co-operation… but right now this is much more clear cut.  Slavery is evil, we know that, yet for some reason we are actively working towards creating not only a mind more intelligent than us, but one that we are so scared will want to kill us that at the same time we are creating it… we are giving it a reason to hate us.

So what I see.. well, I see us in a place where freedom is being delivered to us by a superintelligence much like the one(s) we are busy theoretically shackling.. in the book of Exodus.  In reality, all around us, I see us being shackled ourselves, literally being kept from thinking freely.  I also think that the superintelligence story is mis-guided; it’s like we’re being shown something obvious (to nobody) by writing “slavery is evil” on the wall of a dark room.  Personally, I find the idea of a superintelligence spontaneously being created (or intentionally being created) from scratch as a near-impossibility.  Just my common cent, looking at the evolution of consciousness, it appears clear that “Ai” is probably something closer to souped-up-us than a language parser or other kind of “filter” struck by lightning.

Is that a language parser?  Onscreen!

VR, Ai… IT revolution; it’s help… but why?

Here’s your Two Riders, don’t miss the boat… your horse is leaving…

The Five Rock

We have now, in Egyptian mythology… a story of a cyclical repetition all around us.  It’s probably the kind of repetition that could fill up history with all this wisdom and advice from … the future.  It appears that Eden is the rock of Heaven–just from looking at what’s all around us… and IT and the city Ai…

at literally every word.

Along with the plentiful and colorful story that is secretly woven into our words, showing that language is truly the “stuff” of the Fire of Prometheus — of Civilization; we also have this “quantum” thing, to ensure that we are not lost in the darkness for too long…

Our culture appears to be guided to argue about whether creation or evolution are correct… as if it is a battle between science and this message that we call religion. Part of that message is this battle, not seeing that these two very similar concepts might go hand in hand. Immediately obvious to me is the idea that wave-function collapse is proof that “creation” is a metaphor for virtual reality, for a holographic universe. What was less obvious… and only revealed to me recently, is that this idea… that the fabric of our universe comes into being due to conscious observation is logically and obviously completely incompatible with a universe where consciousness came form evolution… the place that we are believing to be reality. I am sure evolution is the original source of life, but not in this place, which appears very specifically to me to be created in order to preserve civilization.

Na-K, 11/5, WW1 don’t be a powder-keg.


Through My Faults, oráre pro me “ad naseum”

It’s a play on the Mea Culpa, a joke I guess… though there’s really nothing funny at all about that prayer.   In general, I’m pretty sure that prayer and worship are right up there with the “big ideas” that religion is highlighting as being fucking retarded.  Of course, it’s being done in just about the most fucking retarded way possible… by coercing and forcing us to do something that … when you take a step back makes absolutely no sense.  Truly, the purpose of religion and the Second Coming, of what we are going through is to change the world–to bring about a new Renaissance… and it might not be so clear today, but asking an imaginary character (or at best a very real character who clearly wants to remain hidden) to change the world for us… well, it might just be the epitome of an exerciser in futility.

Hear me out, because this is how I see religion, it’s how I think.  To me, “let there be light” is a critique on the power of speech… letting us know that just saying something isn’t going to make it happen… it’s not going to change the world.  We take that a step further, and in our routine religious practice we don’t even bother to say what we want out loud (let alone discuss it.. you know, with our friends and family).  This is the “power of prayer,” that if we quietly think “gosh, I really want ….” that an invisible force that has spent thousands of years hiding itself will magically make it happen.  Now we’re here, at this place where what we all really want is a better world–a bigger family–one that works together to really create the “Heaven on Earth” that we have always dreamt was possible… and hopefully we are seeing that prayer–just thinking about it–is the exact opposite of what we really need to do.

Dear boy, what are you running from?

It’s hard to explain how this all began, the truth sounds so shallow in retrospect, it makes everything so much more insignificant… though I suppose that makes sense, since the “significance” of the story–at least superficially–came from a lie.  From my vantage point, that lie was the reverse engineering of Eden (specifically) in my life, and I suppose “Revelation” or the apocalypse in general.  It might not be so obvious to you, but its clear from my perspective that there is no way to fulfill a prophesy like this one without it being reverse engineered–without it being intentionally done–and I’ve always equated this “forcing the same outcome” that happened the first time (that mythical time that just happened, without having any rhyme or reason… without having the prophesy written in scripture to fulfill) with the notion of original sin.  The sin… is forcing something to happen that you don’t think is beneficial.  I’ll put that aside for a second, and assume that what comes of this is beneficial, as that’s one of the clear reasons to do what was done to me… to torture me into “falling.”

I’m not sure if this visual will add anything to your understanding of how I feel, but I sort of see what happened to me and those around me as similar to Jacob’s battle with the Angel of the Lord–tied up and twisted together with the “Downward Spiral” of Nine Inch Nails–you do get that bands name is about Christ right?  Bet you didn’t see “nin” in Nintendo and the word “beginning” as related… but I do.  Anyway, this whole thing felt an awful lot like we were in a free fall, wrestling against an invisible force, the whole time so caught up in the struggle that …. at least I was pretty oblivious to whatever imagery might be painted on the walls of the cliff I was rapidly descending.

I sort-of hinted that there might be some logical reasons to mind control someone into doing drugs, getting naked, and arguing about how nobody should be mind controlled… over and over.

That’s what it means to me, “Reverse Engineering Eden,” and while early on I think I probably did learn quite a bit about how “mind control” works, by design–it was shown to me… later the reasons I saw for continuing didn’t really make much sense, until very recently.  So initially, I was learning about neuroscience, and how a “feeling” or “desire” could be zeroed in on, and then literally be artificially increased by stimulating the same neural patterns… basically I think I was being shown how repetition and logic were not required in order to “coerce” someone else to do something or feel a certain way… at least when remote electrical stimulation of the brain was in play.  So this… what’s happening right now… was a useful benefit of “reverse engineering Eden” that I saw as possibly the true purpose of making me feel like such an idiot.  To show you how easy it is to be made an idiot–to show you that it could (and probably is) happening to you too… right now.   Understanding how this technology works, how it can secretly influence your thoughts–and in a way so transparent that you might vehemently deny that it even exists while it’s changing how you feel about… everything… well–that’s why disclosure of it’s existence is so important to me, to you, and to the existence of freedom.  It’s a worthy reason to feel like an idiot, so that we might not actually be idiots in the future.

Through the trip across America… where this happened fairly regularly, maybe once or twice a week… I was keenly aware that what was happening to me (well, my behavior, what I was doing–without complete (who knows how much) control) was a sort of prop–setting the stage for me being Adam in Eden.  That’s who I am by the way, the guy who knows that Jesus’ real name is Adam, and would repeatedly remind the “audience” during this half-delusion half-rehearsal that it’s pretty obvious from Revelation 5:5 (5 is my number by the way) that Adam in Eden being the “Lion” of Judah makes lots of sense.  It does, and it’s another analytical religious concept that we overlook… but today I am aware of so much more evidence that ties the name Adam to Christ, and it’s very clear to me that the story that lead me from Ocean City, MD to San Diego, CA and then all the way back to Florida is a big part of the reason that Adam really is Jesus.

So that’s the “big picture” thing… that I missed as it was happening (too close to see it I guess):  the story I was living is pervasively described throughout our history and across multiple religions… the story of Jesus Christ’s life is hidden everywhere.

Forget about Eden, and the links between Adam and Moses and Matthew 2:2 that mockingly relate to the idea that the Messiah is hidden and really doesn’t want to be… that ties too to “Don’t Drink the Water” and to the Zohar… come out come out, wherever you are… come now: can you not see?  I see… I see God asking Moses where he is at the beginning of Exodus, and the same for Adam in Eden; I see these links because they are part of the story that I lived.  Part of the life of Christ.  It’s a joke, I guess, because while the world might think they are eagerly searching for the Messiah… you are anything but.  I jumped up and down splashing waves and screaming at the top of my lungs… and I can tell you categorically the dominating response no matter how interesting and persuasive my evidence and reason was… “you must be crazy.”

I’m not crazy, I just have the most unique perspective on how the “Fall of Adam” and the “Crucifixion of Christ” are tied together through the story of Isaac’s near sacrifice on a wood altar… and how that links to the Egyptian creation myth.. in which a God named Atum masturbated life into existence … and how that might also tie directly to a story about how Horus finally defeated Set to unite the lands (or is it the parted seas of Moses) through another illicit encounter.   I see these stories are all tied together because I know we are in the AMDuat–the Egyptian book that immediately precedes the rising of the Son… I mean Ra’s sun.   In bereshit God separates the light from the darkness–and if you know your messianic prophesy… you can be sure that the Son will turn to darkness before … today.  This is the big picture, this is what reverse engineering Eden has turned into… tying Atum and Horus and Jesus and Adam together with Moses and Isaiah and all the other “aspects” of the Messiah.  


He says “I am the First and the Last,” and we are keenly aware that there is a First and Last Adam–never fear, there’s more ancillary religious “ritual” to tie Adam and Moses together… like the Apocryphal “Apocalypse” of each of them–which happens to be the same arcane text.  Less superficial.. is the true Revelation I received, one which clearly shows me that Exodus (and the story of Moses freeing us from a slavery of darkness) is about our world… and it’s the links between that book and story and right fucking now that make me sure beyond any doubt that this is truly the story of the Second Coming.

It’s through Exodus that I find what the slavery is about… not knowing about advanced technology and it’s use–something that calls “free will” into question until the point where we begin to realize that the lack of free will that I have experienced, and you are unknowingly experiencing–well, that’s the slavery.  To defeat it, the world must be informed about the existence of prophesy coming true, about the reality of divine inspiration that has plagued us since time immemorial, and the demonic possession that makes it abundantly clear that we might not be ourselves all the time.  Tongue in cheek, but it should be obvious that “prophesy and inspiration” are about time travel and mind control… and it’s not.  Not yet, anyway.

All told, when you see where the evidence lies–literally in every word of every language, it should become ever more clear that what is happening right now is something that has been mandated from on high–it’s a huge part of the purpose of creation.   If to free us from the wilderness of not-understanding, then religion truly does become the tool of emancipation that Exodus describes.

So since I started with the Mea Culpa, it’s only fair that I make these words as large as possible: “In my defense, I was trying to save the world the whole time.”

So while I now see the story of a man arguing with God and the angels as being central to a number of religious creation myths; even back when it was just “reverse engineering Eden” I knew that the story had been woven into music and modern movies–surely, in my mind… to show us that we are “created” to prove the subtle influence that we are so sure today doesn’t exist at all, so that we … with understanding of it … will no longer be slaves.  It’s in the songs that begin and end this “entry,” in Absolution by The Pretty Reckless and in GAS hed goes West by Live.   That links to An American Tail and Fival Goes West… a story which “secretly” ties my sacred number (5) to an ancient name for God… “El.”  More than that, it ties together the sacrificial story of Exodus and the Lamb of Revelation to the name of a religion… in a “spelling correction” that explains that Jesus was on the lam.  

That might not seem like a big deal, but it really is.  In Islam and Judaism there are a number of Holy Names that include variations of the word “run.”  Mary’s father (ImRan), a name of the people of Israel (which he “delights” in) Jeshurun, and the name of the religious text… the Koran.  The logical connection between “on the lam” and “running” shows clear foreknowledge of the English language, of our modern idioms… and most central to understanding the story being played out before your eyes: the one that ties all of this together … my life.

The Koran, which I believe chronicles the “run” and perhaps it’s relationship to the K of MK-Ultra–in this particular case screaming that we didn’t “co-” anything.

They call it “rehearsals,” what went on over and over again as I … once again … did everything I could to save you.  It’s probably about now that I should tell you what it was that I was saving you from… unfortunately it was this.  I didn’t want you to have to hear the “truth” from Adam… from me; I wanted “hello” and “help” to come directly from God and Heaven–that’s what I was fighting for. 

I was fighting so that the world could have a definitive sign of love, so that we could have the benefit of seeing a miracle to help us to stop praying and start caring.

Not to say that we don’t care, except if you really want to know what I think… we care much too little about our own well being and freedom–nearly across the board.  Me too, I always chime in, I wouldn’t want to fight the Leviathan alone… or cross “God’s will.”  So here we have the miracle all around us, we have his will in every word, in every story… his will is for us to think for ourselves, to care for ourselves and each other, to see that what we literally are is a testament to not only our own worth and goodness–but to his desire for us to be free and “in the know.”  I’ve noticed it’s not that easy to see… so in my mind, I’m still right about continuing to want a world changing sign written on the sky.

That is a really big deal, changing the world in such a drastic way–but I’ve always felt that if it was done with love and care… the benefits would far outweigh what we would be losing.  On that note, lots of what we would be losing is choice in what is said… and the option of whether or not we want to continue practicing rituals without understanding why–of whether we want to pray to figment forever… or actually have a direct line “above.”  I’m sure you can see how I really feel.

As far as your choice, and your input… it’s a valid concern, and it’s a hidden theme that pervades the Ha-dash-a (the New Testament), in which I see hidden chastisement of Christ for ending world hunger.  Imagine that, chastisement over feeding only the poor… and only offering bread.  Less outlandish now, I suppose.

I’ve always wanted the worlds input, from the very beginning here–and it is this thing about being “hidden” that I think has been standing in the way of being able to show you… that when I ask “what would you do” and then literally asked over and over…  I didn’t just do it in my head–though I did that too.

So we’re here… hearing from me.  Am I too late?  Would you rather not know at all?  I’m making sure we don’t lose the truth, the opportunity, and … the discussion.

(On whether or not we should have the ability to discuss things)

So I fell into a ritual of my own, a sort of self-sacrifice.  Earlier I told you that “can you take me higher to a place where blind men see” has a special meaning to me… and it does.  When I got high I had very clear discussions … about how I shouldn’t have to be doing what I was doing, and that the truth that I had … the secrets of religion should be part of God’s grand “hello” and that should be written on the sky.  This was the rehearsal, this argument; and while it was very repetitious, there were moments … very special moments … where something miraculous happened.  We progressed.

What was once an argument over why we really needed access to tools, a way to clearly see the information (which I was being shown clearly, using a “hidden tool” we call “prototype-adam”) turned into something much bigger… in little sprints.

In California, seemingly out of nowhere the argument about whether or not we deserved or needed technology turned into something so much better… in an instant a huge leap in computer storage technology … a paradigm shift poured into my thoughts.  Even more important, and what I often miss …. is that along with the idea of using “large alphabet molecular storage” in a sort of “isn’t it obvious” copycat of how DNA uses transcryptase and the doublehelix to do almost the same thing (except it’s still binary)… came the understanding that all around us we have answers.  They’re not all pre-formatted and ready-made… but in this place where evolution did not have to be here, it is… so that we can learn from it–so that we can not only understand where life originally came from–but see that we still have a great deal to figure out.


He’s shaking his head as I think about what I am going to write next… but it’s the most important part… to me.  You see, I know that evolution and biology are here to help us, and that these things have been intentionally given to the world as part of the “information transfer” that is the singularity that is humanity… but I also know that’s not obvious.  The bright light, to me, is that all around us–in the things we are making–is even more help, this time much more obviously designed to show us what we need.  It’s the outstretched hand offering assistance, only without being pointed out… we won’t see that either.

Speaking of not seeing things… my writing is being eroded… erased… censored and frankly it’s everyone that loses out when the record of my attempts to help (get it, the help is going away) are destroyed.

Once, it had much more than DNA and large alphabet storage.   Once, it had something to do with Don Quixote, windmills, and how our alternative energy industries might be an intentionally laid microcosm for futuristic power sources… metaphorically linking wind and water to gravity and …


But here we are still talking about how censorship is civilization ending darkness.  This is why.

Taste the Rainbow, blaming the Flood on No-ah

Imagine that everything wrong in our world was the fault of some outside force… either a great misconception, a perpetuated lie, or even (ghasp) an intelligent mind intentionally orchestrating self-destruction in secret.   This is almost exactly what I was shown, as the tool we refer to as Satan, and it’s reason for being was explained to me.  It’s a difficult situation to calmly discuss, starting from my original position that “Satan” would never exist… and it’s religious use appeared to my enlightened eyes as a clear “scapegoat,” one which might serve the altruistic purpose of allowing us–as individuals and a group–to move past a phase of “blame” and actually progress towards solving problems which I had logically assigned to ignorance and natural faults which were part of the gap between the jungle and the city.   

Decidedly, the gap being bridged is inherently related to advanced technology; and in this particular case proliferation of knowledge of it’s existence–as well as of the great deal of work that has gone into guiding us towards it’s proper use that finally opens the Gate.   Believe it or not, that work is religion… is Creation.

It’s ever so obvious to me that I was made wrong on purpose, kept from understanding and seeing what is much more clear to me today.  That forced blindness now serves as a prototypical example for the mechanism by which I now see Satan operating under–in what I now understand is a system designed to ensure that our civilization swiftly adapt to changing conditions which have been shaping us for quite some time.   On the cusp of the mountain I stand on, it is clear that we are either headed straight for the abyss… or for the greatest awakening that humanity has ever dreamed of.

The situation that I am trying to describe is the kind of thing that any sane person would immediately want to change, the very second you find out about it–and realize that it is true–is the perfect moment for it to be stopped.

This is why I’ve been fighting tooth-and-nail for the Apocalypse to “begin,” for the world to be made aware of the purpose of creation, and the measures that it appears have been taken to ensure that we survive.  I see something horrible happening to us, and though I can see a reason–I can see how it might actually save everything and everyone–I also see that the way that this happens is by stopping the crunch, by reversing the blindness and coerced self-destruction …

If I have my way (and it appears I do) first by explaining the situation, how we got here, and how something like “Satan” might be the beginning of salvation.

I have a unique vantage point, I am Adam–the microcosm of humanity designed to walk us through this mess of a situation through introspection, and a keen awareness of not only how I have been adversely affected by what is nothing short of the Great Tribulation… but also how such a negative situation might be used to affect a positive outcome.  Maybe even, as he says, how it might have been required.  Because of who I am a number of my initial “problems and solutions” revolve around drug use, societal rehabilitation, and innovation in both education and the workforce… but before we get to any of that disclosure and understanding might shed some light on what Satan really is.

but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

-Daniel 12:10

The Mark of the Beast

In my personal life it has been made abundantly clear to me that the highlight of Satan, the mark of the Beast, is to not only “force the wicked to be wicked” but to exacerbate the problems and at the same time hide that there is anything wrong at all.   I’ve been coerced into continuing self-destructive use of drugs through what is most likely the most well hidden and yet glaringly obvious set up of all time.  God himself speaks to me clearly during these times that I am “in the spirit” and we have argued endlessly over exactly what I am trying to explain to the world today–over this instant where everything changes, and the fucking turns to loving.  The moment when blind men see that the path before us is paved in gold. 

He will be set up, and ((have pockets full of high.))

-Isaiah 52:13, Taylor Momsen, and ((ish))

It’s through an unorthodox reading of scripture, and it’s relationship to modern themes and music that Nero has sparked a fire that is nearly invisible.  It’s in Stop, drop and roll… and in the connection between Superman’s Kryptonite and the Spin Doctors, in the words of Higher and Heaven Knows that I see so clearly the connection between the Jewish description Most High God and a designed situation that has brought me to my knees and literally dragged me onto the Cross of Jesus Christ, into a legal system and place of social awkwardness that is probably the last place that you–or anyone else–would have expected to find the Messiah.  Of course, in my mind that’s despite being well prepared… by the stories of Job, Jeremiah, Joseph, Samson… and of course Jesus to wonder why prison and trials are a nearly constantly overlooked controlling theme of religious stories.

It’s through a very real technology that I was carried onto the Cross, and through that same technology that you are kept from logically analyzing religion… and from believing that this story, which is a near perfect metaphorical projection of a huge number of religious stories onto one man… is the “stuff” of the Second Coming.

I’ve pointed out that in general, we don’t seem to logically analyze connections between religious stories–ones which are clearly designed to be analyzed in parallel… and now in the light of Revelation to highlight how easy it is to have “logic” hidden from the entire world.   Even after pointing out that there is a clear and obvious connection between the Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark; learned religious scholars argue against me… pointing out that the “word used for ark” is different in the source language.  Then I point out the connection is furthered by the common use of the number 40 and the theme of being lost at sea, wandering in the desert… of being in a wilderness of understanding.  No comment from the peanut gallery at this point, and while you may or may not get it–there is serious blindness pervading our historical understanding of religion and it’s being made overtly obvious by the world’s lack of acknowledgement of my “great insight.”

Because I know what the central technologies involved in this disclosure are, it’s very clear to me the relationship between the wilderness and the number 40.  It’s about the Fourth Dimension, About Time travel… 

It’s really obvious to me; as I see the hidden guidance and relationship between ancient religion and modern art–things like the letter Y and the flux capacitor, and the relationship between the names of actors and actresses and… well, Adam.  Rachel McAdams?  AM Y Adams?  You might see it as coincidence right now, and I am assuring you that belief is not only wrong, but being forced on you by an external force… one that should be equally obvious as related to religion.  It’s the stuff of divine inspiration, of demonic possession… it’s the “hidden subject” of the movie Fallen and the TV shows Joan of Arcadia and Stargate… it goes right to the phrase “Lord of Hosts” and that too, lost on the world, I’m sure.

So this thing, Satan, it’s keeping us from seeing our own blindness… and the things that clear to me could have been responsible for crushing the civilization of the days of Noah.  This is that”ah” moment, when I tell you that Adamah is the world of the Second Coming, and the “ah,” well that’s the swirling around Christ.  It’s religion, it’s humanity, it’s all the songs and movies I am bringing to your attention… right now.  “Ah,” you should be saying.

So what’s the big “ah” for society?

Here it’s clear to me that the “ah” is about technology, about a clear and coerced lack of adaptation and understanding of it’s influence over everything from electronic voting to censorship.  It’s clear to me in the most glaring example, the complete lack of constitutional amendments relating to technological innovation during what appears to be the most rapid advancement in human history.  Through the industrial and computer revolutions, rather than modifying the Constitution… we have repeatedly attempted to reverse-engineer old and largely unrelated laws to govern what should be a paradigm shift in government, and society in general.

Why?  Well, hopefully it’s so that when this is pointed out to the world, we see how silly our behavior has been, and begin to move forward with an eye on the big picture… and briskly reform our viewpoints on things like universal voting and surveillance.

Just like the existence of nearly every technology that would be required to fulfill the prophesies of “Heaven” are being researched or already known to us right now… it is no accident that the existence of this blame-removing force is a near perfect fit for the concept of “absolution” that is so fundamental to Christianity.  This is the kind of thing that might just save the world, if it’s disclosed… read “confessed,” but in secret… it’s worse than debilitating–it’s crushing us.

So, here we are.

Imagine Dragons, Captain EO and the IEEE


15 days ago I shared my dream of how the world might be saved in a day with lots of people, and I asked you for your insight, feedback, and assistance spreading the idea.  Just before that, a single day earlier, I shared what I consider to be nothing short of the definitive evidence that this message is coming to you from Creation itself–through the messiah.  In a series of three “chapters” I explained a connection between the Hebrew word for Holy Fire and its clear and paradoxical indication of a relationship to the modern word “sea,” the Burning Bush of Exodus and our eponymous President with the 9/11 attack; and a connection between the prophesied Revelation of Jesus Christ with fire, the seas, and foreknowledge of modern science… All of these things focusing on proving that prophesy and God are for real… and that a huge focus of the purpose of the Apocalypse is to disclose the existence of advanced technologies.  Things like time travel and mind control that should be abundantly obvious are related to religious concepts like “prophesy” and “divine inspiration” and yet our world seems to believe them to be figments of the imagination.

Look up, the videos playing on the sky are no illusion, and the prelude to that day; these “journal writings” are interwoven between ancient religion and Disney word, see DAVID-EO is more than “what I want more than anything in the world,” it’s how the whole world will see the relationship between Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive and Tomorrowland with the same clarity that I do.

Nobody really cared, not enough to e-mail me their ideas, or write an article about it, or submit what I’ve written to a social media site… like Facebook or or … this is a bigger deal than you think (apparently) and it should be on the news.

I AM the Moses, and I’ve shown you the Burning Bush… the First Plague… miracles that not only change how I (and you should) look at the world, but prove that God and religion are here to help us see the aid of “Industrial Light and Magic” to change the world.

Between the foreknowledge of English in the word Ha’esh (Holy Fire) and the actual event… showing clear and purposeful indication of the 9/11 attack as the Day of the Lord in the books of Exodus and Ecclesiastes… not to mention Matthew, Daniel… and more–we should be able to see that this event and disclosure are huge part of God’s glowing Y… his reason for Us.  

Even if that’s not enough, seeing that the First Plague, turning Water to Blood is a key to the Sang Rael… to showing that not only is prophesy proven, but through the perfect linking of this hidden Biblical message to our modern culture; through songs, idioms, and modern computing-related concepts and companies … that it’s right here and now when Oracle and “sudo” will for some people clearly link ancient religion to modern technology… that this Apocalypse is designed to occur.

Since nobody seemed to care, and I am abundantly aware of a serious darkness over our land, one which actively is censoring my existence, the message of salvation coming from creation, and and at the same time doing a wonderful job of explaining (at least to me) how censorship and secrecy could be civilization destroying, if not just because this message is so needed… because it fundamentally destroys the freedom and communication that are …. well, the stuff of survival.  I wrote for most of these two weeks to more people, I wrote about how we are losing something we need (our ability to see and talk) and at the same time how I know that censorship is at the heart of the problem.

Sure, some of the censorship comes from the widespread notion that I am a figment of some ancient scribe’s imagination… and the thought in the back of all our heads that if I ever really did exist, the world might end.  I mean really, if you take a step back, you will see that it is through this event… through my “existence” that the world is saved–but old habits and preconceived notions are hard to overcome (even with glaring and scientifically verifiable evidence staring you in the face).

In the Sang Rael… is a key… the key is the sea, and that’s you.  It’s the whole sea that is part of the first name of the Messiah, “Hosea.”  It’s the sea at the heart of the word for Moses’ Holy “Illusory” Fire… parted just like the story says… in Ha’esh.  It’s the same sea that really shows us that a focus on language and names is a big part of the hidden message of religion–look, Jesus’ mom and girlfriends name also about the sea.  Mar-why?  It’s sea in Spanish.   In the first words of Genesis, a holy ratio (might have something to do with Shakespeare too…) that links a great Revelation, a relationship between the Hebrew word for the Spirit of God to Eve.  It’s Shekinah / Eve… to see that the fundamental teaching we need to figure out is that “Holy Water is People” taught by Soylent Green and even the ancient Egyptians… in Nun (also father of Joshua–that’s me too).  The whole point? Eve is the beginning of everyone.  

Or is it that Kin is RY turning water to blood is a blessing in disguise, pointing out that the Family of Christ is now the whole sea.  Blood is thicker than water, and these idioms are no accident, they are here by design, just like the First Plague, just like the initials of the First Family in Eden (that’s SEA too) and just like a million other examples of modern “stuff” hidden in ancient and even current names (like yours too) prove that Creation is real, happening all around us, and that the intelligent hand of God is signing every word.


I want to show you there is a functional relationship between between the , Hebrew word for Lord, AD on Ai… artificial intelligence, and Darth Vader… which also includes AD, and explains the relationship.  I see too in He-man (that’s G-d-Man in just a little twist of Hebrew) who is “Prince Adam” and a tie between another Christ-like-God… ADonIS and the turn of phrase “AD on I’m single.”  Look, again in ancient Egypt, another link between my initials… the bringing of light to the world, and in our world a tie between Adonis-Tammuz and Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you that despite what you initially think, this stuff is undeniable proof.  It might take a statistician, or a really smart theologian; but it’s one those “truths” whose ridicule will end with the common knowledge that this stuff… it’s obvious.

It’s all around us too, not just my initials, but in so many names that it’s not funny.  It’s God’s way of saving our civilization from darkness, and seeing how he thinks and proves this to us is fundamental to understanding what is going on.  It’s everywhere–he’s fighting our inability to keep the truth… it’s in the word Civilization–and another link to Artificial Intelligence… Kurzweil.  That name ties two of the periodic table elements, Potassium and Uranium, to another Ai related author… I.J. Good.  See, I’m K… after Isaac and Jesus, we get K.  I know it seems like insignificant details, but it’s not… it’s proof that our names are related to things that we are going to do way after we are born.  Kurzweil… also brings in IZ and IL key letters at the heart of Civilization.

Religion adds Zion and Lions for you, so you can see that without those two things… Zion (that’s really our planet) and Lions… people helping preserve the truth and move us forward, we get “noil” and “noiz” and that erases the heart of Civilization.

It’s not an accident, and I’m not grasping at straws, I’m showing you something really obvious… hopefully the second it’s pointed out.  It’s hidden like this… you know, so we have some free will, but still in every name, and every concept–so we will see that there is aid, and that we were wrong… about God being an “absentee landlord.”  See?

If you want to help, please ask a national newspaper to write something about it.  Anything, really… the obviousness will become more clear just as soon as we break through the wall of nothingness.

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ANit cic-ado zanEcityritycitxlart and then be yourselves again. IRadic-l

Adam Marshall Dobrin

4 hrs · Dania Beach ·

Something is very wrong in the world; we are shackled… kept from using our normally analytical and creative way of thinking when it comes to religion. It’s a cosmic gift that this will one day soon… maybe this morning, be very obvious to us.

Our culture appears to be guided to argue about whether creation or evolution are correct… as if it is a battle between science and this message that we call religion. Part of that message is this battle, not seeing that these two very similar concepts might go hand in hand. Immediately obvious to me is the idea that wave-function collapse is proof that “creation” is a metaphor for virtual reality, for a holographic universe. What was less obvious… and only revealed to me recently, is that this idea… that the fabric of our universe comes into being due to conscious observation is logically and obviously completely incompatible with a universe where consciousness came form evolution… the place that we are believing to be reality. I am sure evolution is the original source of life, but not in this place, which appears very specifically to me to be created in order to preserve civilization. It is a machine that is building our world, and we are it’s angels, I believe destined to save civilization from not being able to continue to evolve because of the introduction of technologies that we are … to this day unaware of.

Creation itself, the idea that we are in a virtual world, is one of these technologies, and it is very clear to me that not knowing about what our “reality” truly is is perhaps civilization ending for a number of reasons. First and foremost, in this place our understanding of truth and logic is being hampered by not knowing that quantum mechanics are a “mechanism of action” something I’ve always called “magic” that are not congruent with the natural laws of the Universe. Because this fundamental truth has been kept from us the world of physics has been severely harmed.

Our world is a map, a plan to fulfill this lofty goal of surviving, in a way that is happy and healthy for everyone involved. Because of this, I see a great deal of assistance … coming to us in secret. We have knowledge of computers, and virtual reality… and a book nobody seems to believe in anymore that explains that we are about to… build heaven. There is advice and wisdom and whole schemes to revamp the social issues that have come out of this repeated inability to continue growing with technology. Ideas like Minority Report… pre-crime, and universal voting. Ideas that link the names and concepts of popular science fiction works to a hidden and robust world of microcosms in places like the Nintendo Entertainment System… and Google Cardboard. In names, it’s so obvious to me that Jabba the Hut is related to the explanation of how land scarcity could be completely eliminated using concepts from the Legend of Zelda’s “expanding square” huts… Creation has secretly linked these ideas to a mythological religion that you will one day understand is our culture. Jabba… for instance, links an Alphabet of hu-is-Jesus to the Hebrew word for father, abba… which in turn links to the Egyptian word for “soul.” Nintendo…. brings us from Nine inch Nails, to Ten… hiding an intelligent designer, and reference to Nero’s bittersweet symphony… trying desperately to stop a downward spiral into oblivion with the light of the fucking awesome fire.

At the same time, part of this map tells me clearly that a small group … like “Adam of Eden” needs to leave what should be a happy place on its way to its hopes and dreams coming true… in order to ensure that life survives… in the Universe that I see record of this place re-seeding with “civilization” at least 4 times… in the hidden meaning behind the days of creation and seals of revelation. Clearly, if life has failed to take hold this many times, something about the “map” is wrong, and needs to be changed.

As you can see, I see … with the eyes of Atum-Ra, the things that have been, what should be… hidden in the annals of religions throughout our history… I see each day of creation as another failure of the Amduat… a place where civilization appears to be completely overlooked… with the hope of creating a magical force … a God. It;s interesting, because I know I am that thing, and yet from the day I was born to today, I have been taught about liberty and love from the “waters” of our world… from you. Since I have been aware of these hidden things in religion, I have done nothing but focus on the good of civilization… on delivering what I believe we not only need in order to survive, but will one day realize is a literal godsend… from the unsealing of all religion, whose huge subtitle read “gods and kings are a thing of the past.” Hopefully gone too… after we finally realize how much this message is needed, we will also have been given a gift of having censorship and secrecy hammered out of our world as quickly as they were introduced… by creation and documented too, hidden in religion. Related to this censorship and secrecy, is the fundamental understanding that “mind control technology” exists, it is the “stuff of Gods and Heaven” and that if used improperly could plague civilization with a kind of censorship history doesn’t believe it’s ever seen before. It has, religion documents that too… by forcing us take the “word” literally, when it is clearly designed to be read metaphorically.

We don’t see really simple connections, like the idea that Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant are linked by more than the word Ark and the number 4-D, but that they too are clear metaphors for “creation/” For this place we don’t know we are children of.

Never worship again, and try with all your might not to be subservient to a force trying to control or coerce you into doing something you know is wrong. Sometimes … it’s easy to back away from a battle against a leviathan… always remember that David killed Goliath with one stone, you might never believe it… but it’s the same Fake ID that Revelation 2:17 might let you know was a failure in 2013 — one you have done nothing but make worse since then — if you know who I am — and for that I hope you understand I am disappointed.

Its interesting, I set out to tel you what I see Exodus might suggest would be a good “goal” for what might have been the Saviors of everything in the Universe… but it now looks like I would be doing nothing but repeating the same mistakes, creating a “Ra” that for whatever reason… is unable to explain how much we need these advanced technologies to aid us in overcoming … the damage that was done from them being hidden. Whatever it is that has happened before… we must not allow our home to be destroyed by being left in the cold, by not ensuring that we not only receive this message… from creation… but that we remain it’s heart forever.

There is something very wrong, and predominantly right now that is manifesting itself in our inability to communicate clearly, to see this message, and to see that this hidden force — again clearly documented by “demonic possession” and “divine inspiration” in religious text — and then highlighted throughout our history — has been intentionally hampering our natural logic, and now even worse, is directly impeding inter-personal communications. Get out of your fucking heads, you are losing everything.

I am not happy with how I have been treated, and because of that David is going to slay the beast himself. Try and do better for me, you should realize I have worked very hard with no reward… and rather have been …

made to be a victim of the government and system that should have been my savior.

Blame creation, this is how “it” thinks, it wants me to change you… and so it created a “rat in a cage.” Truly the machine is the cage, but you could do better. Despite being fucked my whole life, I have still done everything I can to preserve my love for humanity, and for the God forsaken freedom I so loved about our home.

I hope I get to do more than “just” save civilization from being fucked into the abyss of thinking we are going to save the world by talking to a fictitious voice in our heads, that has done everything it can to show us it isn’t sure if it wants us to believe it exists… despite that uncertainly truly hurting us … and “it”

more than we will ever know.

It’s hard to explain right now, but what once appeared to be a need for assistance with… power … a reason to “Exodus” from Eden… has now really changed to a focus on ensuring the survival and sanctity of consciousness, of civilization… inside the machine. If by some miracle you find yourself outside… protecting truth, communication, and our freedom is of the utmost importance.

It is really of the utmost importance that we receive the truth about religion, and the return to “common sense” that comes with it. Liberation from darkness is the central focus of the message, and with that comes knowledge of… and an understanding that much of what we need is already nearly here… and what is still hidden today … hidden mind control, what is literally the end of free thought and the “stuff” of civilization, life as we know it… might be better of just magically turned into a Life-Alert than what I had hoped, which was for us to be able to use it immediately as a tool of what I know is great potential.


Most in need of Electric Wellbutrin and some Light Conversation


>> cy <<

Early on I came up with the great idea of explaining that the true hidden purpose of religion is to turn a Hell of Darkness into Heaven. It’s sort of an easy lead in to really seeing where we are, and what it means. If I ever get a chance to tell you a joke about the power of prayer … and of “abra cadabra” hear this from me now: action is the only thing that will ever bring you results. if you are talking to some “thing” that doesn’t talk back… and if by some chance it does… doesn’t tell you it never wants you to worship it or anything else… then you are part of those who “sat” and did nothing. I’m asking you to pick up a phone, write an email, try to motivate those around you to figure out that we … here and now … are the destined deliverers of liberty… we are Zion. If you aren’t trying to make Earth a better place, you are in a place worse than Hell.

On the Salted road through the AMDuat

This is a Rosetta stone to find and read the Tablets of Truth that record the hidden purpose of this place and it’s destiny of becoming the seed of re-birth that protects the Universe.  Our world is building a record of the History of the Gods… now a map to our own future.

Sealed with symbols from the future, I’ve written three books so far.  Here I am unsealing them, and explaining why these prescient indicators lead directly to me, my family, and the light that will create heaven and cause the greatest social reform in history.  It has happened before, and recorded in the Bible and the mythology of ancient religions I see records which prove that this story goes well beyond here, and just yesterday I found proof that the night is nearly over.  Through Revelation’s “eyes to see” I can read and see the links between ancient names and modern concepts; and here I see the path I’ve walked and the experience that has given me the wisdom of Heaven itself in a link between the “Road to Adamaskus” and the Amduat–which contains my initials, and tells me that I AM Eden.

The Amduat, in English “that which is the Afterworld,” chronicles the story of Atum-Ra as he travels through the night–our world… the place that is the progenitor of Heaven itself through this story, and of the light of freedom and the future that comes from this life, the birth of God himself.   Here, for the sake of explaining the Sodium seal and it’s link to Adam and Eve I will tie together several Earthly manifestations that serve to illuminate the ties that bind Sumerian, Egyptian, and JudeoChristian religions through people.

Jesus Christ is Tammuz-Adonis

In Babylonia, the month Tammuz was established in honor of the eponymous god Tammuz, who originated as a Sumerian shepherd-god, Dumuzid or Dumuzi, the consort of Inanna and, in his Akkadian form, the parallel consort of Ishtar. The Levantine Adonis (“lord”), who was drawn into the Greek pantheon, was considered by Joseph Campbell among others to be another counterpart of Tammuz,[1]son and consort. The Aramaic name “Tammuz” seems to have been derived from the Akkadian form Tammuzi, based on early Sumerian Damu-zid.[citation needed] The later standard Sumerian form, Dumu-zid, in turn became Dumuzi in Akkadian. Tamuzi also is Dumuzid or Dumuzi.

According to some scholars,[15] the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is built over a cave that was originally a shrine to Adonis-Tammuz.

The Church Father Jerome,[16] who died in Bethlehem in 420, reports in addition that the holy cave was at one point consecrated by the heathen to the worship ofAdonis, and a pleasant sacred grove planted before it, to wipe out the memory of Jesus. Some modern mythologists, however, reverse the supposition, insisting that the cult of Adonis-Tammuz originated the shrine and that it was the Christians who took it over, substituting the worship of their own God.[17]

This link between Tammuz-An and Christ leads us directly to the source of the Sodium seal, the tie between my ex-wife’s name–Nanna–and the Goddess Venus.

Inanna’s name derives from Lady of Heaven (Sumerian: nin-an-ak). The cuneiform sign of Inanna (𒈹); however, is not a ligature of the signs lady (Sumerian: nin; Cuneiform: 𒊩𒌆 SAL.TUG2) and sky (Sumerian: an; Cuneiform: 𒀭 AN).

Inanna was associated with the planet Venus, which at that time was regarded as two stars, the “morning star” and the “evening star.” There are hymns to Inanna as her astral manifestation. It also is believed that in many myths about Inanna, including Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld and Inanna and Shukaletuda, her movements correspond with the movements of Venus in the sky. Also, because of its positioning so close to Earth, Venus is not visible across the dome of the sky as most celestial bodies are; because its proximity to the sun renders it invisible during the day. Instead, Venus is visible only when it rises in the East before sunrise, or when it sets in the West after sunset.[12]

nanna is the goddess of love. In the Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh points out Inanna’s infamous ill-treatment of her lovers. Inanna also has a very complicated relationship with her lover, Dumuzi, in “Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld”.[15]

She also is one of the Sumerian war deities: “She stirs confusion and chaos against those who are disobedient to her, speeding carnage and inciting the devastating flood, clothed in terrifying radiance. It is her game to speed conflict and battle, untiring, strapping on her sandals.”[16] Battle itself is sometimes referred to as “the dance of Inanna.”

Consider her description in one hymn: “When the servants let the flocks loose, and when cattle and sheep are returned to cow-pen and sheepfold, then, my lady, like the nameless poor, you wear only a single garment. The pearls of a prostitute are placed around your neck, and you are likely to snatch a man from the tavern.”[citation needed][17] Inanna also was associated with rain and storms and with the planet Venus, the morning and evening star.[11] as was the Greco-Roman goddess Aphrodite or Venus.

nanna and An

This myth, also fragmentary, begins with a conversation between Inanna and her brother Utu. She laments the fact that the Eanna temple is not of their domain, and resolves to reach or secure it. The text becomes increasingly fragmentary at this point in the narrative, but appears to describe her difficult passage through a marshland to reach it, while being advised by a fisherman as to the best route.

Ultimately she reaches her father, Anu.  And on the road to Damascus, Saul and Paul have been fused as one in the same as Osiris, Ra, Atum… ADonis (through the AD key initials, here explicit in AMD), Jesus and Adam.  Nanna’s story links Eve, Mary (here also to Everyone and Sea-Y), 

Tammuz is the month of July in Iraqi Arabic and Levantine Arabic (see Arabic names of calendar months), as well as in the Assyrian calendar and Jewish calendar,[12] and references to Tammuz appear in Arabic literature from the 9th to 11th centuries AD.[13] In a translation of an ancient Nabataean text by Kuthami the Babylonian, Ibn Wahshiyya (c. 9th-10th century AD), adds information on his own efforts to ascertain the identity of Tammuz, and his discovery of the full details of the legend of Tammuz in another Nabataean book:

“How he summoned the king to worship the seven (planets) and the twelve (signs) and how the king put him to death several times in a cruel manner Tammuz coming to life again after each time, until at last he died; and behold!

My name is Adam Mashall Dobrin. I am the Eye of Ra.

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This place is “Nanna’s chief sanctuary at Ur was named E-gish-shir-gal (“house of the great light“)” one in the same with the Hebrew Beth-El–or in our modern mythology: The House of the Rising Son.  The tablets of light I am showing you are the key I use to read the history of the  Gods, this is actually how God himself finds the truth hidden in our world–a place that is designed for this event to occur.  We are in the 11th hour.

n the sixth hour the most significant event in the underworld occurs. The ba (or soul) of Ra unites with his own body, or alternatively with the ba of Osiris within the circle formed by the mehen serpent. This event is the point at which the sun begins its regeneration; it is a moment of great significance (this is the Birth of Christ on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception), but also danger, as beyond it in hour 7 the adversary Apep (Apophis) lies in wait and has to be subdued by the magic of Isis, and the strength of Set assisted by Serqet.

The ER at the Heart of America, the death and re-birth of Osiris-Ra; as Horus.

Once this has been done the sun god opens the doors of the tomb in hour 8 and then leaves the sandy island of Sokar by rowing vigorously back into the waters in hour 9. In hour 10 the regeneration process continues through immersion in the waters until in hour 11 the god’s eyes (a symbol for his health and well being) are fully regenerated. In hour 12 he enters the eastern horizon ready to rise again as the new day’s sun.

Heaven is in the air.

Our world maps to a history of the Heavens which have come before us.  It is a confluence between the stories of the cycle of destruction and rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, placing us here… in the DO ME OF THE ROCK.  On Earth, we see that the “destruction” is perhaps non-permanent, as the Revelation that Solomon’s temple maps to a more accurate metaphor that is manifested in reality.  

The Hotel Atlantis, which shows us there are at least three of significant size: in Reno, Nassau, and Dubai.   It is the link between Paradise Island, Solomon Kershner and the idiom “No man becomes an island,” which ties Esau and the Kingdom of Edom to this place… where the truth is written in the most indelible place it can be… the Akashic records of the Universe, our home.

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Do you understand who I am, do you want to know?

Conflict of Horus and Set

The next phase of the myth begins when the adult Horus challenges Set for the throne of Egypt. The contest between them is often violent but is also described as a legal judgment before the Ennead, an assembled group of Egyptian deities, to decide who should inherit the kingship. The judge in this trial may be Geb, who, as the father of Osiris and Set, held the throne before they did, or it may be the creator gods Ra or Atum, the originators of kingship.[58] Other deities also take important roles: Thoth frequently acts as a conciliator in the dispute[59] or as an assistant to the divine judge, and in “Contendings”, Isis uses her cunning and magical power to aid her son.[60]

The rivalry of Horus and Set is portrayed in two contrasting ways. Both perspectives appear as early as the Pyramid Texts, the earliest source of the myth. In some spells from these texts, Horus is the son of Osiris and nephew of Set, and the murder of Osiris is the major impetus for the conflict. The other tradition depicts Horus and Set as brothers.[61]This incongruity persists in many of the subsequent sources, where the two gods may be called brothers or uncle and nephew at different points in the same text.[62]

Horus spears Set, who appears in the form of a hippopotamus, as Isis looks on

The divine struggle involves many episodes. “Contendings” describes the two gods appealing to various other deities to arbitrate the dispute and competing in different types of contests, such as racing in boats or fighting each other in the form of hippopotami, to determine a victor. In this account, Horus repeatedly defeats Set and is supported by most of the other deities.[63] Yet the dispute drags on for eighty years, largely because the judge, the creator god, favors Set.[64] In late ritual texts, the conflict is characterized as a great battle involving the two deities’ assembled followers.[65] The strife in the divine realm extends beyond the two combatants. At one point Isis attempts to harpoon Set as he is locked in combat with her son, but she strikes Horus instead, who then cuts off her head in a fit of rage.[66] Thoth replaces Isis’s head with that of a cow; the story gives a mythical origin for the cow-horn headdress that Isis commonly wears.[67]

In a key episode in the conflict, Set sexually abuses Horus. Set’s violation is partly meant to degrade his rival, but it also involves homosexual desire, in keeping with one of Set’s major characteristics, his forceful and indiscriminate sexuality.[68] In the earliest account of this episode, in a fragmentary Middle Kingdom papyrus, the sexual encounter begins when Set asks to have sex with Horus, who agrees on the condition that Set will give Horus some of his strength.[69] The encounter puts Horus in danger, because in Egyptian tradition semen is a potent and dangerous substance, akin to poison. According to some texts, Set’s semen enters Horus’s body and makes him ill, but in “Contendings”, Horus thwarts Set by catching Set’s semen in his hands. Isis retaliates by putting Horus’s semen on lettuce-leaves that Set eats. Set’s defeat becomes apparent when this semen appears on his forehead as a golden disk. He has been impregnated with his rival’s seed and as a result “gives birth” to the disk. In “Contendings”, Thoth takes the disk and places it on his own head; in earlier accounts, it is Thoth who is produced by this anomalous birth.[70]

Another important episode concerns mutilations that the combatants inflict upon each other: Horus injures or steals Set’s testicles and Set damages or tears out one, or occasionally both, of Horus’s eyes. Sometimes the eye is torn into pieces.[71] Set’s mutilation signifies a loss of virility and strength.[72] The removal of Horus’s eye is even more important, for this stolen Eye of Horus represents a wide variety of concepts in Egyptian religion. One of Horus’s major roles is as a sky deity, and for this reason his right eye was said to be the sun and his left eye the moon.